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How to choose the best saree for your mom – for Mother’s Day?

sarees for mother

She is your friend, philosopher, guide, and an irreplaceable part of your life! Your Mom is your world, a person who never fails to make you smile! When she is around, you can truly relax. She loves you to bits, unconditionally!

After such unparalleled affection, care, and concern, your dearest lady surely deserves extra-special treatment. Mother’s Day is your chance to lavish attention and love on your momma dearest to show how much you love her.

When it comes to expressing love, a thoughtful gift can always work wonders. And while you’re choosing your Mother’s Day gift, we’d suggest putting a beautiful saree as a part of your hamper. After all, the six-yard ensemble is as eternal as mother’s love!

The special day is almost here, and before you run out of time and gift options, we’ve put together a beautiful curation of sarees with tips and suggestions guiding you to the perfect drape for your Mom.

Take a Rewind

Going back in time and looking at old photographs can give you a head start. You may find a pattern – in the way your mom likes her sarees to be. Does she prefer wearing plain sarees? or ones that have ornate borders? Does she love floral prints? Re-discover her saree style!

Smooth Talk

You wouldn’t want to spill the surprise element by putting forth a direct question about your mother’s saree choices. But asking random questions like- are georgette sarees better than silk sarees can give you some insights. Spin creative stories to get maximum inputs! Getting to know her current favorite palettes and prints will also help you out.

Raid the Wardrobe

You may have done this several times before! The excitement of raiding your Mom’s closet and peeking into her treasure is always exciting, but well, this time, it can get you much-needed inputs on buying the best saree as a Mother’s Day treat. If your mother has always been a saree patron, you’ll most probably find an organza saree too!

Play Safe with Classics

Evergreen drapes like a golden silk saree with zari borders, a soft pink Lucknowi embroidered saree, and a red and green Bandhani saree are safe bets while finalizing your Mom’s gift hamper. Classics are sustainable and quite versatile, best suited for all moms- whether she is conservative with her wardrobe or open to trends.

You can also buy a luxurious pure silk or handloom saree through video shopping. 

Quality Matters

Choose a sari in good quality fabric, zari, and embellishments – as just like your love, they too will stand the test of time. Buy from a trusted platform, especially if you are buying Online.

An Online Splurge

You don’t have to scout shops after shops for your Mother’s Day gift. These days, it’s easy to buy sarees online. Log on to a trusted saree e-retailer like, and browse hundreds of sarees in the latest designs, classic weaves, and designer catalogs. You will get to know all about fabrics, embroideries, weaves, colors, and more from accompanying descriptions and life-like photographs. And, if you still feel unsure, you can speak to their customer care agents.

Choosing Eternal Silks

Nothing is more elite or elegant than the gentle swish of pretty silks. Nature’s most spectacular fabric is easy to wear and maintain too. Plus, these days, there are so many variations and designs for you to choose from and procure. This classic never goes out of fashion, and your mum will love it!

You can choose from rare, expensive Patolas to Banarasis and Kanchipuram sarees. You may also pick simpler, lighter silks with zari borders or cotton-silk blends like Kota Silk and South Silk that are great for summers too. Pure silks are always better than synthetic or art silk saree variants. But if you’re on a fixed budget, you can buy a good quality art silk saree below 3000 INR.

The Color Palette

Mint green or rosy blue? Lemon yellow or rust orange? Unless you know your mother’s color choice perfectly well, we’d suggest omitting such particular and peculiar palettes. If the question about the best saree color for your mother has been baffling you, sticking to basic or neutral color palettes is the best option. A beige silk saree, maroon georgette saree, black chiffon saree, or red Banarasi silk saree with brocade borders- stick to tried-and-tested colors!

Keep all these things in mind, and we are sure you will be able to pick and buy the best saree for your momma – something that she will wear and treasure for years ahead. Happy Shopping! And, just in case you can’t seem to make up your mind on a saree as a Mother’s Day gift, you can also browse for umpteen varieties of Salwar kameez Collection, Designer Suits, and more for your mother and yourself.

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