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Recently a friend of mine from the U.S. asked me – which is the best website to buy Indian sarees? Well, to be honest – it set me thinking. The world of Internet is truly intimidating today! From a situation of scarcity – we have reached a position, thanks to the Online businesses’ boom, where we are facing a problem of plenty…

There is just so much of choice – so much of conundrum, all thanks to this endless array of variety and options available Online today! Whether it’s about buying an Indian wedding saree or an authentic Catholic-style wedding gown/ dress – there is no dearth of choices and websites offering a humongous range. To top that – the world truly has become a global village now – again the credit largely goes to our beloved Internet and the barrage of portals, who go to lengths to deliver products – at nominal shipping costs – across the world.

So yes, it can be pretty confusing, but then, you can always look for the bests and rely on the ones that have a tried and tested history of all the attributes you are looking for. For example, I sincerely feel that today is one of the best websites for buying Indian Sarees. It’s in the name after all!

You would ask me why! My friend also asked the same…and, I had these answers –

  1. Legacy – has the backing of a 41 years old, adored and trusted brand Asopalav.
  2. Trust – Asopalav is a highly trusted brand, so automatically the attribute gets channeled to its e-venture You can trust this website for quality, authenticity, fashion trends as well as competitive pricing.
  3. Great Quality – sources its merchandise from best designers, working with Asopalav and also vendors and weavers from all across India – who are trustworthy enough to provide 100% genuine products.
  4. Strict Quality Control – has excellent quality control teams – which supervise your chosen merchandise and track your order at every single stage – right from when you place an order to booking your customization requests and ensuring that stuff reaches you in time – and in perfect shape.
  5. Transparency – will tell you upfront – if it cannot honors one of your demands or requisitions. They will not misguide you, or tell you unrealistically to take something else. Their reward points system, pricing and other policies are equally transparent.
  6. Friendly Customer Service – Representatives at are simply amazing. Ordering from them and interacting with them is like talking to family. They take pains to understand each concern and record special requests. Their approach is genuine, transparent and friendly.
  7. Insistence of Best Merchandise –’s teams work seamlessly to ensure everything that’s delivered to customers is as demanded and desired. From fabrics to embellishments, from latest trends to runway fashions and from designs to details – everything is accounted for!
  8. Competitive Pricing – Just run a random check online, and you will be able to easily judge that great quality, authentic sarees – as available on – are genuinely available at great prices here. You really won’t need to worry about being stripped off your money for cheap, tacky or bad quality sarees.
  9. Great fashion and a host of amazing choice – Sarees, just like their drape, are fluid fashion. They keep changing, in terms of designs, fashions, trends, varieties etc. Keeping up with all that may be intimidating, but at that’s never an issue! From casual sarees to heavy silk sarees, real handloom stuff and designer wedding sarees, trendy half and half sarees, georgette sarees and heavily embellished bridal sarees – the range here is truly spectacular! They keep updating stuff on a regular basis, and if you are looking for an in-vogue saree – then, yes, this is the place for you Online!
  10. Customization – Well, a saree is incomplete in itself, unless it is finished and has a matching blouse, and preferably a well-fitting under-skirt – petticoat too. In absence of these vital add-ons, sometimes, even favorite sarees are left hanging in wardrobes, especially when you are so busy that you have no time to run around for tailoring and getting done this stuff. This also becomes trouble-some, when you live abroad, as there these services are rare and extremely pricey. Well, at, all this is taken care of – at such superior levels. You get your Sarees finished and ready to wear – with fall attached. And, you have the choice of getting your designer blouses (exactly as shown on models) and even petticoats stitched – as per your measurements.
  11. Reliable Delivery – World-wide – Merchandise at is shipped all over the world, thanks to their wonderful logistics partners. You just have to ask for it! So, you can get your loved Sarees – at your doorstep – wherever in the world you may be.

Need more reasons? Well, I didn’t need any, and neither did my friend. Check out yourself – the best saree shopping site in India – and you will also agree that this really is the best place for online shopping for sarees.

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