Indian Lehenga-Choli and Ghaghra-choli are quite similar, except for a few differences. Earlier, these dresses were worn on daily basis, minus the fashion and glamour quotient, which surrounds them today. Back in time, women used them as daily wear, as they provided comfort and ease.
They still are the dominated ethnic wear in the regions of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and many other northern regions. Though, they both make for a lovely drape, you should know what, where and how can they be used before picking up one for yourself.
Lehenga & Choli
Lehenga and Choli are two parts of one attire. Lehenga is the lower part of the attire, which is worn below the navel. It is upheld by an elastic or a thread referred to as Nada in Hindi. While, Choli is the upper part of the attire that usually is of the same color or contrasting one. Lehenga and Choli come with a stole referred to as a Dupatta which is to be draped with it.
Lehenga’s fame has increased far and wide due to its vast use in Indian Cinema and celebrities. Today, Lehenga dominates any marriage function. It is worn as a bridal dress or at Sangeet functions. This beautiful Indian dress is designed form materials such as silk, crepe, velvet, net etc., combined with heavy designs in Brocade.
Ghaghra & Choli
Ghaghra and Choli are also two pieces of the same attire. Ghaghra is the lower part of the attire but it is not necessary to wear it below navel. Girls and woman can even drape it above the navel. Nada is also used in Ghaghra to uphold them. Whereas, Choli is the upper part of the attire and generally is a simple piece without any design on it. You need to drape a Dupatta with it too.
Ghaghra and Choli are popular but believed to be draped by woman residing in lower parts of the sociey. Even in Indian Cinema, you will see most of the village inspired scenes or item songs to be constituted with Ghaghra and Choli and no one will ever wear it as a high-profile dress.
Thin but major differences between the two:
• Lehenga gains more attention because it fits at the waist and gets a fuller circumference towards the end while a Ghaghra is a loose skirt and the circumference hardly has any difference.
• Lehengas are used to show off the perfect figure and hence, are designed in A-cut, fish cut and other tight-fitted cuts whereas Ghaghras are used as a comfort wear on daily basis and hence the comfortable design.
• A Lehenga enhances your beauty, as each one is a unique piece – stitched depending on your size. No comparison! But, Ghaghras are loose, hence, can be worn by anyone
• Lehengas are crafted from silk, velvet, net and have exotic designs while a Ghaghra is normally made from cotton and is simple. It is a rare incident to see an expensive Ghaghra.