Indian party wear, as would be anticipated, is exceptionally colorful and glamorous. Indians are famous for adding vibrancy and glamor to every aspect of their life and is best represented in their attire choices. The most attention-grabbing, modern party wear dresses for women is a mixture of elegance of western fashion and the ornate splendor of traditional Indian clothing. This results in marvelous outfit choices for women as well as men. However, even the most dazzling outfits regardless of whether they are western, Indian or indo-western, need the precise kind of styling. You have to keep in mind the occasion, the ensemble as well as the personal aesthetics. The right type of shoes, handbags and accessories is very important for enhancing an Indian party dress. is one of the website that displays an amazing collection of Indian wear.

Accessories and Jewelry


Jewelry is an element that can make or break an outfit. It is very essential to get the balance right or you will be either over or under dressed. Fashionable Indian party dresses which have a modern twist in designs or silhouettes, should be combined with a single piece of jewelry to make the whole outfit appealing. You can go with a classic pair of chandelier earrings, a diamond pendant or diamond studded bangle or bracelet. If you looking for something more unique you can experiment with a diamond stud nose ring or some head gear. The jewelry should be in sync with the fabric and design. If you are going to a formal and/or festive parties, I would suggest you to wear heavier sets comprising of multiple jewelry pieces.



We spend most of our walking time in shoes. Through shoes we can learn a lot about our culture, our history, and ourselves. Take care to match the right shoes with your dress. This is important for men as well as women. If you are opting for an ornate dresses embellished with detailed Indian embroidery and ethnic motifs, it would be best to wear high end Indian footwear such as leather embroidered sandals, jutis, Kolhapuri chappals or colorful mojaris. If you are planning to wear outfits like sarees or lehenga, you should choose to wear high heels as it helps in getting the right fall and drape for the outfit. It is not essential to match dress color with the shoes. You can choose to wear shoes in neutral shades, nude colors or metallic shades matching the color of your accessories.



The final touch to any party look is the handbag. This also assists as a utilitarian purpose as the selected handbag chosen becomes a suitable place to store necessary items like phone, cash, credit cards, keys and a little bit of make-up. You can find a lot of stunning types of Indian clutches and potlis. It is best to pick a smaller sized clutch or handbag with embellishment or embroidery to go with Indian party wear attire.

Ultimately, the aim is not to follow fashion rules but to create a look that highlights the exquisiteness of the dress and the person wearing it.