Well planned weddings are spectacular occasions. All eyes are on the bride and the groom. Everyone is bound to be dazzled by the stunning outfits, electric chemistry, elaborate decorations, vibrant flowers and the contagious aura. Adding to this splendid aura are the lovely bridesmaid saree – who are eagerly awaited by the guests, especially by the groom’s friends.

Who are the Bridesmaids?

Bridesmaids in Lehenga

Bridesmaids are bride’s close friends or cousins, mostly unmarried female members of the bride’s clan and clique. Many little girls, who act as flower girls, during the wedding march are also made the bridesmaids. Bridesmaids act as the bride’s support system, before and during the festivities. They may help in wedding planning, arrangements, shopping, make up, hair and at times, even money. In Catholic weddings, Bridesmaids help carry the bride’s wedding dress’ trail and flowers. The number of bridesmaids may differ as per bride’s preference and network. Well, they may be less or more in number, Bridesmaids truly are like gems holding on to gold – ones adding Oomph factor to the ceremony.

The Concept of a Bridesmaid


Bridesmaids in Same Color Saree

The concept of Bridesmaids has often been associated with catholic weddings, where bridesmaids are dressed in pre-decided, same outfits. This is such a heartening and aesthetically appealing concept that it is now becoming popular all over the world. With people now open to experimenting, concept of bridesmaids has begun to be accepted in variety of cultures.

Bridesmaid Sarees 


Bridesmaids in Mauve Color Outfit

Bridesmaids are the cynosure of all eyes. That is why new and different ensembles are being tried. Instead of sticking to the usual gowns and evening dresses, brides are avidly choosing ethnic ensembles like sarees, kimonos etc. Many Hindu brides and ones getting married cross-culturally also choose vibrant sarees for the lovely assembly of their bridesmaids. Another reason Bridesmaids sarees are becoming popular is their fluidity. Sarees do not need extensive stitching, and also suit every body shape. The maids can get their blouses stitched, and saree can be draped.
Wow! Is the word right? What if all your pretty friends and cousins dress up in same sarees on your wedding? Won’t it be super exciting?

Making All of It a Reality!


Bridesmaids in Vibrant Color Saree

You had the Barbie Bridesmaids idea since long in your mind, but did not know from where to begin? This concept is still quite fresh. So, you must consider getting it done for your wedding – if you wish to do something different. But, how?
Do not worry! We bring you a list of “to-do’s” and “not to-do’s” to help you choose bridesmaids sarees for your lovely flower girls. For starters, co-ordination is the key. Amalgamation of right colors, fabrics, footwear and flowers will make them look nothing less that extremely stylish and adorable.



Bridesmaids in Yellow and Green Saree

Begin by finalizing the final or approximate number of women in your Bridesmaids group. If you are planning to get similar sarees for all of them, well in advance, ideally you must know a fixed number. The blouses of the sarees also will need stitching and designing, while the sarees need finishing. This will take time too. So, get a ‘real’ head count, and plan ahead.


If you (the bride) yourself are going to sponsor the bridesmaids’ sarees, convey clearly so your friends/ cousins don’t end up spending for their outfits. And, if you expect them to bear the cost, convey that too tactfully. Let everyone know the details, well in advance. And, ask for their choices. Shortlist and finalise. Do not just go by your own choice. A brief discussion about individual liking of your friends will lessen your work too. As a bridesmaid yourself – you can ask your friend/ cousin upfront (even if tactfully) if she plans to ‘give’ you the maid’s outfit/s.



Happy Bridesmaids

The overall budget for the bridesmaids’ outfits and total costs need to be decided for everything you wish to buy. It will help you keep your expenses in your control – and also refrain you from making wrong choices – that you may regret later. Since you have to buy many sarees, go for fabrics, which are not so costly, if you have a limited budget. As a bridesmaid yourself – you can keep a tab on costs by planning the whole shaddi wardrobe at one go – so decide what and how (much) you can or will wish to spend on all ceremonies’ outfits.



Bridesmaids in Green and Pink Saree

Bubbly pinks, velvety peaches, romantic violets, mint greens, light blues or tangerine oranges are most girls’ favorite hues, and they often go well with popular weddings themes too.

But, you can also experiment with other color palettes like –

  • Wine red/Shimmery gold/mint
  • Peach/bottle green/gold
  • Lavender/silver/violet rose
  • Light blue/orange/pink
  • Ice blue/metallic orange/Fresh green
  • Pink/plum/violet/lime green

Choose colors basis the season and the time of the ceremony. Pick colors that will look good and bright in photos, and also the ones that will be suitable to all the women on your bridesmaid bandwagon.



Bridesmaids in Pink and Cream Saree

If your wedding has a theme, ensure the bridesmaids’ sarees go with the theme, in terms of setting, colors or other aspects. Same – as the bridesHowever, if you do not have a set wedding theme, you can still go for a lovely theme for your bridesmaids’ sarees.

We suggest the given themes –

  • Rainbow Theme
  • Color Block Theme
  • Gradation Theme
  • Fairy Tale Theme
  • Floral Theme (Try orchids or lotuses)
  • Cock-tail or peacock Theme
  • Sea-shells-Star Theme (Satin borders on a saree and delicate crowns with decorative shells and stars will make girls look no less than beautiful mermaids.)

Be more creative. Matching your bridesmaids’ sarees with vital aspects or symbols of your wedding, like –

  • Mandap
  • Gifts and Cakes
  • Jaymalas – wedding garlands
  • Turbans (Groom’s friends are going to love this idea!)



Bridesmaids in Lemon Yellow and Sea Green Color Outfit

This is one of the most important factors, which can make or break your bridesmaids’ look. This will also ensure their comfort and style.

Take into consideration your budget, season, time of wedding, availability of stylists to drape the sarees etc. while deciding on fabric of the chosen sarees.

Also, consider the dominant body type among the group of bridesmaids.

Depending upon your lists, you can choose from the following versatile fabrics –



Bridesmaids in Pink shade Saree

Sarees and fabrics you choose should ideally be suitable for all your bridesmaids. Similarly, blouse designs must be discussed in advance, so they, more or less match. With saree, this becomes an easier aspect. Get underskirts (petticoats) sorted too, as you will need to give entire ensembles to your bridesmaids.

Choose light-weight sarees, allowing girls to freely dance and have fun on your wedding. Getting a saree that can easily be worn post-wedding too is a good idea. Check for blouse fittings well in advance, so the bridesmaids are comfortable and confident on the D-day, and there’s no last minute rush.



Bridesmaids in Vibrant Color Lehenga Choli

Don’t hesitate in adding fun elements to your bridesmaids’ dressing. Add flowers, tiaras, pearls, bead necklaces or tribal jewelry, interesting matching clutches, statement rings etc. to add to the whole effect of fun.

Happy shopping for your bridesmaids!