Summer and spring are the desired seasons of the year for big Indian weddings. The weather is just amazing and everything feels more soothing and pleasing. It’s the perfect and a glorious time to celebrate something special event like a wedding. Here is what you need to tips for organizing a perfect summer wedding and get your dream wedding


The Look and Feel:

For a daytime events, select a bright and airy theme for your wedding décor. More people are now opting something that has a modern theme rather than going with the traditional Indian themes. Of course, the most important traditional elements are still incorporated to make the Indian wedding perfect. Go for pastel colors and combine them with flowers like mogra, marigold and jasmine. Marigold will add color to the whole flower arrangement. If you want to go for something original and grand you can choose to have an artificial water fountain. A fountain would be refreshing in the hot summer climate. You can use colorful chiffon and georgette dupattas with some golden bling’s to make it a perfect combination of modern and traditional style. Preferably use color shades like pink, yellow and orange as they are combination for a traditional theme but also makes it feel festive and trendy.

For events in the evening, you can try the new trend by creating an Arabian nights theme. You can create the theme by adding antique styled lanterns, hookas and low sitting arrangements. You can also use a lot of colorful cushions to the entire venue. Adding floating candles and flowers ill make it perfect. And lastly for the music, let it be soft and seductive so your guest can relax and enjoy the moment.

Oh one more thing do not forget the air coolers and mosquito repellents for a hot summer outdoor event!


The Ensemble:

It’s always a difficult for women to pick their perfect wedding ensemble. Why? Because women want to wear something that is comfortable, graceful and chic all at the same time. You also have to think about the hot climate. Wear weather-friendly dress with light fabrics and soft colors. As for the design of your outfit, cling to making it simple and elegant with some gold work for a magnificent look.

Make sure that your make-up is natural and subtle, focus on your lips and eyes with bold shades of eye shadow and lipstick. And here comes the top tip, keep wet wipes and a translucent powder with you at all times, it will be a lot easier to touch up your make-up.

Pool side

The venue:

In India, the climate is unbearably hot at most places, and from April to June it gets extremely humid. You should choose a banquet that is air-conditioned or party hall: the best venue for a wedding in summer. You can customize your venue by adding mild perfume, fresh flower arrangement and dazzling centerpieces.

As for people who are planning outdoor celebrations, consider to take up a venue with pool. To have a swimming pool is a really relaxing atmosphere plus you get the cool aqua shades. And if you are not a big fan of swimming pools, you can go for a location near lake or a resorts on the beach, this way you can have a combination of both an indoor and outdoor venue.


The Cuisine:

You can choose for baked varieties, as this is an option that is always loved by everybody. You have to keep a lot of options in drinks in summer, it’s important to have nimboo pani, coconut water, khus and some flavoured lassi instead of aerated drinks. Make sure that all the ingredients used for salad bars, fruit stalls and chaat counters are fresh. The idea to bring popsicles, ice cream and kulfi vendors can be a good.

You have all that organized and voila you have your perfect summer Indian wedding!