16 Traditional Wedding Costumes from around the World…

16 Traditional Wedding Costumes from around the World…

Certain things and feelings are universal across cultures and countries. Love and marriage are one of the most important ones among them. Thus, weddings, wherever you may be in the world, are special, extremely important occasions. Although the crux of lovingly binding two people, two souls together through the sacred nuptial knot remains same, ethnic, national and local customs vary, and so do the costumes and ensembles for weddings all over the world.

While a major part of the Christian world has adopted the white or classic Victorian bridal gown, there are many other countries that still remain firmly adhered to their traditional wedding costumes, albeit with some modern tweaks. For example, in India, the cultural wedding costume in most parts was a Indian wedding Saree like a Kanjeevaram, saree a Banarsi saree or a Panetar or Gharchola saree. However, with time bridal lehenga and other wedding finery replaced sarees, in most parts. A similar trend has been seen in wedding menswear. In Asia and Africa, the Western attire of pant suit, tuxedo or formal blazer and trousers has replaced many cultural costumes.

Nonetheless, the appeal and charm of local and national wedding costumes can never be substituted. Let’s take you through a wonderful journey, where brides from various nations and cultures are sporting their colorful and beautiful traditional wedding attire –

1. Japan

2. India

3. Malaysia

4. Ghana

5. Ladakhi/ Tibetan Wedding

6. England and Ireland

7. Scotland

8. Indonesia

9. China

10. Nigeria

11. Vietnam

12. Christian weddings in Middle East

13. South Korea

14. Pakistan

15. Bali

16. Mayan Wedding

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