Feeling hot hot hot! We are halfway through the scorching summer and the mercury levels seem to be in no mood to subside. Moving around with a frowning sweaty face may have just become a routine and for days like these, fashion would be like a far-fetched thing. Many of you might be just repeating your favorite summer white kurta, that relaxing cotton palazzo suit or your easy breezy printed sari. But let not the heat deter your spirits, you’re an all-season diva after all! You need to hold on to your style game with the right summer wear and that is where we step in.

Let’s counter the sweltering summer with the coolest color on the spectrum- soothing icy shades of blue!

Why is blue apt for summers?

Shorter the wavelength- stronger the heat resistance! Scientifically blue, which falls on the lower side of the spectrum, does not absorb heat easily. Another reason for blue being an apt summer hue is its soothing semantics. Blue tends to spark a feeling of calmness and is therefore considered to be beneficial for the mind and body. Aren’t these enough reasons to face the sun wearing a blue sari, or a printed blue kurti or any of your favourite outfit styles- flooded with this exceptionally cooling hue?

An ocean of colours

When we say blue, we refer to an amazingly vast palette- we all deserve variety after all. With shades from light to dark- lively to mysterious- elegant to effervescent- blue is abundant! So are you ready to explore the world of icy cool hues?

We bet you’ll fall in love with these refreshing blue outfits- get scrolling down!

Colours of the sea

Aqua Blue Cotton Double Layer Kurti

Thinking about a relaxing holiday by the beach? Given the scorching heat, Vitamin Sea may sound like the best therapy but for some quick weather-fix, you can treat yourself to an aqua blue tunic or a sea blue georgette saree. Play low key with your accessories- put on a pair of white tassel earrings or a pearl necklace. The energising vibe of aqua shades will take you through the day with full energy!

Pastel prettiness 

Turquoise Green Net Resham Embroidered Designer Anarkali Suit

Pastels are the saviours of the season! Pastel blues with tones ranging from light to medium are for the ones who prefer sophistication and understated glamour. Looking for something to wear for a formal lunch party? Pick a plain floor length pastel blue anarkali suit or a gown, add a pair of pearl studs and you’re good to go!

Sky Bright

Sky Blue Silk Saree with Weaving

Shades of the summer sky will not only make you look bright but also keep you invigorated throughout the day. Well that’s exactly what you need when the sun tends to over shine so mercilessly! A plain sky blue cotton palazzo suit or a sky blue printed saree with summer-friendly fabrics are some versatile outfits and absolute summer-staples.

Pale & Sophisticated

Powder Blue Silk Lehenga Choli with Zari Embroidery

Are you a Disney fan? Then this icy blue shade will surely get your heart beat rising! Most of the Disney princesses are shown wearing powder blue evening gowns– a look that lot of Indian brides too have been emulating these days. Typically an ‘English colour’, powder blue looks classy in spite of its pale undertones.

A touch of Grey

Steel Blue and Prussian Blue Tussar Silk Saree with Digital Print

Adding a neutral touch to the cool vibes of blue- steel blue is a shade that you can carry throughout the day. Its versatility is condemnable; you can wear a steel blue cotton palazzo suit for office and a steel blue satin gown for an evening ball. This colour beautifully balances the assertiveness and subtlety of feminism- making it apt for all personality types.

The Dusky Sky

Blue Muslin Cotton Drape Style Kurti

The sky after sunset is a delight! It brings along a cool breeze, putting an end to heat rays for the day. Take in the calmness of the dusky sky by sporting darker tones of blue during evening hours. A dark blue contemporary tunic is a modish pick if you’re planning an evening out with your family or friends. Use lighter or contrasting coloured add-ons to style a dark blue coloured outfit- like a pearl necklace or light pink/green/orange tassel earrings.

Peacock Hues

Shilpa Shetty Dark Peacock Blue Georgette Silk Saree with Embroidered Lace

Peacocks look splendid and that’s not because of their colourful feathers- the shade of blue that they’re skin is tinted with is a beautiful one by itself! Peacock blue has since long been a popular shade for ethnic wear. Its vibrancy is one of its major attractions- the energy that you’d want to carry during festivities.

Dark and Enigmatic

Navy Blue Net Designer Saree with 3D Flowers

Navy blue and its darker version, midnight blue are colours of the night- flaunt them for an evening bash, a house party or a wedding reception. Let your mind run deep into the enigmatic vibes of these mysterious colours- opt for long flowing silhouettes like a satin floor-length suit or a contemporary silk saree. Glam up your look with diamond danglers!

A Regal Vibe

Blue Art Silk Lehenga Choli with Zari Embroidery

An all-time favourite of the elite; royal blue is one of the most opulent festive colours. If you’re attending a summer wedding then a royal blue lehenga choli with metallic shimmers would be a good choice! You can also wear this shade for pious occasions- like a royal blue silk saree with golden zari weaves. As the Indian attire norms dictate- don’t forget to add lots of gold jewellery!

Hint of Green

Teal Blue Chiffon Saree with Embroidery

Teal is yet another trending colour of the season. This is one delightful shade that goes equally well with traditional and contemporary wear. It also complements most of the Indian skin tones- so go ahead and flaunt this colour with confidence!

So aren’t these icy shades really cool for the ongoing summer? Pick your favourites; you need not step out into the sun to get your summer dresses, these days you can easily compare shades while shopping online. As you play right with colours while choosing your summer wardrobe, keep the silhouette and the fabric too in mind. Also, go easy on accessories, keep them minimal and chic.

We hope you have a soothing and voguish summer season ahead!