They say, “Fashions fade, style is eternal…” Much on the same lines is classic, evergreen saree, whose charm never fails, never fades and never refuses to impress!

There are women, around the country and the world who wear saree for every bit of their lives – to everywhere and on every occasion. They go to work, to parties, to meetings, to dates and to their kids’ birthday bashes, draped glamorously in sarees. They don’t make excuses of time and effort, which go for  draping or maintaining sarees. For them, this is a way of life!

Still need more inspiration to make the wonder apparel saree an integral part of your life? Well, here are 10 latest amazing saree pictures from this week that are sure to give you some serious saree inspiration –



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Ah! The charm, the mystique, the raw beauty…



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The blouses, the drapes and the oxidized jewelry like these – that sure can be great reasons to drape a saree today. And, don’t miss the raw sensuality!



A photo posted by Vipul Asija (@vipsasija) on

Sonam Kapoor’s latest style statement in a designer saree that’s unique – in the sense that it’s an embroidered Kanjeevaram! The velvet blouse, the stunning colors and those wedding scenes, depicted in the embroidered motifs – don’t they scream, “Wear me now!”.



A photo posted by Deepika Shetty (@sadeesaree) on

This linen work-wear casual saree that tells you – sarees are work at easy, graceful and very alluring! Sadee Saree platform founder Deepika Shetty sure looks like she is ready to conquer the world in that all black, super comfy saree, paired stylishly with a colorful yellow blouse.



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This amazing click that shows how comfortable and happy Deepika Padukone is in a saree…And, how chic she looks!


This youthful saree oomph and candor on Indian streets that is a clear shout out to all lovely young girls and women, who shy away from wearing sarees. This defines – saree is for all ages!!



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Sheer sensuality! Radhika Apte looking like a mystical goddess, draped in that contemporary saree! Bet, you can’t look as gorgeous and sensuous in anything else than a saree!!!



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This amazing saree style..the deep colors, the flowy saree, the raw glamour – everything spell a majestic aura – that’s hard to achieve, unless you drape a stunning saree.



A photo posted by Deepika Shetty (@sadeesaree) on

The Onam vibes! This beauteous shot from the film ‘Chennai Express’, where Deepika looks ethereal in a white and gold saree may not be a recent one, but it is sure a very serious saree inspiration.



A photo posted by Taapsee Pannu (@taapsee) on

PINK lady of the moment – strong and stunning Tapsee Pannu, by her own admission, loves sarees…and so do we – her in sarees as well as all kinds of saris. Do you?

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