Fashion is an everyday affair and when it comes to clothing, you surely have plenty of options in the market. Be it teenage girls or older women, each one of them breathes fashion! From office to socializing or just everyday chores like leaving your kids at the school, a fashion-conscious lady would surely want to look her best.
An ethnic casual wardrobe can have light fabric sarees and salwar suits. Out of these, suits are preferred more by women across all age-groups because they do not require extensive draping like sarees and are easier to carry around.

Here are some guidelines for choosing the right casual suits for an on-point style game-

  1. Printed Affair

    Printed Affair

Since its casual-wear, you must avoid heavily embroidered garments. Instead play around with prints to make an impact. These days, salwar suits have moved beyond paisley and peacock designs and are now available in endless variations of contemporary and abstract prints. A single bold print over a plain kurta looks captivating thus making your everyday wardrobe interesting. Alternatively, you can choose subtle fine prints for a simple look or quirky block prints to stand out!

  1. Style as well as Comfort:

    Style as well as Comfort

Comfort is the most important component of your wardrobe. It is only when you feel comfortable in your outfit that you can focus on work at office or enjoy your time socializing. Loose garments like palazzo suits and tunics are good options for everyday styling and work-wear. Also, sustainable styles are better than fads to avoid the risk of having an outdated wardrobe.

  1. Effervescent Colour-Play

    Effervescent Colour-Play

Your casual wardrobe should have lots of colours. Experiment with lighter tones of pink, green, red, blue, orange, yellow, purple and white for the day while for evening you can choose darker hues like wine, black, brown or any other colour but with a deeper tone. Try different combinations to keep your wardrobe varied. Colours have a lot of impact on your overall look so choose the ones that fit the occasion and most importantly, your individual style!

  1. Gorgeous Plain Jane

    Gorgeous Plain Jane

Getting decked-up does not always require catchy designs. Plain outfits have a soothing effect on one’s mind. Also, people tend to repeat plain dresses more often as compared to printed ones because after a while, wearing the same print seems boring. So make sure that your casual wardrobe has plenty of plain suits in different colours. You can style them better with different accessories without making your outfit look crowded. Plain suits surely come handy for places like the grocery store or for formal meetings where subtleness is required. Another benefit of plain salwar suits is that they can be worn by women of all age-groups while choice of prints may vary according to their age. So start styling with basics!

  1. The Contemporary Touch

    The Contemporary Touch

Traditional salwar suits have been adapted to suit the requirements of modern day women. Indo-western lehenga suits are a raging trend these days for not just casual parties, but also for office-wear. Lehenga suits are more comfortable and look quite trendy. Jacket suits with crop-top and palazzo and poncho suits are some of the other trending styles of contemporary salwar suits. Keep your wardrobe updated with the latest silhouettes for after all, fashion is all about being up-to-date!

  1. Effortless Fashion

Effortless Fashion

Keep it simple. Salwar suits having less embroidery are ideal for casual-wear. Heavy embellishments and add-ons are meant for your festive and wedding wardrobe. Also, a casual wardrobe looks best when accessories are kept minimal. To have a well-coordinated look, your accessories should comprise of delicate jewellery pieces or just one heavy ornament like danglers. Also keep your make-up light and simple. Carry yourself with confidence, for that is what gives rise to your unique and effortless style.

Your wardrobe plays a significant role in communicating your personality. To always stand out as a diva make sure that your everyday casual wardrobe scores well on style and trends.