Dupatta- a style statement or a tedious add-on! No matter how you see it, this elaborate separate – an Indian ethnic-wear separate, an odhna or chunni – cannot be overlooked. There was a fashion phase when the use of dupatta saw a downward trend – but today, the dressy or ornate dupattas are back to the fashion nucleus and how! While many may see this fluid fabric as just a matching add-on to outfits like suits and lehenga-cholis – these days fancier or heavily woven/ embellished versions mean that they are the centre-piece of the whole look. Banarasi Dupattas are quite in vogue for the same reason, as they can easily uplift the look of even a plain outfit.  

Dupatta:  A cultural symbol and a fashion must-have

Banarasi Dupattas

Wearing a plain pink cotton palazzo suit for a lunch treat might seem quite boring! But, if you add a colorful flower printed dupatta to the attire, you sure can alter the whole look. Styling an outfit using different types of dupattas, stoles or scarves is fun, and can alone change the overall appeal.

Dupattas for Ethnic Wear, Suits and Lehengas

You may buy a dupatta as a separate – or may get salwar suits or lehenga choli sets that have pre-matched wraps. Over the time, however, you will see a beautiful assortment of these fluid accessories in your closet. Dupattas can be sourced from all corners of India – in indigenous weaves and prints/ techniques like hand-blocked, Ajrakh, Bandhani, Banarasi or even 3 meter South Indian style dupattas. Or, they may be simpler or plainer ones, mostly used to match an outfit, or maybe in popular fabrics like silks or nets or even chiffons. In short, the list is endless, yet we have compiled a small list of 5 types of Dupattas that are simply a must-have currently –


  • Banarasi brocade dupatta

Teal Green Satin Georgette Straight Cut Suit with Banarasi Dupatta

Zari and brocade weaves in pure silk make for an amalgamation that emanates richness. The Banarasi silk weave is known globally for its unmatched allure. While Banarasi silk sarees continue to be wedding favourites, designer suits with Banarasi dupattas are the style winners of the moment. They are more wearable – as a design staple as well as a fashion pick-me-up – and can be styled in umpteen ways. They go down well with all age groups and are excellent for dressing up, even a simple outfit – like a plain lehenga or plain suit.  

If you have such a suit that comes paired with a heavy banarasi weave dupatta, then you can use the dupatta with other ensembles as well. Or, style it with a heavy ethnic skirt and crop top or carry it over your forearms to up-style a floor-length tunic. These dupattas are timeless classics – immune to changing seasons of trends.


  • Multi-coloured dupatta

Off White Silk Straight Cut Punjabi Suit

This is something that will go with almost all of your suits and fusion wear. A multi-shaded dupatta can instantly pep-up your look with even the simplest of outfits- like a plain white Anarkali kurti or any other simple salwar suit. It can also be draped like a stole over a jeans-kurti set or a skirt and crop top coordinate. Look for one having floral or abstract prints and keep your accessories minimal- making the dupatta the highlight of your outfit.


  • Bandhani dupatta

Off White Banarasi Jacquard Designer Lehenga Choli with Bandhej Dupatta

Dotted delights and pretty tones- Bandhani dupattas carry a strong spirited vibe. For days when you have to step out in complete desi attire and even for the ones when you’re in mood for some spunky wardrobe intermixing- adding a Bandhani dupatta is always a good idea.
Style-tip: If you’re styling a fusion outfit using a Bandhani dupatta, then opt for funky oxidized or thread jewellery instead of traditional accessories.


  • Plain red dupatta with lace border

Red Taffeta Silk Designer Lehenga Choli With Mirror Work

A red dupatta is a cultural imperative for Indian women. You can need one anytime- for a grand pious ceremony or even for a small puja at home. Apart from its traditional significance, a red dupatta looks quite bewitching when paired with a neutral of soft toned outfit. To maintain the versatility of the dupatta, choose a plain one with a metallic lace border.  


  • Black dupatta with stones/ sequins

Golden Silk Designer Lehenga Choli with Dori Work

A little dazzle over a black base- this combination will always come handy when you want to give a voluminous look to your black attire without adding too much weight. A black dupatta with stones or sequins in moderation can be used not just with salwar suits, lehenga cholis and fusion skirt sets it can be carried with a black evening gown and also added to a black or red saree like a second pallu over the other shoulder. Of course, you can always carry it with any coloured Indian attire!


  • Golden net embroidered dupatta

Beige Cotton Straight Cut Suit with Embroidered Dupatta

You might often get bored of wearing the same outfits. Heavy lehengas and suits tend to stay longer in your closet, coming up right in front of your eyes with their huge price tags- with an unspoken demand to be used to their maximum value. A heavily embroidered golden dupatta can give a fresh look to this part of your collection. Having a golden net dupatta is advisable because of its neutrality and the visual appeal of net that complements most of the other fabrics.

The current trends dictate stoles and dupattas acing as a modish apparel component and while you may want to add a lot more prettiness to your closet, make sure you have these six dupattas as well!