You would have seen tall and lanky models strutting sarees on the ramps, but in real life, carrying sarees with grace is as tricky for skinny women as it is for the overweight ones.

The elegant and graceful saree is for everyone – we have often heard. But, even more frequently what we hear (and see) is that the enchanting saree is more attractive on ‘women with curves’.

Well, it’s true that saree’s flaws’ concealing, assets’ enhancing drape is a boon for curvaceous, voluptuous women. After all, saree is truly an Indian ensemble, and the Indian women, typically, are supposed to be relatively curvier and fuller than their western counterparts.

However, that certainly shouldn’t stop thinner or even skinny women to wear sarees – even in their routine, normal life. Saree is truly for everyone – all women, for all ages and all body shapes.

Here,, Indian Ethnic Fashion wear portal, committed to promoting saree globally, brings you a few ways skinny women can enhance their saree looks –

Fabric Matters

Fabric Matters

  • Choose sarees in fabrics that will add some weight/ curves to your look.
  • Clingy fabrics like chiffons are out, and so are poly-crepes, chiffon nets, voiles and other such overly thin fabrics.
  • Many people insist that thin people should wear sarees in fluffy fabrics, but that is not a great idea always, specifically if you are not comfortable carrying such stiff drapes.
  • Fluid silks, tussar silk, kosa silks, organdy and blends, heavier georgette saree and cottons – handloom silk saree varieties, Kota and South cottons – and heavier weaves like Banarasi saree, Jamdani saree etc. are the best saree base options for thin women.

Basics Matter

Readymade Blouse -

It is extremely important for skinny women to focus on saree basics like quality, blouse colors and stitching, blouse style and even the underskirt- petticoat.

  • Blouse – the skinny girl’s best assets are her thin midriff, slender shoulders and toned arms. Be sure to wear classy and trendy readymade blouses, instead of the standard ones, with your sarees to show off your assets to advantage. This will also give an illusion of weight, without looking vulgar. Sleeve-less and back-less blouses, halter necklines and even off shoulders styling looks great on slim women.
  • Petticoat – Wear petticoats in weighty, thicker fabrics. Ensure your petticoat/ underskirt is stitched to perfection. Fish-cut/Mermaid styles in underskirts can be carried very well by thinner women – and this cut also enhances curves. You may also experiment with petticoats in contrasting colors, under transparent and cotton sarees, as this also gives the illusion of girth. Thus, pair an orange South indian saree with a black stylish underskirt, and see how you stand out. For heavy sarees, you may choose brocade and tissue petticoats under thinner, transparent sarees to make a statement.
  • Blouse Color/ pattern – Thinner women can experiment a lot with their blouse styles and colors. Opt for blouses with sleeves in different color than the rest of the bodice. This will broaden your silhouette, making you look curvier. You may also choose printed blouses with plain half sarees. For heavier outfits, skinny women can go all the way with heavily embroidered and embellished velvet Victorian-style blouses with dressy sarees.

Saree Elements

Light Pink and Maroon Half and Half Saree

  • Color – Pick your sarees in palest of the pales or relatively brighter, bolder colors. In fact, there is no dearth of saree colors for skinny women. You may choose from pastels and whites, which look absolutely smashing on thinner body types to neons and electric hues, which are excellent for catching anyone’s eye.
  • Prints/ Embellishments – As a thin woman, you can go all the way with prints – without any fear. Choose brighter, bigger prints, scattered motifs or statement patterns on your sarees to stand out. In summers, big bright florals are your best bets. No one can carry Patli Pallu styles with bold stand prints on pleats and pallu drapes better than thin women. Same goes for half and half sarees – notorious for adding inches to the body’s bottom half – but that’s not an issue for you! You can also go for heavy embroidery and chunky crystal elements on your saree as well as blouse – this is something heavier women need to avoid, but not you. So, go all out! You can also choose horizontal stripes in sarees to add width.

Red and Orange Half and Half Saree

Pair it Right

Pink Georgette Saree with Jewelry

What you wear with your saree goes a long way in enhancing your look. Thus, choose well-coordinated accessories to look elegant as well as attractive in sarees.

  • Shoes – Always wear your shoes before draping the saree. It is a must for tall women, or otherwise their saree may seem too short and may ride over their shoes, which looks very in-elegant. Choose open-toed, smart sandals or quirky footwear with at least 1” heels. Avoid wearing flat footewear with sarees.
  • Jewelry – Pair bold neck-pieces and/ or danglers with your sarees. This kind of addition will take your saree from simple to bold in just a stroke.
  • Hairstyles – Thinner women can experiment a lot with their hairstyles, while wearing a saree. If you have longer hair, try creating big buns, using fake hair additions if needed, and see how your look transforms from drab to fab. High buns also highlight shoulders and neck, which is a key-spot area for thinner women.

Here’s a handy list of Do’s that will help you enhance your Saree charm by leaps and bounds. Use this easy to save and share Infographic – to confidently flaunt your gorgeous slim figure in fabulous sarees.

Saree style for slim and skinny women - infographic