15 Gorgeous Wedding Saree Gifts to gift during Wedding and Holiday Season…

There is a nip in the air, the evenings seem longer and the days are blissfully pleasant – the winters surely are on the way. With them, they bring the celebratory season of sharing, the lovely times of cheer and goodwill, and the many amazing occasions of love, bonhomie and friendly banter. Christmas is on the anvil, and right here is our wedding season!

It’s officially time to give – and gift! And, when it’s about gifts – we all know how much women love giving, and of course, receiving gifts. Already planning gifts for a wedding in the family? Thinking what should you gift to a beloved friend? It’s time to start filling your Christmas cart too! Well, well – there’s so much to plan and prepare. And, we know – you feel lost.

May we suggest that you gift a saree? We know you will ask – “Who will run around shopping for wedding saree gifts?” You don’t have to run – for you can bag them online from a stunning selection of great sarees on

Here, we have a list of 15 gorgeous sarees you can gift – for weddings, festivals et al – to all the special women in your life –

  1. A gift of love

From the eternal romantics!

The blush pink saree with magnificent floral detail in delicate lace and georgette silk saree – for the blushing love of your life…

  1. Perfect for the mommy dearest!

From all the loving kids to their cherished mommies…

Let her shine on the most special day of your life, or make an elegant statement, as she attends a wedding in the family – dressed in this extra special silk crepe wedding saree that’s traditional yet modern!

  1. For the regal lady-of-the-house

From a loving husband, or a loving friend who appreciates and values, all sacrifices ‘the lady’ makes to run the household like clockwork.

Let the lady of the house have her moments of glory, in this rich woven beauty, for she deserves them all – and some more.

  1. To the friend-you-love with all your heart!

From a friend, who know how invaluable true friendships are…

You know how years and barriers melt away, as you two come together, chatting, giggling and painting the town red! Celebrate your bond of friendship with this youthful, floral embroidered, blossom pink georgette saree – that wishes all the good luck to your glorious twosome.

  1. For the fashion-forward diva

From another fashion-forward gift buddy! She knows fashion like the back of her hand, so you give her something that she will relish and cherish – this splendid yellow crepe silk reception saree with embroidered motifs and edgings that are 100% unique.

  1. Bridesmaids Sarees

From a blushing, pretty bride-to-be!

They run around for you, ensuring you stay relaxed and gorgeous on your most special day. So, they deserve something extra special too – so, gift them this marvelous deep pink, bordering on georgette magenta saree – that’s simple, yet chic, trendy and perfect for your wedding. Imagine how happy you will feel when you see all your lovely bridesmaids fussing over you, dressed in same bridesmaid sarees!

  1. For a special guest

From a careful host…

You know you can’t afford to go wrong with her! Whether she is your boss’ wife, or a would-be mom-in-law, we assure you she will love this rose pink and pinkish red party wear saree with stunning floral embroidery and an equally lovely blouse.

  1. Thank your office-banter partner-in-crime

From the other partner-in-crime!

You two can’t have enough of your chats, the office knows you are inseparable and she is the closest colleague you have. Isn’t it time you branded your special bond with something as fun and lively as your office friendship? Gift her, this trendy and stylish viscose office-wear saree with a melting colors pattern, and a chic sequined blouse.

  1. For eternal Barbies

From Barbie lovers!

Her room has a pink theme – her curtains and bed-spreads are baby pink. She has a hot pink key chain, wears blossom pink track pants to the gym, and even totes a phone-cover in fuchsia pink! In short, she is still all about Barbies, and pink is her life link. Gift her this cutesy bubblegum white and pink saree – and she how she turns – pink!

  1. Meant for mom-in-law!

From a never-going-wrong daughter-in-law, or son-in-law!

She is your love’s first love – her mommy dearest! So, can you afford to go wrong with her? You know the answer, and we have a solution, if you are thinking about what to gift her on a family wedding. Give her this all blue, crepe saree – that spells regal sophistication!

  1. And, for the sister-in-law

From an intelligent sister-in-law…

This is a relationship that may begin with a little hesitation on both sides – but there’s nothing in it that you can’t nurture to perfection with some thoughtful gestures and lots of sincere appreciation and love. Let your loved sister-in-law that she is always welcome with the grand green and stylish shaded pink saree with all the glory of youth and all the promise of maturity.

  1. The sisterly love…

From a loving sister/ brother…

You have shared secrets, you have laughed your nights off, and you still click together like buttons. Siblings are special, and you can’t ever thank them enough. Gift your special sister this regal saree, for she deserves the best!

  1. Can’t let seven seas come in way of friendship!

From the friend who stayed back…

Even seven seas and different time zones could not bring a halt to your screeching, shining friendship. You stay up late in the night to take her calls, she send you Diwali gifts. Won’t you send her some Christmas cheer? Send her this traditional saree with oodles of oomph and sultry, modish charm!

  1. For a diva, who loves all things pale… 

From an admirer, a cousin, a lover, a husband – anyone, who cares to remember ‘her’ choice!

Let this special one know, how deeply you remember her every trifle preference. Gift her this understated, yet truly royal and graceful saree.

  1. Surprise a long-lost friend… 

From another long-lost friend…

You both did not meet for years. Maybe, the last time you guys met, you still wore pigtails to school. And, yet one random interaction on a virtual chat, a phone number exchange, and behold – you are the best buddies again. Today, as she gets dressed to attend your wedding, you get down to lovingly wrapping this sweet and trendy all yellow saree – that celebrates the true spirit of friendship.

Hope you like our ideas, and the fact that we have tried to touch every special relationship, every precious bond of your life. And, if you really love, even a bit of this read or our hand-picked suggestions, please don’t forget to ‘heart’ this article. After all – we too deserve some holiday cheer and gifts from you.


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