Must-Have Royal Silk Sarees For Indian Weddings

Wedding Silk Sarees Majestic Maharani Collection

Dressing up for an Indian wedding is quite an animated activity. These glorious events are not just an array of pious rituals; they are a platform for displaying the best of your wardrobe. And aren’t these events full of imperial vibe, with the wedding venue decorated like a palace and the couple walking in like the king and the queen! That’s the idea behind wearing stately attire that perfectly complements these joyous ceremonies. Majestic ensembles loaded with embellishments are socially accepted as ideal wedding wear.

Saree Designs:

#1. Pink and Orange Banarasi Silk Half and Half Saree with Cutwork Border

#2. Yellow Banarasi Silk Traditional Saree with Multi Colored Floral Weaving

#3. Orange and Yellow Silk Bandhej Saree with Zari Weaving

#4. Mauve Silk Floral Zari Woven Saree with Sequinsed Border

Where options are plenty, silk sarees have managed to earn a permanent spot in the wedding closet of Indian women. And in the gorgeous pool of Indian silks, Banarasi sarees are undoubtedly the most cherished possessions. Ensembles of ageless elegance, they innately emanate a regal charm that is rooted in their precise weaves and brocade details.  So if your collection is still devoid of these classic drapes, then you ought to stock up on one right away!

#5. Peach Banarasi Silk Floral Woven Saree with Tassels

#6. Pink Banarasi Silk Traditional Woven Saree with Peacock Motifs

#7. Dark Peach and Pink Silk Saree with Zari Weaving Border

#8. Dark Green Banarasi Silk Traditional Woven Saree with Peacock Motifs

This wedding season, accentuate your queenly self with these beautiful silk sarees. Click here for some fabulous designs from our Majestic Maharani collection.

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