Get Stylishly Colorful Dresses for Holi and Dhuleti Bash

Get Stylishly Colourful For Your Holi and Dhuleti Bash

“Bura Na Maano Holi Hai”- indeed, Holi is a celebration we all love! The idea of playing with colors always fascinates me- in fact- it brings out my ‘happy kid’ version! Wait- did you just recollect a beautiful memory? Hold on to the enthusiasm- it’s time to live the festive moment again!

Thanks to subsided pandemic waves, for now, Holi 2022 is much-needed time to reconnect with people and well happier selves. I still feel fascinated with the idea of playing with colors (organic ones), shaking a leg at rain dance parties, and enjoying the spirit of water balloon fights.

On a cultural note, Holi carries a higher significance. For those new to the Indian culture, the Holi bonfire ritual stems from Indian mythology. It symbolizes the victory of good over evil and of the undying faith of Prince Prahlad- who survived fatal flames of the fire ignited by Holika.

Apart from India, the festival of Holi also witnesses zeal in Nepal, the Philippines, and Pakistan. Above all, with a rising number of cross-country immigrants and cultural diffusion, it is now a global celebration!

Holika Dahan- The Bonfire Evening

The two-day fest begins with Holika Dahan, a culturally significant bonfire created with an earthen pot in the center of wooden logs. According to folklore, the earthen pot that symbolizes Prince Prahlad stays intact in the end when everything else burns down to ashes.

Devotees follow the pious ritual of encircling the bonfire with the underlying desire of getting over the negativities in their lives. The festival has always been a socially augmented occasion. The trend of posting visuals has turned it into a grand affair!

Photogenic Indian wear has seen a massive rise for digital celebrations of Indian festivals, including Holi. So as the celebration comes near, it’s time to get going and choose your Holi outfit carefully- and stand bright against the glowing fire!

What to wear for a Holi party?

The after-dusk bonfire ritual is the hour for bright colors. You can indulge in traditional styles in vibrant palettes like rani pink, orange, mustard, bottle green, and royal blue. Rainbow hues will complement the mood of the occasion well.

Less elaborate silhouettes in lighter and flame-resistant fabrics should be details to live by. If you’re planning to wear a cotton or georgette saree, pinning up the pallu would be better to engage in religious chores seamlessly. It is better to avoid heavy and synthetic fabrics since they are highly flammable and can make you sweat easily.

The idea of fusion-wear sounds delightful to me- especially for an outdoor social event like the Holika Dahan. A printed skirt-crop top set or a comfort-benefit Anarkali Kurti can work equally well for the evening. You can use a printed stole or scarf instead of those regular-style long dupattas.

If your wardrobe inclinations are for salwar suits– light Anarkali suits and palazzo variants fit well as festive attire. Choose outfits with minimal embroideries yet dressy enough to sync with the festive vibe- a printed salwar suit sounds best!

Having a hint of golden shimmers on your outfit gets a thumbs-up for the glowing evening. Plain sarees with sequin or zari borders and Kurtis with jeweled necklines are some other choices to check out.

Dhuleti: A Glamorous Mess!

It’s the day most of us eagerly await each year! Dhuleti is the second day of the festival- a colorful, drenched celebration. Rain dance parties with a Holi-special Bollywood playlist are a raging trend globally!

What to wear for a Dhuleti party?

Your Dhuleti outfit is bound to get messy- but- the thrill of putting up the best pictures on your social media makes it worth investing in pretty attire for the day! Whether you’ve planned an over-the-top silver and black kind of color-play or a subtle version with eco-friendly, organic colors- getting dressed-up well is the norm of the day.

You can stick to the evergreen code by wearing a white Kurti, white/cream palazzo suit, or a sizzling choice- a plain white saree! Given the short life of your outfit following color stains, we would suggest choosing low-budget Indian wear, like sarees below 3000 INR.

Your Dhuleti celebration could be a quiet get-together with family and a few friends. It could also be a formally hosted bash complete with lively decoration, high bass music, and artificial rain. While sticking to the white code of white may seem tempting- a pastel sari with elegant tones of pink, yellow, peach, green, or blue would make a pretty deviation.

Opting for festive camouflage with multi-colored Kurtis or rainbow sarees in chiffon and georgette is also a good idea. Light-weight and quick-drying fabrics will ensure that you do not catch a cold!

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of discarding your outfit after wearing it only once, then stick to darker tones like a dark brown or black Anarkali. A darker base might accommodate the splash of colors, keeping your outfit wearable after the Dhuleti bash.

No matter how drenched and messed up the occasion, looking presentable is a must when you’re in a social gathering. Stay high on style, for a real diva knows how to keep it glamorous anytime, anywhere!

Enjoy a Happy and Safe Holi!

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