12 Sarees for the Mother of the Bride (or the Groom)

You’ve always had a soft spot for borrowing your mom’s sarees, haven’t you? Admiring how she effortlessly drapes them, appreciating her elegant choices in Indian wear, and remembering how lovely she looked in her wedding lehenga. Maybe you’ve even given some of her silk sarees a new life.

If you’re a guy, you’ve probably seen your sister(s) do the same. And, like them, you must think your mom has a great taste in sarees. After all, she always looks her best in a well-draped, well-chosen saree, right?

So, with all the hustle and bustle of your own wedding preparations, did you happen to forget about your mom’s saree for the big day? You’ve learned from her style all your life, but have you thought about what she’ll wear for your wedding sangeet or the reception?

We get that you’re busy, but not thinking about your dear mom might be pushing it. To give you a little nudge in the right direction, here are 12 beautiful sarees for the mother of the bride (or the groom) that your mom is sure to love.

Sarees for the Mother of the Bride (or the Groom)


Wrapped in the elegance of a rich violet-purple hue, this traditional woven silk saree is a masterful choice for mothers. The meticulously crafted paisley and human-inspired motifs on the pallu add a touch of grace and tradition. Perfect for pre-wedding functions like the Shagun ceremony, this saree not only highlights the artistry of weaving but also ensures your mom feels both happy and comfortable on the special occasion. It’s a timeless option that speaks volumes about refined taste and cultural heritage.


Draped in an olive green silk saree with a broad embroidered border and charming tassels, this ensemble radiates beauty. Ideal for moms seeking a more opulent appearance, this saree is perfect for the Baraat function. The intricate embroidery adds a touch of grace, while the silk fabric ensures comfort. The highlightable pallu and delightful tassels make it a standout choice, ensuring your mom won’t be lost in a sea of flashy outfits during your wedding. A stunning, out-of-this-world pick, even for a daytime wedding.


This olive green organza saree is a perfect choice for moms seeking a slightly modern look. Its simplicity and prettiness make it stand out. If you’re a bride, this saree can be a great pick for you too. With an embroidered border and a heavy, beautiful blouse, it adds extra attraction. For those tired of heavy, intricately woven drapes, this stylish and trendy organza saree offers a refreshing break. It’s a simple, elegant option for a change from the usual choices for Indian weddings and functions.


Get your mom this beautiful violet purple Bandhani saree in Gaji Silk. It’s perfect for weddings, giving her a traditional and elegant look. The checks pattern adds a charming touch, making it an ideal choice for moms who love cultural attire. Make your mom stand out at your wedding by getting her this lovely Bandhani saree that combines simplicity with tradition.


Gift your mom this beautiful Orange Patola saree – a perfect choice for the mother of the bride or groom. The contrasting border and pallu, along with the weaving work, make it a gorgeous vision. The combination of orange and red adds a striking highlight to the saree. Not only will your mom look beautiful in this, but it’s also not too heavy to carry. The traditional Patola design, deep colors, and timeless style make this silk saree a great purchase for her. She can even wear it to your haldi or mandap muhurt ceremony. And, a bonus, you can borrow it from her later (if you are the bride)!


Get your mom this unique Parrot Green silk saree, a trending and distinctive color. With a plain body and a Paithani border, it’s a perfect choice for sangeet or reception ceremonies. The contrasting border adds a captivating highlight to the saree, while the simple blouse ensures your mom feels comfortable during the ceremony. If your mom is looking for a refreshing color change, this saree is the best option. Suitable for day events and sultry weather, its simplicity, adorned with the timeless Zari border and beautiful Paithani work, makes it a favorite for those who appreciate old-world styling.


Choose this charming pink viscose leheriya saree with a floral weave border for your mom’s attire during your wedding functions. The leheriya pattern and golden border add an elegant touch, making it an ideal choice for mothers who love brighter colors at weddings. The delightful shade of pink is a timeless favorite, and the unique design of the blouse complements the overall look. Plus, it’s lightweight, ensuring your mom stays comfortable throughout the ceremonies. This saree is a beautiful and vibrant option for your mom to wear during your special moments.


Opt for this traditional red checks gharchola saree, a classic choice with a striking combination of green and red. Ideal for brides and equally suitable for moms, it exudes beauty and tradition. The saree boasts lovely embroidered work and a charming checks pattern, providing a heavier look. This Gharchola Saree is a timeless piece that combines elegance with a touch of tradition, making it perfect for both brides and their mothers.


Explore this grey embroidered patola saree, tailored for moms who prefer a heavier ensemble. The saree’s exquisite tassels enhance its beauty, making it a perfect choice for Baraat, Pheras, or reception ceremonies. With a substantial contrast border and pallu, this saree is ideal for weddings, ensuring your mom looks stunning on these special occasions.


Take a look at this yellow haldi saree with sequin embroidery on the border – an ideal choice for your mother. The blend of yellows and neutrals makes it a sweet yet trending color this wedding season. Perfect for rituals and worship ceremonies like haldi, Ganesh sthapana, pheras, or other wedding poojas, this saree is a versatile and delightful option. Your mom is sure to love it, and so will you!


This silk saree in a radiant green, adorned with traditional floral jaal weaving and embroidery, is a wonderful choice for your mother. Ideal for moms who appreciate bright colors and floral designs, it’s suitable for occasions like mehendi, reception, or wedding functions. In this vibrant green, she’ll undoubtedly stand out among other moms. Highly recommended for your mom on your big day, this mesmerizing silk drape in deep forest or emerald green boasts a timeless appeal, making the vivacious play of patterns on the saree body a delightful choice.


Consider this yellow and multi-colored chiffon georgette leheriya woven saree, ideal for those who appreciate lighter colours. The charming leheriya pattern adds a delightful touch, making it a suitable choice even for grandmothers.

While it may not cover everything, this list is sure to inspire you to explore beautiful ensembles, including sarees and salwar suits for your mom. The goal is to ensure she radiates charm and splendor at your wedding and throughout all the functions, just as you envision.

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