She is your friend, philosopher and guide. She is the one who taught you all about life. She gave up her own friends and fun, when you came in her life. When she is around, you can truly relax. She loves you to bits, and she is the only one, who will do anything for you… She is your mom! She deserves extra-special treatment – each day and every day. But, the busy life hardly lets you do that. Probably, you even live away from her! Well then, Mother’s Day is your chance to lavish extra attention and love on your momma dearest. Tell her how much you love her. She is the one who usually showers you with generous gifts. On Mother’s Day, give your mommy a wonderful gift, she will cherish. Gift your mom a precious, beautiful and stylish Saree… Okay, you may never have bought a saree before, or may not know what exactly your mum will like. But, you can still make a smart buy from’s top picks for Mother’s Day 2019, with these easy-to-follow tips –

Hurry, 12th May is just around the corner – if you already didn’t know, it is Mother’s Day this year!


Grey Net Saree with Resham Embroidery

Go back in time. Look at old pictures from parties and weddings. Think and ponder. You may have not noticed, but you will find a pattern – in the way your mom likes her sarees to be. Does she wear plain sarees often? Did her saris have ornate borders? Does she love floral prints? Re-discover her saree style!

Smooth Talk

Cream and Black Art Silk Printed Saree

If you still can’t understand what your mum will like in saris, talk to her – but, indirectly. You don’t want to spoil the surprise! Spin a story or ask for saree advice – for yourself or a friend. Ask her questions, as to what looks great and what doesn’t. She will happily oblige, and you will get to know her personal choice.

Raid the Wardrobe

Beige Silk Plain Saree with Designer Blouse

If you can (and live in the same city), raid your mommy’s wardrobe, when she isn’t home. See for yourself, what she tends to wear, in terms of saris. If she has a big collection, shortlist colours, fabrics, styles, weaves that appear the most. If nothing else, you will be able to zero on the saris and colours she doesn’t have. Who knows you yourself may be hooked to sarees, in the process!

Personal Choices

Pink Banarasi Silk Traditional Zari Woven Saree with Embroidery

If all else fails, refer to your mum’s personal style and choices checklist. Her favourite colour? Fabric she loves? Does she love silks? Silk Sarees make for excellent gifts. Kind of body type she has? Tall or dainty? From which part of India (or even world!) does she belong? Gift a saree in her region’s special weave or embroidery, like a Patola saree, Bandhani or Banarasi saree. A thorough run through such questions will surely give you clues.

Invest in Classics

Black and Red Silk Woven Half and Half Saree

Women of a certain age and experience tend to favour classic styles and fabrics. Even fashion forward women love classics – as they never go out of style. Traditional styles, colours, fabrics and patterns can be worn for years to come, and can be fashioned in endless ways – for various occasions. Thus, instead of gifting a chic or trendier half or net saree, choose a more conventional, tried and tested sari type like Silk Sarees, handloom sarees, Pochampally or Sambhalpuri Ikats etc. for your mom. They may be more expensive, but they will wear well! With at your beck and call, it’s not even difficult to source these sarees.

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Great Quality

Beige Banarasi Silk Saree with Double Blouse

Choose a sari in good quality fabric, zari and embellishments – as just like your love, they too will stand the test of the time. Anything that’s low quality will not look great or wear well. Obviously, your mum will feel bad, if your loving gift doesn’t last long. And, neither will you! Buy from a trusted platform, especially if you are buying Online.

Go Online

Purple Two Toned Silk Saree with Floral Weaving

You don’t have to scout shops after shops for your Mother’s Day gift. These days, it’s quite easy to buy sarees online. Log on to a trusted saree e-retailer like, and browse hundreds of sarees in latest designs, classic weaves and designer catalogues. You will get to know all about fabrics, embroideries, weaves, colors and more from accompanying descriptions and life-like photographs. And, if you still feel unsure, you can speak to their customer care agents.

Stick to Silks

Beige Silk Designer Saree with Zari Woven Floral Jaal

Nothing is more elite or elegant than the gentle swish of pretty silks. Nature’s most spectacular fabric is easy to wear and maintain too. Plus, these days, there are so many variations and designs to choose from. This classic never goes out of fashion, and your mum will love it! You can choose from rare, expensive Patolas to Banarasis and Kanchipuram sarees. You may also pick simpler, lighter silks with zari borders or cotton-silk blends like Kota Silk and South Silk that are great for summers too. Not enough budget for an expensive pure silk saree? Well, these days blended fabrics like SiCo – Cotton Silk or even satin silk – and low priced silk variants like Art Silk and Poly Silk are equally enamoring, flattering and long lasting.

Flattering fabric

Maroon and Navy Blue Banarasi Silk Patola Print Woven Saree

While buying a saree for your mom, always keep in mind to choose a fabric that’s easy to drape as well as maintain. Fabrics with high thread count wear well. Plus, sarees that are fluid and have a good fall – i.e. are easier to pleat and are more pliable – are the ones, which suit women of all ages and body types. Something that’s cumbersome or too flouncy, fancy or stiff to carry is likely to remain in your mum’s wardrobe, despite her love for you!

Keep all these things in mind, and we are sure, you will be able to pick and buy the best saree for your momma – something that she will wear and treasure for years and years. Happy Shopping! And, just in case, you can’t seem to make up your mind on a saree as a Mother’s Day gift, you can also browse for umpteen varieties of Salwar kameez Collection, Designer Suits and more for your mother and yourself.