Stocking-up on wardrobe basics is always a smart move, especially when it involves an array of elegant-looking sarees. Whether plain, ombre, printed or just edged with a lace- you can never go wrong with this evergreen Indian outfit. Yet there are occasions when you need to put up some grandiosity, maybe out of desire or for following social norms. Well, this call for impact doesn’t necessarily demand a new wardrobe! Switching over to an exquisite designer blouse can work as a quick-fix for enhancing your saree look.

Sarees that you can style both ways

Grey and Peach Taffeta Silk Designer Lehenga Saree with 3D Ribbon Flowers

The Indian ethnic wear segment is abundant with affluent and ostentatious drapes. Silk sarees reflecting the Indian cultural heritage, luxurious hand-embroidered and hand-woven sarees carry a timeless charm.  We won’t negate the significance of luxurious weaves and intricate aesthetics for they are priceless possessions! But with changing lifestyles, a growing chunk of women has shifted towards simpler ensembles with sartorial elegance. Plain saris with statement blouses are one of those delicately balanced outfits which you can impeccably style both ways like a pro!

Experiments with your sari blouse

Peach Lycra Fancy Saree with Designer Embroidered Blouse

Simpler the saree, the more you can experiment with it. The Indian sari is an ensemble that allows you to explore your styling skills to the fullest. These days, as Indian fashion marries more and more trends from the Western culture, styling saris has become an interesting game. You can drape it practically in any way and work around with different types of tops as saree blouses.

Grey Lycra Fancy Saree with Sequinsed Blouse

You can practically use any top as a saree blouse- a shirt, a ruffle-sleeved crop top, a street-shopped Bohemian blouse, or even a plain T-shirt! These mix-and-match ensembles look extremely chic when you are out with your girlies or socializing at an event where the ambiance is quite casual. But, for occasions where you need to look formal, dignified and glam, a sophisticated saree with a custom-made designer blouse is all you need for a fluently stylish appeal.

Buying sarees with ready-made designer blouses spares you the effort of conducting lengthy wardrobe experiments for the right sari and blouse match. These gorgeous party-sarees come with custom-made designer blouses to give you lasting moments of admiration. Scroll down for some fabulous options:

Pastel Peach Lycra Satin Ruffle Saree with Designer Sequinsed Blouse
Black Silk Saree with Designer Blouse
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Off White Chiffon Saree with Designer Blouse
Black Lycra Designer Saree with Cutwork Border
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Prachi Desai Green Silk Saree with Embroidery
Magenta Plain Saree with Lace Work
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Blouses with sheers, frills, tassels, marvelous necklines, 3D appliques, flouncy sleeves and much more- we have every detail that is in trend!

Perfect accessories to go with these versatile saris

Navy Blue Georgette Saree with Designer Blouse

Your wardrobe is incomplete without complementing accessories! Choosing the right accessories largely depends on the color and detailing of the outfit. The kind of look that you want to create should also dictate your choice of add-ons. But these general guidelines will make a good head-start:

• If the design of the blouse is overwhelming play low-key with your jewelry. A pair of stone or diamond studs and a delicate bracelet would suffice.

• To give your ensemble a more conspicuous appeal pair it with one or two statement accessories.

• Avoid too many contrasting colors with your add-ons. It can ruin the charm of your designer outfit. A chaotic ensemble would be the last thing on your mind!

Prachi Desai Navy Blue Silk Saree with Zari Embroidery

Such outfits where the saree is relatively simple and the blouse is outstanding can be styled downwards with plain blouses. That’s another strong reason for possessing them. Above all, such sari ensembles tend to blend well with global fashion trends; so go ahead and flaunt them with confidence!