Gemini- The Twin Zodiac Sign

Does your birthday fall between May 21st and June 21st? Then well, this post is all about you! Gemini- the third astrological sign of the zodiac is physically a unique constellation that has two parallel lines. Twin stars Castor and Pollux, which are the two brightest stars of the constellation, symbolize this zodiac sign.

Being a Gemini Woman

Parrot Green Silk Designer Gown with Resham Embroidery

Gregarious, adorable and spontaneous- Gemini women are always high on enthusiasm and energy. They believe in living every moment to the fullest. A Gemini woman knows what she wants and is very expressive. She can think on both sides of a situation, a trait that is peculiar to the twin zodiac sign. Her interests are usually varied; she likes to explore new ideas and travel to different places. Now that’s quite a fascinating collection of traits!

Choosing the right outfits for Gemini women

The eclectic personality of Gemini women deserves an equally interesting wardrobe. If you’re looking for something apt for a Gemini woman, then you’re on the right page! Based on their traits we would recommend the following styles that would match their amazing fashion sense.

  1. Bold and Beautiful

Cream Rayon Printed Anarkali Kurti

Who doesn’t love attention? We all do, don’t we? But A Gemini woman would just love it a little more and with that, lots of compliments! Choose something that has noticeable features, like a colour block tunic or a striped saree. Be careful with the fabric selection as well, these women have good taste and prefer class! Stick to pure silks, chiffon, satin, shimmer lycra and other fabrics that look pompous.

  1. Peppy Colours

Mellow Yellow Bhagalpuri Silk Saree with Embroidered Border and Woven PalluMellow Yellow Bhagalpuri Silk Saree with Embroidered Border and Woven Pallu

Women full of life and vigour, they put their heart and soul into every task. Vibrant colours like yellow, orange, light green, red, sky blue and neon tones best describe the positive vibe that Gemini women carry along. A multi-coloured floral saree, a rose pink palazzo suit, and a yellow Anarkali kurti are some vivacious assortments which, these ladies would prefer while socializing.

  1. The Latest Trends

Mint Green Shimmer Classic Designer Frill Ruffled Saree

If you want to impress a Gemini woman, get her something which is the talk of the town. She loves experimenting with the latest fashion, even the quirkiest fad! A ruffle saree would be a lovely gift for your Gemini lady; frills these days are a rage after all!

  1. Contrasting Details

Navy Blue and Green Silk Half and Half Saree with Embroidery

The ability to view things from multiple angles is a boon and in this respect, Gemini women are truly blessed. Outfits with contrasting details reflect this commendable trait, like half-and-half sarees and fusion wear silhouettes.

  1. Innovation at its best

Dark Green Taffeta Silk Frilled Lehenga Choli

A Gemini woman will usually go that extra step to be outstanding. Sarees with designer blouses, tiered lehenga cholis, and layered designer gowns – anything with a voguish edge will instantly appeal to these fashion-conscious ladies.

Lucky Colours

Dark Purple Georgette Designer Anarkali Suit with Zari Embroidery

Every zodiac sign has its bundle of lucky colours, stones, numbers and days of fortune. The twin zodiac sign of Gemini has two opposite hues in its kitty- warm red and cool blue. Purple, which is a blend of red and blue, is also considered lucky for Gemini women.

This was all about what wardrobe would go well with Gemini personality- women who are amiable and truly versatile. We will be sharing such interesting facts and outfit ideas for other zodiac signs soon. So do subscribe to our blogs.

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