Sarees are a special part of Indian culture. They have strong associations…like the beautiful gold and cream Kerala sarees that are integrally linked with Onam, Ganesh Chaturthi and festival season.

Whatever number of saree we have, we seem to love them all. From rich brocades to pretty cotton and classy handloom silk sarees, there is an eternal space for sarees in our wardrobes…and hearts. Pretty much the heirloom stuff, sarees are classically passed from generations to generations.

Sometimes, though, these lovely beauties need reinvention – a magical stroke of genius. Maybe, you have gotten bored of them, or something just doesn’t go with your personal style, or when one of them needs a new leash of life.
Whatever be the reason, saree reinvention is an interesting and utilitarian concept… Hence, we have decided to make this a continuing series. As a part of this feature, we are going speak to some eloquent saree lovers, who decided to reinvent their sarees by adding their special personal touch.

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We begin this super exciting journey with Kasavu – the eternally loved Kerala saree as it’s Onam. And, we get lessons on super thoughtful and quirky Kasavu reinvention from one of the most loved, articulate and vibrant saree lovers from our city – Ahemdabad.

Professor Falguni Vasavda Oza – Advertising genius and Social Media enthusiast – who works with MICA, India is a spirited personality, whose joie-de-vivre is simply contagious.

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An inspiring teacher with a great fan following, Falguni loves colors, loves accessories, jewelry, fashion and Indian ensembles and possesses one of the most endearing smiles in the world. Her confidence and spark are inimitable, and that’s what she likes to keep alive in all her fashion and sartorial choices.

Her fan pages and social media profiles are followed by thousands, a fact that propelled the charming lady to start her own blog and facebook page – Falguni’s Fashion Fundas, through which she shares her astute and super fun fashion, styling and life insights and tips with her followers. Well, we love everything she has to say!

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On her page, we saw this colorful, block-printed saree with a pale, off-white base. We were enchanted, when she told us that this was actually a plain cream and gold Kasavu that she reinvented to go with her effervescent personality.
The awesome Kasavu was gifted to her by two of her loving students. And, Falguni wore it a few times. While she loved the breeziness and grace of the ethereal Kerala saree, she realized that it looked pretty plain, and was not quite up to her tastes. That is when, the idea to give a smart makeover to this beauty dawned on her.

This way, she could continue wearing the gift of her students, and it would also not be bland. So, she found an ingenious designer, who promised to add some interesting block print details to the saree and make it colorful, all the while maintaining the original grace of the saree.

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And, here we have – the original and the made-over, reinvented saree – block printed and brightened to perfection! Thus, the next time Falguni maam wore this now-vibrant saree with a colored blouse, broad border and little motif prints.

Well, this is called perfection! We sincerely thank the awesome and stylish professor for sharing this riveting story with us and our readers…and giving us more sari inspiration. We hope to see more of her on our blog and get more Indian fashion, lehenga suits (which are her other favorite) tips and find about her statement rings obsession.

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