Indian weddings are elaborate affairs – with functions and rituals, stretching for days. Known for their grand style and magnificence, these big fat shaadis – as they are fondly called – comprise of gorgeous set-ups, months of preparations, lots of fanfare and, of course, tons of awesome outfits.

Dressing for the Grand Indian Wedding

In fact, the Indian wedding dressing is a thing of legends – where every woman – be it the bride herself or her sibling, relatives, troupe of friends, bridesmaids, colleague, the baraatis or even the distant cousin – strives to look her radiant and shining best. A lot of fairs, promotions, events and exhibitions, thus, revolve around weddings and dressing options.

All kinds of ethnic wear like Sarees, Salwar Suits and Lehengas are favorites among the coveted wedding wear. However, the Indian Sarees continue to rule the roost – as trousseau staples, gifts or chosen ensembles for most functions – by guests – as well as the bride.

The Color Red

Red – the auspicious symbol of love, marriage and togetherness – is the color of choice, when it comes to shaadis, shagun, reception or any of the ceremonies. Red Saree is often the bridal saree among many Indian sub-cultures, while Punjabis love their Red Wedding Suits. Most Indian brides, as everyone knows, covet Red Bridal Lehenga Choli!

And why not – after all – this is the color of passion, beauty and strength – and it even signifies the supreme Goddess – as per the Hindu religion! The elegant and timeless color complements all complexions, shapes, structures and even ages – as there are many shades and tints of this hue – to go with a variety of tastes and occasions.

No wonder then that red saree – the ultimate wedding combo – continues to rule the wedding closets in India. And, you can never have enough of these gorgeous hued sarees in your wardrobe. Here, we bring you this season’s top trending Red Sarees – some of which, you surely will wish to add to your wedding trunk –

  1. Shimmering Sensuality

Red Georgette Saree

Shimmer and sizzle are the perfect partners of the intense red’s depth and sensuality. Combine these and what you get is an ensemble that’s sure to make you the talk of the town – or at least – the ongoing wedding whirl. Wear such a stylish drape for a friend’s wedding, a cocktail party or even your own pre-wedding date night. Combine a shimmery red saree in net, shimmer or tissue fabric – with a chic blouse for an extra effect.
Don’t go overboard, though, with such fabrics and hues – as there is always a risk of being too over the top – so choose wisely. Silver complementing red is always a better choice rather than gold – for such a pick. Or, if you wish to stick to the yellower tones – choose vintage copper or bronze embellished red shiny drapes.

  1. Pretty in Plain


Red Silk Saree With Resham Embroidery

A pick that never fails the litmus test of timeless taste – a muted, plain all-red saree in a lustre-free fabric like georgette, lined delicately with an attractive border – like a pearl lace (see image). It is a sure shot way of showing the world your elegant side. This kind of subtle yet sensuous appeal always stays fresh – and has an ethereal charm. Pair the drape with a tasteful blouse in red or maroon velvet. Go for a gold bustier for a risqué look, though!

  1. Evergreen Beauty 

Red Raw Silk Saree

The classic style that stays fresh forever – this kind of red saree is not only a trousseau must-have, but also makes for an excellent gift option for the festivals like Karwa Chauth, or during weddings for the bride, sister-in-law, mother or mother-in-law. Gold and red is a combination that seldom goes wrong. Plus, given its flattering appeal and cultural connect – red and gold is considered apt for all kinds of auspicious ceremonies, festivals and special occasions. God Bharai – the Indian version of baby shower, house warming/ gruh pravesh, Ganesh sthapana, other types of rituals and worships – are other occasions, when you can wear or gift this stunning red beauty.

  1. Half & Half Style

Red and Beige Half and Half Saree

Don’t wish to go too red with your saree? Or, bored of the usual wedding style red drape? Well, get yourself the trendier half and half variety – where you have half of your saree in red, while the other half can be in a different color. Take cue from the one shown here – which is half red and half beige – the neutral tone effectively toning down the fieriness of an all-red expanse. Also known as designer sarees for their innovative pairings of fabrics, colors and textures – half and half drapes are good break from the monotonous lengths of fabric. You can also choose sarees with embroideries, borders or stylish blouses – for extra effect! However, you got to be careful in draping them – as they can look quite unflattering or strange, if not styled well.

  1. Ethereal Weaves

Red Silk Saree with Weaving

Planning to invest in an heirloom worthy splendid weave for your wedding, trousseau or as a gift to your nearest one? Well, red is one of the safest hues to pick in these kinds of special, super expensive purchases – because this is one color that never goes out of fashion. Plus, it can be worn at almost any age – with some styling variations. You can choose a red Banarasi Saree with muted or vintage gold weaving – or a wide bordered Kanjeevaram silk in matt red – for a more versatile and contemporary appeal. This kind of rich elegant saree can also be the perfect Reception saree for a new bride.

  1. Ombre Magic

Red and Orange Ombre Saree

Tired of the usual weaves or typical sarees? Well get yourself some ombre feels – with the cascading shades of fiery red and tangerine giving a contemporary and vibrant effect to the drape. Choose a stylish red dual shaded or ombre saree – like the one shown in the image – in a flattering fabric like georgette. The saree may or may not have embroidery or borders – but one with slight scattering of beads or diamantes sure looks quite glam. Wear this for a cocktail evening – by pairing it with a sling blouse or bustier or drape it differently for a limelight-worthy look for any of the pre-wedding functions.

  1. A Touch of Red

Red and Yellow Georgette Saree

Not a fan of all red drapes? Or want to add variety to your wedding wardrobe? Get a saree with just a touch of red – maybe as embroidery, border or a color shade. Take cues from the saree shown in the image – which has mustard yellow as its dominant color with cascading red adding an enigmatic aura to the otherwise simple saree. Pick this for a Karw Chauth party or a distant relative’s wedding function. Not a very pricey pick, this one also makes for a good wedding gift. Though, this is a very traditional drape, it can be modernized with a smart, new age blouse.

  1. Traditional Tryst

Red and White Panetar Saree

Some things are best kept as they have been – in their pure, untouched form. Indian bridal sarees too fall in the same genre. Each splendid bridal sari has a story behind it. And, more than often, red is an integral aspect of these sacred sarees. From the glistening red kanchipuram sarees to Bengal’s favorite for weddings – red Banarasi sari to the other lovely bridal sarees from various regions of India. However, the soothing red and white Panetar saree from Gujarat is in a different league altogether. While most Indians shy away from pristine whites – Gujaratis seem to have a different take – their cult Panetar is a break away from the all red drapes – and look quite special. Even if you are not a Gujju bride, you surely can get one of these pretty ones.

  1. Suave & Stylish

Red Georgette Saree

A plain red saree in lustrous fabric with some tasteful embellishments is all you would want, if you wish to have a just mix of traditional and contemporary. With intricate yet subtle embroidery in beads, pearls or zardozi – over a plain fabric – you will not run the risk of going overboard. Yet the sensuousness of a passionate deep red is seldom missed. For further modernizing the look – you can choose to pair the saree with a western style crop top or a spaghetti strapped blouson, in a contrasting hue.

  1. Complementing Hues

Red and Green Silk Saree

Red and Green have been each other’s companions, since ages. These gorgeously rich colors add to each other’s beauty, while toning down the overall intensity. The soothing charm of greens cools down the warm red, while nothing else lifts up green’s stark coldness than the intense, fiery red. Isn’t this a mesmerizing poetry in itself? What’s more – both these hues are sacred and auspicious – as per Indian customs. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that they are wedding staples. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself this magnificent drape for lighting up this wedding season.

We truly hope that you find your perfect red saree with this article. If nothing else, you get cues and hints to style and re-style your existing red saree stash – be it in your or your mom’s / grand-mom’s trunk. Remember, some stuff never goes out of style! After all – old is gold. Enjoy – paint the town red!