We are most alive…

…when we are in Love!

John Updike

Love is in the air- for it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Whether you are single, married, in a relationship, or going through the “It’s Complicated” stage – it’s a day to rejoice in the powerful vibe of love.

One of the first things that most of us, fashion-savvy ladies, tend to cater to while thinking about Valentine’s Day is- The Special Outfit. Well, the look you’ve been thinking of has more to do with charming your partner on this special occasion.

So, are you planning something on the lines of Emily in Pairs or the famous Bollywood chiffon saree to make your man have a crush on you again? Well, here we are with a careful curation from our stylist to transform your day into photogenic moments.

Indianizing the Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine’s Day is no more a Western concept. You can dress up and step out to celebrate the occasion at any age, anywhere, even in culturally conservative India, where love expressions drastically differ.

The idea about keeping cultural elements in your V-Day attire stems from the contemporary face of Indian wear and its chic, elegant, and urbane adaptability. So that means an Indian saree is as perfect a dress code as an evening gown.

As far as the gifts go, you can pick what your lady loves the most – a Bohemian lehenga skirt, a modest salwar kameez, or fusion Indo-Western suit – all make perfect sense. Here, read on for some inspiring ideas on Valentine’s Day ethnic looks – use them to dress up well, or pick a gift for your Valentine.

Ethnic Outfits & Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

1. The Colour Code

Pink and red are the undisputed Valentine’s Day palettes, and there’s absolutely no reason to miss out on these gorgeous colors on a day made for celebrating Love! Take on an adorable vibe with graceful silhouettes in these V-day hues. An evening gown resembling an Anarkali suit bejeweled for elegance can be a stunning pick for the day- especially if you’re planning an upscale get-together or a quiet, candle-light dinner. Pink and red outfits like plain chiffon sarees and Anarkali Kurtis are also a safe bet for a V-day gift.

2. The Elegance Factor

Indian-wear, by default, is quite elaborate. And that’s not what you may seek for a day that brings visions of sleek, swish, and glamorous dressing. But well, the best part about ethnic wear is that it is easily adaptable- a flowing satin saree is as in sync with V-day as a satin evening gown. Stick to simple details- plain and ombre saree in exotic fabrics and floor-length suits with similar detailing are some styles to adopt.

If you’re out to celebrate at the dusk hour, your saree color choices could be conveniently biased to darker, sensuous hues like midnight blue, deep purple, and wine- with, of course, the most dazzling pair of earrings to shine out on a memorable evening.

3. A Floral Vibe

What exclaims LOVE better than flowers on a day dedicated to romantic feels. Whether you are a patron of evergreen classics or a fusion-inclined trendsetter, your wardrobe elements shouldn’t miss out on mesmerizing and versatile blooms. Get yourself or your loved one some beautiful surprises for this occasion with floral sarees, Kurtis, suits, or even statement dhoti suits with artistic floral details.

4. Trendsetter Dreams

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

      – Coco Chanel

So, hey- fashionista, you can conveniently keep away those pretty pinks and ravishing reds and take off on a tangent palette to stand apart. Although Valentine’s Day dress codes have been consistent for decades, breaking free with a breather style like- a blue spunky jacket palazzo suit can work well in your favor!

5. The Black Staple

No matter what occasion, it is hard to stay away from the passionate, dark embrace of the amazingly flattering, dignified, and graceful hue- black and the enigmatic feel of deeper tones of blue. The only mantra to follow while choosing black or dark blue for a V-Day wardrobe is- to keep it swish. If you intend to wear a black saree, choose one that’s plain or minimal with its details. A palazzo suit crafted with glamorous details like strappy sleeves and sequin accents gets a thumbs-up for all sorts of celebrations around this theme.

6. Traditional Tales

Keeping away the West-inspired vibe, you can give a traditional twist to the day with timeless attire. A red saree is one of the most glorious options to put ahead a drool-worthy look. Whether it’s a massive social meet or a candid outing with your partner, a red saree can fetch you the overdose of compliments that you’ve been secretly wishing.

Indian weaves are evergreen, and they agree with most women’s likes. Above all, getting a treasured handloom saree is a beautiful way of telling your lady that she’s precious! Take your pick from handloom Banarasi saris, Kanchipuram sarees, or the more pocket-friendly blended versions with zari and woven splendor.

Dress up in gorgeous outfits; celebrate yourself – and your companionship – and look beautiful- the special day is all about happiness. There are a hundred different ways in which you can make your Valentine’s Day extra charming. I hope our list of romantic and colorful Indian attires and gifts motivates you rightfully.

And, well, we may have enlisted seven ensembles – but that’s not all. There’s a whole wow world of ethnic wear waiting for you at Saree.com – outfits that will add sparkle and splendor to your V Day dressing or ones that make for perfect Valentine gifts. Go ahead!