Saree is sexy, elegant, and Indian. Your look in a saree cannot be compared by any other look because by default, saree is a cloth that suits every skin type and shape.

However, it takes a lot of effort when it comes to draping a saree rightly. And, if you are someone who has never wore a saree, it might come as a huge shock how much an art draping a saree is. So, for all the first timers, here we bring you a collection of 7 sarees from that are easy to drape, light on pocket and yet give you a classy look.

  1. It is better to stay safe

Before jumping into the pool of designs and work, try your hands at a plain saree. Choose a combination of two colors like this one, which is an easy and comfortable wear.

Stay safe

  1. Traditional helps!

When in confusion, be traditional. A simple saree with minimal design, helps you in draping it on time and enhances your look too.


  1. Shimmer is savior

Avoid the extra glam with your attire if you are experimenting with the saree for the first time. Choose a saree with a basic shimmer and juggle it with some gorgeous add-ons.


  1. Georgette is your friend

Nothing suits your figure like Georgette saree. It makes you look slimmer and more gorgeous and a simple saree like this is not hard to wear and the accessories can easily be mix and matched.


  1. Another Georgette to your kitty

Being a sister saree, this one looks classier, as it has one color and a cool border that makes it a handy piece. Whether, you keep the pallu open or pinned up, this saree will rock in all functions.


  1. Let the Net speak

Nothing can be trendier than net. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, a net saree is always an easy grab and wear.


  1. Exceptional colors

Choosing some different colors can always work wonders. If you are a new wearer, this kind of saree can help you look unique and beautiful.