Are you looking for the best price deals for Indian dresses online? One Google search hit can display multiple websites on your screen. At some point you may also find the same saree, designer lehenga, or an extraordinary fusion dress having a massive price difference on two websites.

Where on one portal your favorite lehenga may be available at your budget, the same may be at a whopping seventy percent discount on the other. And it justified to fall for the latter steal-price deal, right?

Over the last two decades, the industry for cheap replicas and second-third-fourth-nth copies have received an unapologetic momentum in the Indian and global markets. The boom in online shopping sites has only added to the easy accessibility of these carelessly duplicated designs.

Splurging on such extra-affordable outfits sounds like buyers’ victory and a trophy for the compulsive negotiator. But before you purchase or order your next low-priced replica online, we’d suggest you consider these five valid reasons to refrain and stick to the ‘real stuff’

1. Quality Matters

Okay, let’s face it, every well-made outfit carries a deserving price tag that sums up its quality cost. And if you find the same on a different site at an incredible price, then that’s worth an exploration and analyzing.

Let’s make this simple with a jewelry reference. There is a difference between a gold set and a gold-plated set- the latter loses its shine in no time. The consequence of indulging in low-cost replicas can be akin.

Even if the labels read the same silk saree, georgette lehenga, and chiffon Kurti, there could be a drastic difference in weave quality, surface finish, and durability. An unforeseen tear in your lehenga fabric at a wedding function is not worth the discount!

2. Inferior Embroidery

Better visible when seen in person, the detailing of cheap replicas will never be up to the mark. The forged collection sites not only duplicate outfits, but also engage in unauthorized use of original catalog pictures.

If you’re smitten by cheap replicas through their glamorous pictures online- here’s what to expect in your orders-

  • Prints fading in one wash.
  • Thin sequins and shabby foils instead of authentic mirror embroidery.
  • Untidy thread work with loose ends.
  • Low-quality plastic stonework.
  • Unappealing display of designs with no finishing.

3. Social Discomfort

The very purpose of looking pretty and socially impressive can be lost if you turn up in an inferior quality outfit. And that makes spending on high-quality merchandise even more worthwhile. Are you still looking for offers that deliver the best Indian and fusion wear at unbelievable prices? You can always follow us for updates on our annual fiesta- The Big Offer Sale!

4. Fraudulent Transactions

Are you planning to try a new website that claims benefits beyond your expectations? We suggest a little background work on the site’s credibility. The number of fake websites selling designer wear at far-fetched discounts is globally rising, putting your funds, even though small, at risk. In many cases, the orders are never even shipped!

5. Lack of Customer Services

Ever tried calling any of these so-called ‘buyer-friendly’ replica sites? In most cases, if you’re facing issues with shipment delay, quality setbacks, or sizing matters, the customer helplines will turn a deaf year. Since these sellers operate on duplicated stuff, complaints on quality issues are an everyday thing.

That’s why most of such websites have a No Exchange & No Return policy. So if you didn’t like the outfit or require a different size, you still be stuck up with what you purchased, putting your bills, even though relatively small- down the drain.

It is always better to treat your closet with quality merchandise purchased at not exceptionally low but value-based prices, matching the quality and design appeal. Invest in pure ethnic fashion and classics crafted with authentic processes.

Happy Shopping!