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10 Must-have Lehenga Styles For this Festive Season

Must Have Lehenga Style for this Festive Season

The new decade so far has been one of a kind. We’re in the year of challenges, facing the unexpected; nonetheless, we’ve got to live with the chaos! The new normal may seem a little baffling, with dozens of self-protection activities added to your routine. At the same time, your wardrobes may have taken a new look, with relaxed dimensions and modest details marking the highlights of the season.

As we always say, it is better to buy right than buy more. Especially when you’re adding a high investment garment to your closet like a lehenga choli, you’d want to have something that can cast its charm for more number of occasions. In the current scenario where wedding events scales have shrunk and festivities are limited to a handful of people, it is better to modify your purchases for all such occasion scheduled in 2020 and probably the coming year as well.

Lehenga Style Guide for Upcoming Festive Season:

A lehenga ensemble is pretty, and no matter how small a wedding or festival gathering may be, most of the ladies wouldn’t prefer giving up this utterly graceful outfit that can give you the perfect amalgamation of princess feels and pretty pictures!

As a soon-to-be bride, or a 2020 bridesmaid, a fashion noob, or a style pro, choosing a lehenga that fits into seasonal trends can give you the best social pay-offs! Dress to impress- with these traditional and contemporary lehenga styles that will take you through your special moments most beautifully.

The Peplum Silhouette

The Indian frock-the timeless kedia- or the trending peplum, this hour-glass silhouette is full of flouncy feels! Putting a modish end to flabby mid-riff woes and adding a high dose of youthful charm, a peplum lehenga is your best bridesmaid choice. Choose one with soft silks and light georgette for a flattering look.

Jacket Charm

The layering trend is here to stay; jackets and shrugs of varying lengths have become one of the most popular add-ons for not just lehenga cholis but also salwar suits and even the Indian saree. Topping up a plain lehenga choli with an embellished jacket is the simplest way to up-dress your festive outfit. You can also get your hands on a coordinated designer jacket lehenga set online, custom-tailored to your requirements.

Ruffled Up

From spring to autumn, forbidding summers to chilly winters- the one detail that can keep you in high spirits is- frills! The flounce trend has caught up well with the contemporary segment with tiered ruffle lehengas and designer lehenga cholis with ruffle dupattas. If the fashion-forward label describes your wardrobe choices then you ought to add one of these bouncy ensembles to your festive collection this year!

Forever Flowers

Flowers will always make your day! A printed floral lehenga is not just a classic; it is a wardrobe statement. If your celebrations include a garden-setting or a resort venue by the day, then a printed or lightly embroidered floral lehenga will totally fit in.

Banarasi Extravagance

We’ll never get over with brocades and lustrous silk weaves, a Banarasi silk lehenga, is thus, a must-have! The enriching feel of these lush lehengas is unbeatable; no wonder it has kept Indian brides all over the world bewitched to date. If your ceremony is at a quaint place for a limited list of attendees, then you can opt for a lighter version of the brocade flare with a Banarasi art silk lehenga, which will also go easy on your pockets!

 Monotone Impact

This season suggests that you ditch the regular color-indulgent palette for single-tone ensembles. Even brides these days have taken a liking to monotone lehenga cholis with tone-on-tone embroideries for their D-day.

Crop Top Vogue

Contemporizing the traditional ‘choli’ is on what Indian designers have been innovating for many seasons. The 2020 year dictates a minimalistic take on your wedding outfits, and so, some wardrobe drama with stylish necklines and tiered sleeves in place of heavy embellishments is the perfect way to stick to the new way of social gatherings.

Anarkali Lehenga

Double up your grace with the blend of a flared lehenga paired with an anarkali kurta, a composition that promises a majestic look! Anarkali lehenga suits are a modest face of fusion, elaborate yet comfortable.

Sheer Ensembles

Add some translucent panels on the neckline, sleeves, or at the back to give a sensuous twist to your lehenga. Net lehenga cholis with sheer details are the talk of the town this season; grab one in your favorite color for the next formal party!

The Skirt Variant

If the mere elaborateness of the lehenga deters you from donning the imperial ensemble, then you can settle for a concise lehenga skirt and top coordinate. Moderately flared ethnic skirts paired with crop/peplum/ kurti top have become a voguish ally of fashionistas wanting to look dressy without trading off comfort.

We hope this trend alert guides you well through your festive and wedding shopping!

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