We love sarees – much like you. And, we face the same dilemmas – while planning to flaunt a gorgeous drape. What color, which sari, the blouse, accessories, occasion etc. etc. – the list is pretty confusing – decisions too many! However, most of the time – we tend to forget a very important aspect of dressing up. Make-up is great and baubles are perfect – but what would you do about the hair? Well, if you have a smart, short bob, you are the lucky one – but not everyone has it. Well, well, we know you love your tresses – so you are lucky too – now you just need to be a tad smarter.

With Sarees, you must not have anything bogging you down. That is why, it’s best to get your hair out of your way – tied, primed or styled nicely. Plus, a good, neat and comfortable hairstyle will help you look poised and elegant. Now, we don’t always have the facility of heading to the salon. So, we have compiled a cool list of 15 trendy, easy-breezy hairstyles that you can attempt – to glam up your saree look in a jiffy!

  1. Stylish Piled Over Bun

Grey and Pink Chiffon Saree with Embroidery Work - 1

Super easy, but ensure it doesn’t look too messy. Style your hair with a straightening iron, and make this updo style bun. Keep invisible pins and bobby pins handy. Give a side parting on the front, and leave a few loose twirls for a retro vibe. Needs a little practice, but can be achieved quite easily. Take the help of a friend initially, till you perfect it. Looks stylish and youthful.

  1. Vintage-style Messy Bun

Orange Chiffon Saree with Embroidery Work - 2

Curl your hair, get a nice bodla or maang teeka and a few pins. Tie your hair low with an invisible band, and then start piling. You can use some clip on hair or extra hair padding inside your bun for some volume. On the top, pile and pin your curls loosely, while leaving quite a few loose in the front.

  1. Beehive Updo with Diffused Curls

Pink Satin Silk Saree with Embroidery Work - 3

Wash and style your hair with big, round curlers to achieve princess style big, diffused curls. Keep a latest hair band style updo hair accessory, as shown in the picture handy – along with regular bun pins and bobby pins. This one is a very stylish updo, which may be slightly time-consuming to work with. You can make it for cocktail parties and weddings. This will add height to your frame – and works well with dresses, gowns and Indo-Western outfits too.

  1. Half Up Half Down Crown Beehive

Magenta Satin Chiffon Saree with Stone Work - 4

One of the most popular, day-wear styles done by women with shoulder length and long hair – half up and half loose hairstyle is versatile, elegant and easy. Now, add a touch of drama to this everyday hairstyle by adding a puff or beehive on the crown. Wash and style, and blow dry to achieve waves. Then take some hair at the crown, and back comb. Cover neatly, and secure with bobby pins. This one’s perfect with work wear sarees, as well as good for lehenga cholis – especially when you want to put on a maang teeka or matha patti. You can do this chic style with salwar suits and palazzos too.

  1. Piled On Messy Bun

Blue Silk Saree with Embroidery Work - 5

Easy to achieve, this lovely style is quick and trendy. It’s youthful and fashion-forward too – which is sure to take away years off your face, even when you try this with a traditional saree. Ensure everything else is just perfect – though. With a messy bun, it is important that your drape, make-up and accessories are absolutely prim and proper – or else you run the risk of looking too grungy – or as if the actual style has come off!

  1. Flowing, Open Waves

Green Silk Suit with Embroidery Work - 6

Need we say anything about this evergreen hairdo? Well, just plain and simple – the wavy, flowing hair – styled using a little mousse for body and a blow dryer with the magic of a round hair brush –  are forever in fashion. They look great for all ages and occasions – and are perfect partner for wedding sarees and even everyday regular-wear sarees in pleasant months. Flaunt your gorgeous waves with latest ethnic sarees and mul sarees for an effortlessly chic appeal. Looks great with churidaar suits and all sorts of Indian ethnic wear.

  1. Straight Front Pulled Back Bun

Blue Dupion Silk Saree with Embroidery Work - 7

A teacher’s pet, this evergreen hair bun is just every saree lover’s favorite for hot summer months as well as rushed up mornings. There is no center or side parting and no crown puff too – just a pulled back style with a basic bun. Well, for an occasion or event, this may look very simple – so jazz it up with some hair accessories – and for everyday glam, add a generous dose of fresh flowers on the bun.

  1. Messy Side-Swept Bun

Blue Chiffon Saree with Embroidery Work - 8

Much like a messy bun, in this one the hair is pulled from the nape to one side and then pinned nicely. Then, pile on the hair and go on securing with invisible pins – and you get your lovely messy side swept bun. Finish with a setting spray. Always start with clean and fresh, slightly curled or styled hair – and add some volumizing products, if your hair texture is too fine. Keep every other aspect of dressing – clean and prim.

  1. Fish Braid

Cream and Yellow Cambric Cotton Printed Suit - 9

The braid of every girl’s and woman’s childhood is a great style for grown-ups too – with sarees. It may be a little time consuming, the lovely Khajoori Choti or the fish braid for the hoity-toity is an eternally evergreen style that is making a huge come-back. Apt for summer and humid months, this one is suitable for long, busy days, as with this you won’t have to worry about your hairdo coming off. It is best done on mid-length to long length hair.

  1. No Parting Loose-on-Crown Basic Bun

Blue Dupion Silk Saree with Embroidery Work - 10

Another basic style – with a twist! Don’t forget this one, when considering hairstyles with sarees for meetings and events – when you want a feminine yet poised look. Slight puff is made on the front area – instead of just the crown. This doesn’t make the bun look severe – and is also more suitable for women with thinned hairlines or big foreheads. Just make your favorite bun at the back and accessorize with a gorgeous necklace to seize the day.

  1. Side-Swept Front French Chignon

Pink Tussar Silk Suit with Embroidery Work - 11

French Twists are absolute favorites of every woman, who loves her sarees and pearls. For an absolutely regal look, teach yourself to make a simple French twist bun – and then innovate with this side swept style. Side-part or centre part on the front, and give a slight puff on the crown for added drama. Or, go for the retro-inspired side waves on the front. Great for women with long or mid-length hair, this is a truly pretty hairdo.

  1. Centre-parted Twisted Low Bun

Black Dupion Silk Saree with Embroidery Work - 12

A takeaway from the French buns, this is a simple hair twist, done at the nape of the neck. The mid-length to long hair is voluminzed and twisted and secured. Hair may be back combed a bit, before twisting and pinning – to add drama and volume to the twisted bouffant. The front of the hair is parted in the centre, and is kept relaxed. This is not an easy to achieve look, especially if you have short, stray hair on the front. Try with traditional silk sarees for an out-of-this-world appeal.

  1. Jewels and Flowers Adorned Classic Bun

Pink Silk Saree with Embroidery Work - 13

Hair accessories and jewels are back in fashion – and how! From Mughal inspired Jhumars to chic headbands and hair clips, Rajput style matha pattis and bodlas, maang teekas and hair flowers and chains – Hair accessories are big. Get yourself some really pretty ones, as you adorn yourself in a bridal saree or a wedding lehenga – and dress up a classic bun. Go easy on earrings and necklace, if you are dressing up your hair a lot – especially, if you are not the bride. Jhumars and Muslim-styled hair jewels look great with bridesmaids sarees – as they look unique.

  1. Centre Parted Classic Low Bun

Cream Dupion Silk Saree with Embroidery Work - 14

Take a leaf from the style book of old Bollywood heroines or Raj-era queens – as you style your hair in this everyday bun. Wonderful for long and oval face shape, it is also nice for balancing a narrow forehead and broad chin (inverted heart-shaped). Kept slightly loose on the front, this looks classy with a big bindi. While the bun is kept low, rather dangling at the nape of the neck, the front styling is the main attraction. The hair is styled and straightened to reign in the fly-aways, and

  1. Loose Side Bun

Green Chiffon Saree with Embroidery Work - 15

Much on the lines of the piled over bun, this one is a slightly loose and messy style, which can be made easily. Looks great on women with broad or round faces, and is an excellent way to take years off your saree style. Style and straighten hair; use volumizing spray, if your hair is too fine in texture or is thin. Sweep the entire hair from the nape to one side. Secure with pins. Taking the hair on one side, pile over and secure with invisible pins. Finish with a hair spray.

Here, we are also sharing a saveable Infographic, for you to refer to. Take a print and paste it near dressing space, if you need inspiration on a daily basis.

Updos, Buns and More – Easy Hairstyles to Go With Your Sarees