Indian actress Ileana D’cruz recently did a colorful and cute photo-shoot for Pernia’s Popup Shop, and the results have been spectacular – to say the least. Dressed up in truly beautiful bridal lehengas and trendy and colorful wedding lehengas, Ileana shone, modeling as the new-age bride, clearly enjoying her own wedding – eating, dancing, slaying and giving-two-hoots about what the world believes as right!


Needless to say that the lovely actress shone through the radiant photographs, but what caught the attention of all and sundry was the awesome theme of the shoot. And, how well Ileana managed to fit into the shoes of the badass, modern bride – with I-care-a-damn attitude! Here she is being the true-blue band-baaja bride – and how we are smitten by the contagious candour!


The candid pictures of Ileana, clearly having loads of fun, as she posed as this new-age, devil-may-care attitude wala bride have hit the headlines for all the oomph, positivity and awesomeness they radiate. Pernia Popup Shop – run by famous designer Pernia Qureshi – is also a modern platform, and this photo-shoot was meant to give voice to the online portal’s ideology – of being relaxed, stress-free, lively – and not being weighed-down by tradition and conservative norms.

In this image, Ileana wears a crop blouse and lehenga set – embroidered completely, which shows that as an Indian bride she loves her culture and fashion. But, her mannerism – child-lie, innocent and fare from the usual coyness we associate with Indian brides – are simply heart-warming. Another thing – she is not wearing a plenty of jewelry – like our brides have to. Clearly another way to be light and frothy – on your D-day!


Popular content platform Buzzfeed also did a similar story that carried direct quotes from Pernia’s Popup Shop’s shoot spokesperson Sanya Jain. And, all of her thoughts clearly convey how the mindset of the modern Indian women and girls is experiencing a radical shift – and going by the looks of this gorgeous image – is for the good. As Ms. Jain puts it – “Why should one not eat to her heart’s content or be spontaneous on her wedding?” Well, we agree and affirm that – a bride should surely be relaxed and have all the fun- she can on her wedding.

Wearing a saree doesn’t mean, you have to behave a certain way! We at also agree whole-heartedly with the lovely sentiment behind this photo-shoot. It should inspire women and their families to not take obsolete norms so seriously. Focus should be on people, comfort, bonding, love and bonhomie – rather than keeping up false appearances!


And, yes, there is no reason that one should conform to tradition and set norms. You can go all out, and take rules by their collars. Well, as far as you don’t offend people and their sensibilities – what’s the harm!

We love the mirror-work blouse with a simple white lehenga – Ileana sports in this beautiful, green-popped image!

And, of course, we heart the smart philosophy behind this initiative… Wearing Indian outfits – be it wedding sarees or demure salwar suits – is a sartorial choice, and must not force you to wear masks, and become a person – you are not! Not even on your wedding – in fact, on this day, let the one who matters see your ‘real’ side, which may be fun, quirky, crazy, or even somber – you really don’t have to over-act to fit a ‘certain’ image – not even like the one that’s supposedly chic and in-fashion.

Just follow your personal style… Be bold, be real!

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