Evergreen and fabulous ethnic suits are one of the most versatile and practical female outfits. Just like their different names – Indian suit, Salwar suit, Pakistani Suits, ethnic dress, etc. – have tons of variations. Umpteen designs, cuts, fits, styles, flares, and embellishments are available in suits.

Salwar Kameez sets comprise a top tunic – Kameez/kurta; a pair of bottoms – loosely-named Salwar. Salwar Suit designs keep changing with trends and fashion seasons, but the basics remain the same. Indian ethnic suits are generally tailored or customized. You can choose sleeves-styles, kameez lengths, neck designs, and silhouettes as per your body type and likes.

You must choose necklines carefully, as they are relevant for styling a flattering look. Plus, it’s pretty exciting to play with front neckline designs – with tweaks in neck designs, you can give chic, bohemian, casual, formal, or retro appeal to your kurta.

To help you choose the best neckline for your Indian ethnic suit kameez, we bring you 20 gorgeous and timelessly elegant suit neck designs for suits’ front necklines.

*The write-up comes with a save-able Infographic that will be a handy reference!


Classic Shapes

  1. Round neckline –

One among the most classic neck shapes, this is a versatile neckline, which can be flaunted on all occasions by women of all ages and shape frames. Just tweak the width of the round shape – and you are good to go. Wear a deep round to show off your neck as well as a stunning neckpiece, but avoid it for office wear and formal suits – and in Indo-Western salwar suits. Skinny or tall women should also avoid deep-cut, round necks. This neckline works very well in sari blouses and lehenga cholis.

2. U neckline –

Ones who don’t like the neckline to be broad from the shoulder area can opt for a U-neck instead of the regular round one. This neckline is similar to the round cut but has a comparatively closed shape that resembles the alphabet U. Looks great on women with broad shoulders and heavy busts. It is a good style for regular wear suits and office wear salwar kameez.

3. Broad Round neckline –

Unlike the U-shape, this one is for those divas who are not afraid to show some skin and a sassy attitude. Broad round- as the name suggests – is wide on the shoulder area and the décolletage. It is also a style preferred by North Indian women and is seen commonly in kameez of Patiala suits and churidar suits. Young women also like to flaunt it with dressy palazzo suits and fusion or Indo-western suits.

4. Square neckline –

This one is a structured take on the classic neck shapes. Apart from varieties of suits and kurtas, this also looks good on saree blouses, gowns, and cholis. There are many variations within square neckline, where a less broad but deep one is a rectangle, while a broad one at the shoulders tapers as it dips in the quadrangle or trapezium-shaped. Too much geometry – but quite pretty in Indian wear!

5. V-neckline –

As the name suggests, this neckline has a V-shaped cut – which may either have severe, straight lines or rounded, curvy ones. V shape creates a merging line at the end – with a broad top – and suits women with short necks and chubby faces. God-sent for women with broad shoulders, heavy busts, and stocky torsos, this is a flattering one. However, avoid it if you are skinny, have narrow shoulders, or a flat bust line. Or, choose the rounded V instead of a severe one.

6. Sweetheart neckline –

Another popular, classic neck shape, the sweetheart neckline, is a variation of a square neck with a pointed, tapering bottom. It gives the double benefit – that of a square, wide-cut neckline and a defining, skimming V at the decolletage. Perfect for suits with heavy embroidery and distinctive dupattas, sweetheart may have severe or slightly curvy lines. Women of most body shapes – for all occasions can wear this neckline. It’s a great choice if you want to show off a necklace.

7. Paan/ Betel leaf-shaped neckline –

Loud and clear – this shape resembles a betel-leaf or a rounded V shape with some extra curves. It is an endearing style and looks cute on girly suits and youthful designs. You can also opt for it if you want something simple and timeless.

8. Boat neckline –

Quite in vogue these days, this shape is preferred by many women. Earlier, only middle-aged women used to wear this style, but present-day trend have extended the neckline to wedding lehenga cholis, wedding suits, velvet suits, trendy trousers suits, and more. As the name tells, the neck shape is quite like a boat – broad at the shoulders and not very deep. It is suitable for those who are busty or have a heavy torso – and those who wish to flaunt their flawless shoulders. Go a little broader, and you can get a neckline resembling off-shoulder style!


Collared Necklines

9. Chinese Collar –

This evergreen style is a staple in kurtas and has many variations- ranging from wide to narrow. If you have a swan-neck, you can choose to have a buttoned Chinese collar – with no slit in front. If you have a short, stocky neck, go for a variation with narrow collar width and a deep slit in front.

10. Embroidered high neckline –

The neck and shoulder area have heavy emrboidery– and the effect resembles an ornate neckpiece. A plain, close-cut neckline or a Chinese/ stand collar (as shown in the picture) forms the basic neck design. It looks stunning in flowy Anarkalis (as the snug neckline is in stark contrast to heavy flare), sarees with retro blouses, and sleeveless gowns. The neckline puts emphasis on the shoulders and upper torso and thus may not be an enhancing style for people having a heavy upper frame or double-chin.

11. Stand collar with V neck –

Another popular variation on Chinese/ stand or even the girly Peter-pan collars is a high-neck or collar at the back-neck, with a steep V cut on the front. You can conveniently camouflage a short neck, double chin, or heavy bust with the detail. This modest style is flattering & trendy, and popular among college girls & office-going women.

12. Deep V neck with front panel

A glamorous neckline for wedding and party-wear suits, the V neck with the front panel is quite a modest version of deep neck styles. You can style such necklines with a pair of heavy earrings while avoiding the neckline to highlight your collar bones.


Popular Variations

13. Close-cut neckline –

Popular these days, especially in ready-to-wear suits and Indian dresses, this one is a simple neckline, where the emphasis is more on the embroidery, cut, or embellishment of the outfit. Thus, the neckline is simple- generally round or curvy and close to the actual neckline.

14. Trapezium Cut-out Neckline

There is no end to the creativity that one can add to a neckline detail. Featured here is a fancy version of the trapezium cut as an extension of the key-hole neckline. It makes a gorgeous cut for bridesmaid suits and stylish salwar suits for weddings.

15. Angarakha neckline –

A very majestic neckline, classic Angarakha is where a fabric strip appears to overlap the other. However, there are several variations to this Nawabi, regal style – where extra fabric is attached to give it an Angarakha effect. It looks extremely elegant and pretty on grand Anarakalis, floor-length suits, cape-style suits, and lehenga suits.

16. Deep-cut Jacket style neckline –

Since capes, shrugs, jackets, and leyred elements are a trend nowadays, this neck style is a leading style! The deep-cut neckline looks splendid in party-wear suits and other types of heavy, formal-wear suits. While the jacket covers the décolletage, the deep-cut neckline of the kameez worn underneath lends a sensuous peekaboo effect.

17. High neckline with front slit –

For ones who are not comfortable with a stiff Chinese collar, designers and tailors recommend high necks with front slit – which may be of any length or depth.

18. Halter neckline – 

The sensuous collar neck has found its way into the ethnic segment as a trending detail. Fashion-conscious women of all ages have been flaunting the sleek, bare-shoulder, and bare-back neck design with straight-cut, A-line, and Anarkali kurtas.

19. Two-layered staggering V-neckline –

This neck design is another popular trend in suits with jackets and capes and Indo-Western suits – generally a deep cut – with a kameez or tunic underneath to cover the bust area.

20. Key-hole style neckline –

A close-cut, high or collared neckline can have a peekaboo key-hole detail in any shape. It looks playful and pretty and can also be a way to place embroidered patterns for added aesthetic.

For occasions when you want to access these chic and timeless neck designs at the

touch of a button – we have made an interesting, save-able infographic – do check it out!

We look forward to comments on your favorite neck designs and your feedback on this blog, Have a lovely day!