We all know the importance of good, comfortable shoes. Many icons have spoken eloquently about what an amazing pair of shoes can do for one’s confidence, looks, style, strength and more. Marilyn Monroe, often considered the epitome of feminine charm, once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world!”

Many believe that most women are obsessed with shoes…then, there are many who can’t stop raving about the ‘heels’ and their virtues, and we all know the story of Cinderella – and how just one shoe had the power to change her life.

Well, that’s the power of shoes. Truth be told – shoes or footwear can make or break your overall look. And, if you are one true-blue shoes fan like us – you will surely agree on that.

Jutti or Mojris

Right footwear is important with every kind of dress, be it Indian or Western, formal or casual, party or gym. Although many may disagree, comfort matters a lot; and, going by that the right sizing too. But, these are not the only things! Aspect of attractiveness and right pairing are vital! Match your shoes with outfits and occasions. Stilettos in gym or trainers at a formal workplace are absurd.

Many often find it difficult to match their Indian dresses with right footwear, even when beautiful Indian shoes are available in abundance. Then there are those brides, who don’t seem to know what will go best with their bridal lehengas or grand wedding sarees. Let’s correct this, once and for all – and get you some motivation – in form of some amazing shoe-pictures with Indian outfits and ethnic ensembles –

  1. Juttis OR Mojaris


This was largely a casual, or at most, a semi-formal trend that has suddenly become very very trendy and haute.

Colroful juttis

Colroful juttis are super versatile; they are everywhere now. You could always pair them with your salwar suits, Anarakali suits as well as kurtis, but now celebs and fashion icons are pairing them even with their expensive, haute couture designer outfits, including wedding lehenga, party-wear gowns and more.

 Black Mojri

Juttis are inspired from basic footwear style popular in states of Punjab, Rajasthan and parts of Uttar Pradesh. But, nowadays, you can get tonnes of variation in this popular footwear type that’s essentially flat.

Green Mojri for Eid

From handmade juttis to bespoke designer ones and ones that are custom-made to go with the wedding theme, and the bride and groom’s wedding outfits – juttis are available in a huge variety.

  • Downside – They are absolutely flat, so ones looking to add some height may not find them alluring. Also, they may not be right with extremely heavy Bridal Wedding Lehenga Cholis, as this is where you need some added heels. Also, some people find these flats uncomfortable.

Embroidered Mojris

Juttis need care. You have to guard them from dust and dirt, and also take care to store them properly, or else the material (especially the traditional ones available off the racks) dries out.

  1. Bellies or Ballerinas and Sandals

Black Ballerinas

Indian-style inspired Ballerinas are a great option, if you want the comfort and cover of a jutti, but style and oomph of shoes, sandals and even heels.

Flat Sandals

Sandals come in umpteen styles too, and go perfectly well with sari, straight-cut suits, lengha, long skirts, lehenga suits and more.


Photo courtesy – Kook N Keech by Myntra

  1. Wedding Heels

bridal heels

The markets and e-stores are flooded with these high, fancy bridal heels that are supposed to go with your marriage wear and fancy wedding finery.

Designer Sandals

Most of these heels are stunning, as they come adorned with amazing embellishments. From bespoke crystal encrusted wedding stilettos to other designer sandals to go with your grand bridal lehenga choli to the designs available locally – the range is endless.

Bridal Heels

However, you need to be careful while buying these. Some of these mesmerizing heels can be quite uncomfortable. So, just try them out well, and preferably let your feet get accustomed to them – before your D-Day (wear them for a few hours at home to just create your personal footprint on your fancy wedding shoes).

Colorful Jutti

And, don’t forget to experiment with colors….

  1. Indian Chappals, Flip-flops and Sandal-chappals

Colorful Flat Chappal

They are the perfect accessory with casual Indian dresses like kurti-jeans combo or churidaar suits or bohemian, long skirt and kurti combo.


Photo courtesy – Anouk at Myntra.com

These are super trendy and versatile, and can be quite comfortable, usually.

Flat Chappals

Photo Courtesy – SSS at Myntra.com

If you don’t like your chappals flat – you can also go for platform and kitten heels styles.

 heeled styles Chapplas

This style is even available in ornate, heeled styles, which you even wear with your wedding and party-wear sarees and Navratri lehengas.

Golden sliders Chappals

This one is a perfect example of comfort, style, class and everything chic. 

Important Tips –

  • Pairing sports-shoes with salwar suits is extremely ugly, and so is pairing cute stuff with shabby footwear that’s well past its prime.
  • Sarees with flats are a no-no.
  • Lehengas and heavy Indo-Western apparels deserve special footwear, sometimes even right heels.
  • Apply a coat of wax, using a candle to the rough edges of your new juttis or footwear to ensure you don’t suffer from show-bite.
  • You can also rub a soap bar on the insides of a particularly abrasive show to keep shoe bites away.
  • You cannot wash most of your juttis, so do invest in special cleaners with your designer juttis and footwear.
  • If you feel that your feet become extremely itchy after wearing a certain shoes for some time, chances are that you may be allergic to the shoe’s material. Discard those shoes, and get yourself checked for contact dermatitis.