The sweet-smelling, little spice cardamom or ilaichi (or elaichi) is a beautiful reminder of how some of the best things in life come in small, simple packages.

The earthy, soothing, delicious aroma of ilaichi (or green cardamom) is also a reminiscent of life’s many subtleties and their incessant beauty. How, without being an over-powering scent, ilaichi’s fragrance wins over more potent ones, in say ginger, garlic, mace or mint!

Already dreaming of relaxing elaichi chai or rich cardamom kheer? When you love devouring this lovely spice, why not also wear it – and celebrate its mellow grace.

You would say how, and we, at say, you Can – NOW!

We present to you ILAICHI COLLECTION – a fabulous range of very practical, very wearable Indian ethnic ensembles, celebrating the power of understated elegance and subtle strokes.

A collection of exclusive ilaichi Salwar Suits, Anarkalis and floor length ensembles that will leave you asking for more, Ilaichi – the earthy, beige/ cream range – is all about divine simplicity and grace.

Consisting of figure-flattering silhouettes and high-on-style elements, the entire range is crafted in breathable, high quality tussar silk blended fabric that lends an elite touch to the apparels.

Still pondering? Here are 6 more reasons, you can’t say no to an ILAICHI –

1.The Life’s Canvas – for you to paint…

Ilaichi Anakali Salwar kameez Collection -

  • Each piece in the Ilaichi Collection has been crafted in the muted, pleasing-to-eye canvas of beige or cream.
  • While being suitably warm and sunny, the relatively plainer base of ivory leaves a lot of scope for experimentation. Thus, these are must-have pieces for anyone who loves accessorizing or statement make-up. In an Ilaichi outfit, go on, as you have no danger of going over-the-top!
  • The lighter base also ensures that the bright pop of colour – in embroidery and accompanying dupatta – stands out, without getting garish. [Choose from 3 colors – bright blue, ravishing red or the pink punch.

2. The Power of Understated Elegance

Ilaichi palazzo Collection -

  • You don’t have to go to the roof-tops and shout your presence, when you can charm hundreds with absolute simplicity.
  • The undertones of golden in the light-coloured tussar silk Ilaichi creations will never let you pale amidst a crowd.
  • The strategically placed embroidered motifs in enchanting colours on lighter base are just right too – striking but never garish!

3. Contemporary Creations

Ilaichi Salwar Kameez -

  • Ilaichi is mellow and understated in colors and feel, but it isn’t lacking in design elements and the variety of cuts and styles.
  • Each piece in Ilaichi collection represents latest designs, in-demand fashion and contemporary elements.
  • From wide-legged palazzo pants, trim trousers, slim cigarette pants to Victorian ball dresses-like silhouettes and Empress-style capes – Ilaichi has it all.
  • And, that is not it! The fabric variations, the smart embroidery placements and the bright coloured dupattas – all are extremely stylish and modern.
  • Be sure of having that sharp, subtle edge, when dressed in any of these form-enhancing, grace-personified apparels.

4.For all your moods…

Ilaichi Salwar Kameez Collection -

  • Each piece in Ilaichi collection celebrates modern woman and her many moods (and needs).
  • That is why, you will find pieces that are made to suit various facets of your everyday life – from work grinds to divasque dates and fashionable parties.
  • Choose a no nonsense straight-cut kurta and cigarette-pants combo in cream or beige (both available) for the all important brand meeting.
  • And, as you prepare to head to an awards night, just replace your kameez with a flowy dress-like, empire line waist anarkali from Ilaichi.

5.The Three Cs – comfort, credibility and creative genius…

Ilaichi Salwar Suits Collection -

  • Comfort matters. If you aren’t comfortable wearing an ensemble, it’s unlikely you will pull it out often from your wardrobe. With Ilaichi, you can be sure of comfort – of wearing and maintenance. Tussar blend and Jute finish let your skin breathe, while smart, structured styles ensure no fabric bulking.
  • Each piece in this collection comes with a stamp – you can be assured of great quality and competitive pricing.
  • Buy one Ilaichi, and we can promise that soon you will be raving about its creative genius to your friends and family. From fabrics to embroidery to the intelligent use of colors and silhouettes, everything deserves praise.

6.Age No Bar

Ilaichi Salwar Suits -

  • Don’t let the pale canvas of Ilaichi draw you into thinking that it’s for women of a certain age only.
  • Well, the elegant ladies with experience will, obviously, find this collection irresistible.
  • But, Ilaichi also has many interesting elements for women and girls of all ages, be it in form of contemporary silhouettes and modern designs or in bright colour pops.
  • The pieces are not garish or gaudy, and that is another reason younger girls, experimenting with Indian cuts will be charmed by Ilaichi.

All in all, the neutrality of this collection is an advantage, you will rarely find in any other range. Go ahead, get yourself a blissful Ilaichi!