Fashion is the leading game that keeps going through its endless metamorphosis stages. Yet even while trends evolve and fads steer the focus to new directions, the zest for sequin sarees remains unperturbed.

Sequins – those little shimmery elements meticulously sewn over fabrics of all yarns and weft & warp combinations carry a feeling of nostalgia and the impact of trends alike. Sarees with sequins work are an acceptable and appreciated dress code for most occasions, especially during the wedding season.

Whether it’s grandma’s closet or current wishlists of trendsetting divas, sequin sarees can be spotted everywhere- after all, who wouldn’t love a glimmering moment? The best thing about sequins is that they’re adaptable- if you’re one of those who prefer subtleness, a tone-on-tone or holographic sequin saree is for you, while contrasting and metallic sequins as an overpowering detail are for those who love stepping into the spotlight.

Sequin Sarees in Bollywood

From the upbeat fashion of the 70s revolutionized by Zeenat Aman to Deepika Padukone’s sizzling looks on-screen, Indian cinema has always patronized sequin sarees. Sequins sarees have been on the red carpet of prestigious events, including the Oscars and the Cannes Film Festival.

Kiara Advani’s recent celeb-studded wedding with Siddharth Malhotra had an elite list of attendees fondly sporting the glint on their luxurious designer sarees.

While our celebrity’s love for the iconic sequin saree is perpetual, the masses, too, have fueled the trend over decades- are you already thinking about the long-forgotten sequin saree in your closet?

Must-have Sequin Sarees in Your Wardrobe

If your closet is still devoid of such sparkling sustainable fashion or you’re planning a quick upgrade for your celebration range, you must check out these gorgeous pieces hand-picked by our stylist.

Embracing the sensuous power of wine purple with the floaty feels of sheer net fabric, this sequin-embellished saree is for stunner moments at cocktail hour. The deep color palette and adaptable details go well with the glint of finely etched diamond jewelry.

The concept of pre-stitched sarees has found a permanent spot in contemporary Indian fashion. Here’s a sassy, sequin-studded monotone crafted in soft georgette and paired with an equally glam blouse.

Botanical prints combined with sequins make a pretty combination – especially when you want to look fab while feeling upbeat. Here’s one gorgeous drape to flaunt among your style squad- a purple saree that’s every bit chic & feminine.

How about putting forth a fashion statement with sequined bling lines? This blush pink georgette saree channels the detail with a flattering feel – all you need for a stylish brunch or a sophisticated high tea party!

The best thing about sequins is that it complements every color palette, including pristine neutrals. Here’s a fluid white saree enriched with sequins and an aesthetic floral border- made for varied occasions and a statement of sustainable fashion that will never fail to impress.

Have you found your style among our hand-picked choices? Or are you looking for more options? Just click the link below and explore a gorgeous range- we assure you of a delightful online shopping experience!