Kasavu – for the uninitiated – is a gold and cream pattu saree from Southern India, typically Kerala. This saree is a take from traditional Mundum Neriyathum – a saree type that was supposed to be draped on only the lower part of the body.

The beautiful gold and cream saree and combination is extremely popular as well as graceful, and is worn by many South Indian brides. It is also a popular wedding saree, and is worn by many females, during functions, wedding ceremonies and festivities like Onam. Recently this saree and color combination has become very famous and much coveted.

Talented actress Tabu took this Kasavu love a step further, when she along with other super popular (yesteryears’) actresses from the South Indian film industry. While the amazing actresses, draped in similar gold and cream silk sarees, looked statuesque, the whole aura looked straight out of a temple.

Here, look at this lovely line-up of elegant beauties –

wedding ceremony
Image Courtesy – buzzfeed.com

Each looking better than the other! And, surely giving us major Saree goals…

Image Courtesy - buzzfeed.com
Image Courtesy – buzzfeed.com

GEORGETTE saree - saree.com

Doesn’t this remind you of Bridesmaids Sarees? How lovely would all the bridesmaids look, if they were to dress up in these similar Kasavu silk sarees!

Aisha movie
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It also reminds us of Sonam Kapoor and clan, as they sashayed on ‘Gal mithhi mithhi bol…’ in the film Aisha!
Incidentally, Kasavu also seems to be a favorite of other Bollywood divas –

Aishwarya Rai and Jaya Bachchan share the Kasavu love….

Aish and Jaya in Kasavu
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Deepika in love with Kasavu in film Chennai Express

DEeepika in Kasavu
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Remember a very cute Preity Zinta looking lush in this Kasavu inspired Lehenga Choli, she wears in her first film

preity zinta
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