Marriage is a very important day in every girl’s life. You make sure that everything from your wedding dress to the shoes are perfect. In awe of choosing the heavy dresses, we many a times compromise with our comfort level.

However, gone are the days when you had to do so. Today’s girls like it to be classy, smart, comfortable, yet elegant. For all those who are bride-to-be or friends with them, here are 5 rocking anarakali suits that a bride can flaunt while feeling comfortable. If you thought that only saree or lehenga can give you ‘the’ look, check these out:


  1. There is nothing like being Bold

If you love draping in dark and bold colors, than an anarkali suit like this is perfect for you. These colors intertwine with each other well and the embroidery makes it a stunning bridal piece. The outfit has an overall appeal which makes you a unique and the most beautiful bride, anyone has seen.

There is nothing like being Bold

  1. Do it in ‘Beige’

Contrasting colors are always a delightful pick. An anarkali suit with such contrasting combinations stands out. What more – if your anarkali suit has beige as the dominating color then any dark shade will match with it. Whether your wedding takes place in afternoon hours or it is an evening buzz, such a piece is perfect for anytime of the day.

Do it in ‘Beige’

  1. Choose a dark shade

Well, Red, pink and Maroon have always dominated the wedding scene. The only reason behind it is that in weddings, light shades look too casual. But, what if we ask you to choose something like this? A lovely mix having a combination of green and beige makes it a startling suit, isn’t it? So, choose a dark shade that gels well with the lighter one and stun everyone on your wedding.

Choose a dark shade

  1. You can rock traditional style too

If you are willing to experiment with traditional colors, then here is how you can do it. Mix off white or light shades of brown with your traditional color. We are sure you will be the prettiest bride anyone has ever seen.

You can rock traditional style too

  1. Say ‘Hi’ to bright colors

Yellow on a wedding day! That is a brilliant idea! An awesome combination of yellow and pink keep the traditional color going with a touch of modernization. So, if you are bride’s friend or bride to be, try out some hatke choices like this

Say ‘Hi’ to bright colors