Indian weddings are an enchanting medley of culture, colors and ceremonies. Eclectic rituals, tonnes of preparation, people, bonhomie and fun make up these gala affairs that sometimes stretch up for days. Of course, the D-day or the actual wedding ceremony is still the most important part but the other functions are as crucial.

And, as every blushing bride-to-be would agree – curating or getting just the right look for all the countless rituals, preceding or proceeding the marital vows, is no mean feat! Time is scarce, choices are endless and, opinions from all and sundry can be super confusing. But then, going over the top, too plain or repetitive is not an option. Fret not, for we are here to help you – with tips and awesome outfits’ suggestions from’s latest fall-winter wedding collection for the season –

  1. Making it Official

Let’s begin the saga with the Engagement ceremony – the day of fluttering butterflies, coy glances and exchanging rings. Engagement rituals usually mark the beginning of wedding celebrations – a lovely prelude. Use it to your advantage by setting down the tone of the festivities to come.

Choose something that reflects your personal tastes and likes. Keep it young and contemporary! You don’t want to appear plain or even older than your age. Reflect freshness, vivacity and a certain sense of wonder.  This is the beginning of an important transition in your life – so let it be a just reminder of your sweet, innocent girlhood.

engagement - 1

Pick a wedding color or style theme – if you want one. For engagement – stay subtle and, ideally, avoid picking the brightest or the loudest of the outfits. Reserve the flashiness for later. For example, if you want your bridal outfits around the red palette – start with a beige lehenga, saree or Indo-western suit, speckled with wine red or fuchsia for the ring ceremony.

On the other hand, variety in colors is what you want – choose a dramatically different hue for this stage. Purple, mauve, sea-green, turquoise and silver make for great picks – going by the season’s trends. Match your make-up and jewellery with your attire, complement with a glorious smile – and you are good to go! Have a look at the pretty and radiant peacock blue lehenga – as shown in the picture. Paired with a contrasting blouse in pink, this one is light, stylish and vibrant.

  1. The Metaphor Comes to Life

‘Haath peele karna’ implies ‘marrying off the daughter’. With this colourful ceremony of Turmeric Application – this beautiful connotation gets its meaning. Of course, Haldi is not the actual wedding ceremony, but it is, nonetheless, an important rite of passage. Turmeric is considered the panacea and an antidote to evil. It is also considered excellent for enhancing the complexion and skin quality. Both these make it indispensible for a bride.

Earlier, this used to be a simple ceremony, with bride usually wearing a plain salwar suit, which was then cast away. Now, generally, Haldi is a bigger celebration – with brides taking this as an opportunity to mingle with friends and female relatives, take photos and have fun. Naturally, the chosen outfit should not be heavy or cumbersome. Most people don’t wear this outfit ever again – so it also makes sense to buy something with this consideration.

haldi -2

Different shades of yellow – from pale pastels to bright mustard yellows are auspicious picks for Haldi. Pick a smart Anarkali in plain yellow, and pair with a dupatta in a contrasting color. The eye catching, bright plain yellow and red lehenga suit is just what you need! The flared dress will let you enjoy the feminine vibe, while the low ostentation will let your pure persona shine through!

Apart from yellow, you can also go for light pinks, beiges, copper tones and even off-whites with little specks of red or pink.

  1. Immerse Yourself in Your Beloved’s Colors

Coloring palms, decorating feet and arms with auspicious, sacred Henna powder is an important ritual of Indian and Middle-Eastern weddings. Mehendi or Henna is gorgeous when it’s fresh and green – but it gets lovelier as it leaves back its deep burgundy or maroon hued stain. Darker the impression, luckier it is considered!

Quite obviously, green is the color of choice for this ceremony, during which the semi-liquid paste of Henna is applied in intricate designs. Pick a stunning emerald green or an elegant forest tint. However, don’t choose anything that’s too light colored – for you want a stained lehenga in your Mehendi pictures. Also, avoid anything that’s too tight fitting – as you will have to sit through for long hours getting Mehendi applied. Choose relaxed fits and lighter fabrics – with little or no extra ostentation.

mehendi - 3

Take cues from this glistening brocade Banarasi lehenga choli with no embroidery – which is glorious and scintillating in itself! This light and easy ensemble will let you dance through and enjoy your Mehendi ritual to hilt. The gold hue makes it appropriate for celebrations and will be great for your pictures.

Also, since this event goes late into the night (usually) – keep in mind the ambience and weather, while deciding upon your dress. Lehenga Choli is an excellent option, but not if weather is freezing and your function is in an open-air setting or a farmhouse. Same goes for sultry summer evenings. Keep in mind fabric details for humid climes, especially, if you would be dancing too. Ditch the tradition and choose a gossamer chiffon saree, lightly embellished with crystals and tassles, paired with a halter neck, modish blouse – for a completely different, summer-time mehendi look.

  1. Dance and Groove    

As the name suggests, the Sangeet or Dance event, preceding the wedding is a glittery, fun event that’s all about grooving to the fun, foot-tapping melodies – peppered with lots of mingling, socialising and laughter. The bride is the center of attention, indisputably, but she has good amount of competition from equally well dressed female relatives and friends. So, she has to take care of two things – she has to stand out, without going over the top – and she has to stay comfortable and relaxed enough to be able to enjoy this fun-filled event to the hilt.

sangeet - 4

Thus, it is important that dressy ensembles – complemented with immaculately stylised looks are arranged. But, at the same time, you cannot go for anything heavy or over-bearing. Keep in mind the weather and function’s setting too. The feminine and flirty Floral Sangeet Lehenga Choli – as shown in the image – in ‘in-vogue’ ombre coloring and youthful feel is a great pick – which fits the bill perfectly. Accentuated with flowers and paired with flower jewellery in hair – this is a splendid Sangeet look.

Always pair up your attire with easy to manage duppatta and accessories. Do not wear heavy earrings or danglers or uncomfortable heels – however tantalizing they look – along with your Sangeet ensemble – because they may spoil your evening of fun and dance. You can even pick up something that’s dramatic and different than the usual – for this glitzy evening. Indo-Western ensembles or Lehenga sarees are new avtaars of Indian ethnic outfits that are good options – or go for something that’s even more daring and modish. Try stylish and new age blouse designs, or try a very edgy saree drape!

  1. Dream Comes True!

The D-Day is here and it’s super unnerving. You have mastered your looks for all other functions, but feel clueless for your most important ceremony – the Wedding. Well, relax and stick to what your gut says. Stay true to your personal likes – and body type. Don’t get swayed blindly by others‘ advice or trend forecasts. It is great to follow fashion – but don’t get blinded by it.

Watch your coffers too – but always choose great quality – at least for your wedding day. Heavy embellishments and all-red traditional bridal lehengas are on their way out now – and not without reason. You too should choose something which is more practical and has a contemporary appeal – for you will not only look great in it, but will also find it easier to remodel and reuse it later.

wedding - 5

As the blushing bride, also choose colors that agree with your complexion, accessories and the wedding theme. Don’t forget the season and ambience too. Always remember that an elegant and regal look stands out – much like this stunning, heavily embellished lehenga on beige base.

  1. All that Ends Well…

A grand and well-organised Reception function is fitting and apt conclusion to any glitzy wedding gala. And, it is a ceremony, when the bride makes her first appearance as the ‘Queen of her Husband’s domain’. Thus, this has to be special, dreamy and fairy-tale like. Plus, this is a more westernized concept – so the themes selected are generally modish. Wedding Gowns, Indo-Western Floor length ensembles and pretty dresses are often selected, thus, by the modern-day brides for this important occasion.

reception - 6

You too can choose a never-before, magnificent look for your reception by dressing up in this royal, baby pink Wedding Gown that’s straight out of the fairy tales. It’s majestic and modern – both at the same time – and will truly make you feel like a queen.

Well, we hope your wedding too is as grand as your vision – and if you take advantage of these useful tips, we are pretty sure you will enjoy your special time too. Here is a quick reference Infographic for you –

Bridal Outfits - Suggestions and Tips for 6 Important Wedding Functions1