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Be Modish From 9 To 5 With These Smart Office Wear Outfit Ideas

Suitable Work-Wear Dresses For Women

‘Oh it’s Monday again!’- facing Monday blues? Ignore them- get ready- step out and hit the day with full energy! Being a working woman is a big challenge, juggling between office, home, socializing and well, your personal ambitions- sometimes it all gets so overwhelming! Adding to the burden are those overtime work hours which is almost a routine, making office like a second home to many. But all you mettlesome ladies- don’t let your gorgeousness take a backseat! Having a good work-wear closet can work wonders on your overall mood- as you sit to attend to those extra phone calls or stay back to crack that quick deal with your overseas client on the internet.

Your mood and your energy have strong roots in how you treat yourself- looking presentable definitely counts in here! So spending some resources on your office wardrobe would be a wise decision to boost your energy levels and also to pave your way for better work performance.

What type of work-wear is suitable for Indian women?

The corporate culture today has become quite relaxed in terms of clothing for both the genders. Until a few years ago the scenario, especially for women was quite different saree collection, straight-cut salwar suits and kurtis with leggings were the only outfits considered as ‘ethnic formals for office-wear’. However the present work culture has made formal dressing a powerful fashion game- adding so many silhouettes and assortments that you can sport during business hours. So that means with a little effort working ladies can turn an office into a colorful and trendy zone- pepping up the ambience and making routine tasks fun!

While choosing your office-wear outfits, you must take care of the following-

While working meticulously from am to pm, make sure that your attire does not add to your inconvenience! Loose-fitted outfits and breathable fabrics should be your focus. Cotton and linen saris, printed palazzo suits, trouser suits with light fabrics and comfortably fitted kurtis- there’s a lot to explore!

When it comes to choosing the colour palette for work- black is an undisputed winner- classy, formal and truly dignified. But with all the multi-tasking, you pretty women deserve much more! Break away from basics and blandness and indulge in as many colours as you want. A multi-coloured georgette churidar suit; a quirky hand block printed short kurti paired with a cotton skirt- get innovative! You can be modish – but well, it’s your office after all, so keep the style goddess in you in check, for you wouldn’t want your colleagues and yourself as well to be distracted by your attire. Loud colours like neon, hot pink, lemon yellow and bright orange should be avoided and all the shimmers and glitters can be saved for those after-office parties.

There have been umpteen campaigns rolled out by women organizations and individuals – stressing on the ideology that women should be free to wear what they like. We absolutely agree to that yet, it would be better if your wardrobe is congruous with the ambience of your workplace. Stick to graceful outfits- and when we say grace and modesty, it doesn’t mean that fashion and styling should be avoided! You just need to keep a few things at bay, like necklines that are too deep, bold cut-outs and any other details that prompt extra skin-show.

Kurtis and Indian dresses that are made with figure-hugging fabrics like spandex must be avoided- but feel free to flaunt your favorites at other places. The level of conservativeness basically depends on the cultural norms of your office and therefore boundaries may differ from place to place.

Latest ethnic outfit ideas for work-wear

Now comes the most interesting part- what all can you sport at office to look up-to-date! These ethnic outfit ideas will guide you through the grinding week in style-

Fusion work-wear ideas

Fusion is fun- new ideas keep you active. So let your creative mind lead and make some cool changes to your old and repetitive wardrobe:

Cotton kurtis with palazzo pants- they’re one of the topmost outfits on the trend list. Such coordinate sets in subtle tones, fine prints or a little embroidery as well- make smart work wear attire with balanced comfort and style scores.

There can be endless options for business clothes for women- and as far as your attire is harmony with the ambience of the office, go ahead and work with full capacity in your trendy best!

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