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Nail care this Festive Season

With the much-awaited festive season around the corner, happy vibes are in the air. Navratri, the festival loved by youngsters and old ones alike, is about to begin globally. Keeping the celebrations low-scale this year following the pandemic crisis, we are still excited about the vibrant nine-nights festival- such is the magic of Navratri! The air is electric with all the ebullience. Many folk rituals and dances are associated with this festival of 9 days. Most prominent among them is Garba (Garbo) – a dance performed by women wearing colorful traditional clothes/ Navratri lehenga choli, often known as ‘chaniya choli’ and pooja performed for Ambe Maa or the supreme Goddess Shakti. 

Though ladies may be all head-over-heels about flaunting awe-inspiring backless designer blouses or tribal/Navratri jewelry, one more craze topping the charts this Navratri is – showing off one’s Super-Chic Nails!

How cool is it to flaunt clean and elegant, designer nails!? Very cool, right!? Suddenly, it would feel that your confidence has got beautiful wings! But do you have healthy nails? You might think, is that important?

Have a look at your nails for a minute. Do they glow? What color are they? Blossom pink or pale yellow!? Dull, brittle nails are a telltale sign that your nail, hair, and skin health is not up to the mark.

A sound nail-care routine is as essential as the tediousness that you go through for your skin, figure, and hair. Here are some tips and tricks to get your nails uplifted in health and make them ready for the upcoming Navratri evenings. You can also head to a salon to get some serious pampering for your nails. Besides that, here are some useful tips that will help you get great nails –


Nails largely reflect your health levels. And that means, even minor corrective changes in your diet will help you get nails that won’t chip off easily! Turn to nuts, soy food, green spinach, eggs, and beetroots for awe-inspiring nails. The idea is to add the right amount of protein, calcium, and other vital nutrients to your diet. A healthy diet will also help you keep your weight and waist in control!

Navratri Special Tips – Mix and match trendy blouses with colorful dupattas. Favor comfort over style when planning to dance the night away. Flared palazzo suits are a great choice if you’re not keen on wearing the regular Chaniya Choli. Get ready to have a rocking Navratri complete with glamorous nails and stunning cholis.

Nail Beauty Treatments

Though a small part of our bodies, nails are prominent features! And, they require good care. And that calls for taking time out to give them a special treat this Sunday afternoon!

Make sure you have some help at hand for a smooth Manicure (for hands) and Pedicure (for feet):

Remove any previously applied nail polish gently, using a good quality remover. Wash your hands and feet thoroughly.


Pour warm/ tepid water (of tolerable temperature) in a bucket/ wide tub. Add some aroma oil and a soothing foot soak (soap-free cleanser). Soaking your nails in lukewarm water will soften your nails, making it easy for you to shape them.


Drizzle a few drops of lemon juice (chop lemon pieces in circles and soak them for better results) in warm water. Lemon will help you remove spots and lighten your skin tone.

Mix a few drops of Almond oil and Honey for rich results. Almond Oil shall make your nails smooth, while honey shall remove grime and make them sturdier.

Place some smooth stones in a bucket to put your feet on them for massage. Add rose petals for a soothing fragrance. 


Time to turn your nails into water babies! Dip your feet in lukewarm water for an ethereal pampering session.

Now it’s time to relax. Take a short power nap! Rejuvenate your mind, along with your hands, feet, and nails. 

Take one of your hands out of water slowly after 10 – 15 minutes. Rest one hand on a towel, and start giving your fingers a gentle massage. Massage firmly, yet use a light hand. The trick is to put the right amount of pressure at the correct points.


Get your filer, nail cutter, scissors, nail polish, and a towel ready.

Take the help of a cuticle pusher to get rid of dead skin and any layer of dirt. Be gentle. Do not end up damaging skin/ cuticles. Though delicate, they ensure your nails’ safety from infections. Take your time!

Repeat the same for your feet.


Bring your nail-cutter to use. Trim your nails nicely. Often it is believed that trimming of nails might slow down the growth of nails. Well, that’s a wrong belief. Trimming will only benefit your nails.

Once done with trimming, shape those white tips with a filer – round or square or oval shape- with a whole lot of patience! ☺


Get your nails dried completely. Apply a base coat of polish. The base coat will help color polish stay intact for longer, and it will also save your nails’ texture. Once it dries, apply colored polish, matching your lehenga choli. Let it dry, and finish with a topcoat.

CARE TIP TO NOTE: If you witness breakage of nails frequently, stay away from the long nails trend. Instead, keep them small and pretty!


Step into your momma’s kitchen cupboard and hunt down mustard or olive oil. Massage your nails gently for 5-10 minutes, and rub it off with a soft cloth. The process will help enhance your blood circulation, giving your nails a rosy glow.

Add a few drops of aroma oil of your choice. Lavender is a good option for calming your mind, and orange reduces negative feelings.


Color your nails in as many colors you want. But, do not forget to use high-quality nail polish, as chemicals in it may prove harmful for your nails.

It’s, thus, better to remove nail color every once in a while to let your nails breathe. Do so once Navratri gets over too. Give your nails exposure to sunlight, avoiding color on your nails for a few days or weeks.

Massage them with almond oil for some days, till they regain their natural shine.

These easy home tips shall surely help you gain flaunt-worthy nails for the upcoming festival. Show them off this Navratri with glittering colors and fancy props, and well, with the best of festive wear lehengas!


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