We all love celebrations, don’t we? Festivals are the time when you tend to leave your work and worries aside and immerse yourself in an ambience of merriment and joy. Apart from catching up with family and friends, reliving old memories and enjoying cultural rituals- indulging in delicacies forms an essential ingredient of Indian festivities. Coupled with the loud beats of music and elevated movements- the down side of these good times is that they can take toll on your skin and worse- even on your health!

The nine-night’s festival of Navratri is almost here and Indians worldwide will be making the most of these happening days, spending most of their time dancing their heart out to folk songs. Heavy lehenga cholis, mirror work sarees, red bordered silk sarees, kediyas, chunky jewellery and dance props- people’s attire for these days is as effervescent as the occasion itself! The fest also involves a lot of cultural rituals like Durga Puja, fasting and an array of sweets distributed in the form of ‘prasad’. While all this may sound exciting, you need to take good care to stay in high spirits from day one to Dussehra, because looking and feeling good is always a priority, isn’t it? With these easy steps, you can maintain the gorgeous glow of your skin and keep your energy levels throughout the overwhelming influence of such jubilant days:

Skin care and health care tips for Navratri & other festivals

  • Keep yourself hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated

Dancing and sweating- plummeting water levels can be nightmare! Less water in your body can show up in the form of dark circles and dull skin in just 2-3 days while having even more severe effects on your health. I assume you wouldn’t want to feel dizzy while twirling on the ground, so you ought to be taking in more than your regular intake of water. If you feel weak, then you must also consume lemon juice with salt and sugar twice a day.

  • Choose the right garments

Pink Art Silk Lehenga Choli

The details of your attire have a considerable impact on your skin, mood and indirectly on your health too! There’s no point in getting decked up in a heavy silk lehenga choli or draping a thick gota patti saree if your skin does not permit that. So take it easy on your wardrobe and create your festive looks with comfort at the core. A printed cotton lehenga choli is better than a heavily ornamented velvet lehenga choli when seen through the lens of comfort fashion.

For the Durga Puja, choose light weight and flattering fabrics like a red and white georgette saree or a soft art silk saree that is easy to pleat.

  • Your special Navratri diet

Navratri Special Diet

When I say diet, I don’t really mean that you control your cravings totally! But yes, high amounts of sugar intake can drastically lower down your energy levels. Stay away from soporific foods like sweets, fast food and processed dairy products as far as possible. Also, while raising a toast to old memories with your favourite brand of wine may sound fun, that should be avoided too if you want to enjoy your festivities in good health!

If you’re planning to perform a dance during the late hours of the evening or night, then you must have your supper before sunset and avoid having anything else thereafter.

  • Catch up on sleep!

Orange Linen Cotton Kurti

Got back home- tired and yet did you just pick up your phone? A heavy head and puffy eyes and needless to narrate the other hazards of less sleep- cutting down on slumber is a big ‘NO’.  It is better to bid your friends goodbye an hour earlier to be able to wake up feeling fresh the next day but if staying up late can’t be avoided, then it’s better that you complete atleast 6 hours of sleep before stepping out for office next morning!

  • Nourish your skin

Nourish your Skin

All those savories, heavy HD make-up and if you’re celebrating the fest on an open ground then the layer of dust added- that’s too much for your glowing skin and pretty face! Before going to bed, meticulously remove all the make-up and cleanse your face with a mild face wash. If you’re not too keen on salon treatments, then these simple home remedies will keep your skin looking fresh throughout-

  1. Before applying make-up, put a thin layer of anti-bacterial cream to prevent skin break-outs, rashes and pimples.
  2. For removing make-up, use ghee or milk instead of using a make-up remover. This will keep your skin supple.
  3. Mix 1 spoon of orange juice with 2 spoons of wheat flour. Add water or curd if required. Apply the paste on your face and wash off after 10 minutes. This citrus pack will magically rejuvenate your skin!

Little steps- big results- that’s how it goes with skin and health care! By putting in a little effort you can enjoy your special days to the fullest and make better memories to cherish forever!