“When in doubt, wear black”- this statement may sound quite banal yet that does not overshadow the significance and impact of black coloured outfits. One of the most powerful hues- full of dignity and unmatched charm- black tends to carry an enigmatic vibe that never fails to impress. Black outfits can make you look slimmer and instantly boost your confidence! With so many advantages- there’s no doubt as to why black is the most common apparel colour even in a country like India where brightness and vibrancy are essential ingredients of ethnic-wear. Black sarees are sported by women from all walks of life, even by the most conservative ones and why not- there’s no Indian ensemble more appealing!

Black sarees are always in trend

Every year- in fact every season has its own palettes and then there’s black- a hue that no one will probably ever get over with. Buying a black saree is an investment- for you can flaunt the same outfit 5 years or even a decade later, irrespective of what would be trending at that time! To ace the game of sustainable fashion- your closet should at all times be stocked with a few black saris which will unfailingly come to your rescue whenever you’re confused about ‘what to wear’.

Too many types of black saris!

Too Many types of Black Sarees

We just said that you ought to possess a couple of saree ensembles in black but then there is a myriad of fabrics, prints and other details available in this mid-night hue! There are simple cotton black sarees for office-wear, flattering printed ones for lighter evening outings, dazzling ones for parties, priceless handloom saris in black, contemporary variants like half-and-half saris, dhoti sarees and so on. You can’t practically possess each of them (though a saree fanatic would love to have them all); there are some evergreen classics which are worth investing in.

Here are 5 of those must-have black sarees that will sum-up your requirement for all sorts of occasions:

  1. Black with metallic hued zari

Black Silk Saree with Resham Embroidery

Zari weaving and brocade is an art exclusive to a few Asian countries- India being the major one. Since ancient times, zari woven sarees have been adorned by women. A black pure silk saree with metallic zari woven designs can be a priceless addition to your festive wardrobe- such luxurious classics can even make to the closet of your next generation!

Black silk sarees with silver or golden zari look opulent- ideal for gracing festivities and weddings. You can choose to have both metallic hues- and buy lower priced art silk sarees– one with silver zari and one with golden yarns. Your jewellery should match the colour of the zari- especially if choose to wear metallic ornaments.

  1. Plain black saree

Black Net Designer Saree with Resham Embroidery

One of the most basic and extremely versatile outfits that can be in your closet- a plain black saree can be conveniently styled either ways and is one of the safest outfits when seen through the lens of ethnic-wear trends. Choose a good fabric- that does not look bland and neither too dressy- like a plain black net saree or one made with linen since these two fabrics have a blend of simplicity and sophistication with a balanced formal appeal.

  1. Black combination saree

Black Georgette Printed Saree

Bringing colours together always looks pleasing over an outfit as majestic as the Indian saree. While black tends to complement every colour- it seems share better vibes with white and red- or we can put that as- black and white and black and red are classic duos.

The dark- and the light- when put together are bound to make a sight! Monochromatic outfits, like black and white sarees look fascinating. If you’re the one who likes to blend in with the crowd, choose the one that has softer details, like white paisley motifs or buttis over black base while if you prefer to grab all the attention- go ahead and sport a striped or polka dotted one!

A red and black sari too is an undisputed winner when it comes to enthralling your audience. You can choose a printed one or a plain black saree with red embroidered border and style it with minimal accessories to keep the bewitching contrast of your outfit highlighted.

  1. Printed saree

Black Satin Shibori Print Saree

A scatter of flowers- paisley motifs- animal outlines- abstract designs- contemporary objects- the world of prints is vast. Printed georgette sarees look pleasing and while black is a slimming colour, the flattering fall of georgette will accentuate your appearance beautifully! If you’re keen on georgette, you can explore other fabrics as well.

Flowers are one of the liveliest details- a printed floral saree can instantly uplift your mood while radiating a feel of delight and cheerfulness. An indulgence of bright flower prints over a black saree can make it apt even for daytime wear.

  1. Embroidered black saree

Black Satin Silk Plain Saree with Zari Embroidered Border

Who doesn’t love intricate art! Belonging to a country that is so abundant with embroidery forms- having an embroidered saree is must. Jeweled borders- appliqués or a complete spread of thread work, beads, stones and sequins- embroidered black sarees are ideal for parties- especially the ones held after-dusk. You can sport a sequined black saree with a bold designer blouse for an elite cocktail party, for cultural occasions, you can stick to graceful ones ornamented with 3D embellishments or a plain black saree with a heavy embroidered border.

Choosing the appropriate blouse

Beige and Golden Brocade Blouse with Cape Collar

A blouse is not just a component that completes the saree ensemble- it can be a style statement in itself! So while you stock up on these 5 black sarees, it would be wise to add a few classic, trendy and designer blouses to be worn with them-

  • A golden brocade blouse: you can wear it with a black silk saree having golden zari weaves as well as with other heavy silk sarees.
  • A plain black velvet blouse with jeweled edges: this can be practically worn with any of your black saris and with other party-wear ones too. Velvet blouses look plush and elegant- in tune with the sophistication of after-dusk formal social get-togethers.
  • A white art silk blouse with lace borders: neutrals tend to go well with each other while monochromatic ensembles always make an enthralling duo!

You can possess umpteen variants of black sarees- as much as your pocket and closet permits- yet the 5 assortments mentioned above are absolute must-haves!