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Five Sarees To Rock The Wedding Season [Infographic]

Saree Designs for Wedding

Who wouldn’t want to look her best, especially at an occasion full of grandeur, as a nuptial party! The moment you step into any Indian wedding, a flash of ostentation will greet you and there your attire has to be in tune with the occasion! It’s both, a delight and a pain at times to keep up with such dress codes. That explains those extended shopping hours at the mall and all-day internet-browsing, trying to get the best outfits for the line-up for functions. The Indian saree can be your best wardrobe during such times.

Amongst endless choices in the wedding-wear segment, the sarees have always topped the list. A traditional staple and a style statement, the six-yard ensemble has equal liking from the young and the old, the conservative and fashion-innovators.

5 Types of Saree Designs:

1. Pre-stitched sarees

You can strut effortlessly, hustle at ease, not learn how to drape a saree and yet step out wearing the evergreen ethnic outfit like a pro! Readymade or pre-stitched sarees are amazing adaptations. They bring down the elaborateness of sarees to neatly stitched pleats and pallu. You can be ready within minutes and add more scores to your look for it’s easier to walk around in these contemporary drapes. So pick your favorite stilettos and pack a pre-draped designer saree for you’re the next destination wedding!

2. Lehenga saree

Appealing blends are always in demand when you want to impress a larger audience. Lehenga sarees are a graceful fusion of the lehenga flare and the saree pallu. You can dance your heart out at the baraat and socialize at ease while wearing these pleat-free silhouettes. Grand and graceful- lehenga sarees are worth an investment!

3. Ruffle Sarees

Pep-up your wedding look with some wardrobe drama! It’s time to step away from classics and experiment with flouncy details. Ruffle sarees, tiers, and frilly edges are a refreshing breather from heavy wedding sarees. The zestful vibe and glamorous appeal of such contemporary sarees makes them an irresistible pick for the party season.

If the idea of wearing a little-girl kind of flounce sounds too much for your fashion taste, then a designer ruffle blouse with a shimmer saree can work equally well. Add a few pieces of statement jewelry to be congruous with the Indian wedding dress code!

4. Plain Saree with designer blouse

Look beyond shimmering metallic weaves and crystallized ostentation; you need not always be loud for making an impact! Plain sarees paired with statement blouses can be power-dressing options for any of the wedding functions, especially the ring ceremony and reception. Minimalism is a rising trend, so take pride in flaunting these simply captivating ensembles!

5. Silk Sarees

An Indian wedding with functions so full of pomp, how could we overlook the beauty of traditional silk sarees! Every region of India has a different silk sari variant, so you will never run out of options. Kanchipuram silk sarees with heavy ornate weaves and Banarasi brocades top the list of festive favorites. If you possess one of these luxurious drapes, then it’s time to bring it out from that corner of your closet and wear for the next wedding!

If you are a traditional saree connoisseur, you can explore the zone of classics, like Patola sarees and hand-woven Paithanis. And if out-of-the-box is your kind of style, then all you need to do is- experiment! Innovate with draping styles and use add-ons like belts creatively; with enthusiasm at its peak during such occasions, some added effort is always a good idea!

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