Indian wedding sangeet nowadays is no longer only about ritual traditions and are characterized by high oomph and fascination. It is one of the most awaited occasions by all the family members and guests. It has become so popular that a wedding is incomplete without a Sangeet Ceremony. Let’s take a journey to the past and present scenarios of this enthralling occasion.

The gaana-bajaana ritual and banna-banni songs

If we look at the past, sangeet was only celebrated by ladies and it was specially named as ‘Ladies Sangeet’. The men folk were not allowed to the program. Ladies from home, other relatives and neighborhood aunties sang suhaag, a traditional folk song accompanied by the Dholak and spoon. They also cracked some ‘jokes’ about the sasural of the bride and also blessed her. The function took place mostly at home or at a big hall decorated beautifully. In the same way, the women at the groom’s house also sang songs called ‘ghoriya’. To add the excitement to the occasion, the unmarried girls performed dance on some old golden hits. Many families involved traditional dance, such as Garba in ethnic Gujarati wear and bhangra to make the event more live.

Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment!

Today the whole concept and trend of Indian wedding sangeet has changed and it is celebrated on an elaborate scale and it’s a very grand affair. Families of bride and groom come together at the event and celebrate this occasion with several fun filled rituals and frothy moments. The function is arranged at exotic venues like farm houses and 5 star hotels.

Extravagant though it may sound, but today’s sangeets have peppy dance performances on the boombaat bollywood numbers. Professional anchors, Djs and choreographers are hired to make the event creative and unique. Also the modern day Sangeet involves the Skit, a showcase of a short documentary showing the journey of the bride from childhood to an adult, some parodies prepared by family members, etc. Bollywood themes, Retro nights, Qawalli, etc. are the themes that are selected to make the event more enthralling. The bride and groom are special guests of the event and there is also some naughtiness and chhed chad too! They both are dressed according to the theme and also perform a couple dance.

The change is not just limited to venue selection or dancing. The costumes are also a big highlight of the whole function. They are designed as per the theme of the Sangeet. The entire ceremony literally unfolds like a page 3 party. Today it’s all about showing off in a lavish setting where all the family members, relatives and guests would gather. We hope that you must have, by now garnered how besides the custom, the sangeet night bounds to be an electrifying evening!