Fuss-free hairstyles, when you wish to dance the night away…during Navratri!

Hair Style Guide for Navratri

Navratri is synonymous with the graceful folk dance of Garba, dandiya, fusion dances, and tons of foot-tapping dance tunes.

Well, whatever is your most loved dance form, Navratri and festive season sure are times to look and feel great and revel with upbeat energy!

Hair Style Guide for this Navratri

Vibrant and colorful Indian ethnic ensembles like Chaniya Choli, Lehenga Choli, Gujarati-style saree, and flowing Anarkalis are the most-loved costumes of the Navratri, Diwali, and Karwa Chauth festive time. However, when you are planning to dance, you are bound to feel hot and heavy. Plus, some of these dresses, often paired with traditional jewelry or oxidized silver Navratri jewelry, can also be very heavy. There always are chances of your hair getting tangled in your ornate cholis too.

In such a scenario, leaving your hair open is not only very inconvenient but also is not a good idea for your hair health. Dancing will make you sweaty. Add to it the mandatory dusty mess from open ground spaces; your hair is bound to turn dull, dry, and lifeless.

In such a scenario, it’s best to tie your hair in easy, hassle-free hairstyles that will also protect your locks as you dance the nights away. Scroll down for some super gorgeous Navratri hairstyle ideas–

Plaits and Braids

Youthful, trendy, and super convenient, plaits are a great way to tie and save your hair as you dance. Braids won’t weigh you down like buns, and above all, they look super chic!

Choose from classic French braid or a 3-strand plait or even the fish-tail braid. To make a difference, you can take the quirky route and opt for multiple braids creating a striking pattern on your head.


You may want to keep your neck free while you dance carelessly on the Garba ground. Buns make the perfect hairdo for such moments of revelry. The evergreen hairstyle has turned into a style statement today and makes a good base for wearing your ornate dupatta over the head. They also allow you to indulge in hair accessories and jewelry. There are many styles you can choose from high and low buns to side-swept styles, French knot bun, Swiss bun, and many more.

Pony Tails

A high ponytail can instantly uplift your festive look with a modern and youthful charm. And that is what you need when you’re getting ready for an energetic dance evening. Tip: Tie the ponytail tight to make it look bouncy for a longer time. You can also amp it up with a decorative scrunchie or a tasseled scarf!
You can even opt for a sleek-look with a fusion jacket suit and a low-tied ponytail.

Flowery Elevation

Old is gold- flowers have been a charming hair accessory since time immemorial. So go ahead and don the evergreen trend! You can decorate your hair with roses, jasmine gajras, and venis in any hairstyle, be it a braid, bun, plait, or half-open style.

Hair Jewelry

Hair jewelry is perfectly apt to go with the shimmer and glitter of Navaratri costumes. You can take your dressy picks from hair chains, matha-pattis, traditional bodlas, colorful pins, faux flowers, and maang teeka to decorate your hair and enhance your hairstyles, as you dance to the tunes of Garba. You can also go simple with your outfit, like a plain cotton lehenga choli, and make hair jewelry the highlight!

Classical Dance Look Inspiration

Indian classical dances like Kathak and Bharatnatyam are great inspirations if you feel lost as to how to tie your hair up for a dance evening. Have a look, and learn some great hairstyles that are traditional as well as convenient.

Stand out with a difference, the Navratri festival is an occasion of joy and a runway for flaunting your ethnic best!

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