The Indian saree is perhaps the only ensemble that blends gracefulness, sensuality, modesty, and glamour. In its various weaves and forms, the six-yard outfit is one of the best curve enhancers in your closet.

Most Indian women and ones from other nationalities have embraced the unparalleled charm of the timeless ensemble- from at-home wardrobes to the international red carpet- sarees are everywhere. The versatility of the drape makes it a favorite of broad and narrow-frame women alike.

The Slimming Effect of Plain Sarees

Navy Blue Georgette Sequins Worked Saree

With an unmatched feminine charm, the saree is also famous for its curve-enhancing and flatter-feel balance. Plain sarees stand apart for their flatter benefits. However it doesn’t really appeal to ladies with skinny frames and the ones who prefer being a curvy beauty.

Well, are you a slim beauty too – and feel the same? Do you also hope to get some great tips that would help you carry off a plain saree well? You’re definitely on the right web page!

Celebrate Your Figure

There is no doubt that Indian beauties are known for their curvy figures, but not everyone is the same. Enjoy and celebrate your unique beauty – and stop mulling about your curves or lack of them. YOU- are beautiful just the way you are!

Light Blue Imported Lycra Pre Stitched Saree

Every body type is beautiful! A slim body is no less than a boon if you can pull it off with proper styling. You can look gorgeous in all sorts of ensembles – including plain sarees.

Adapting the draping and styling a plain saree can make any woman look gorgeous, even those struggling with gains. Here are a few tips which will make you look and feel great in the plain six-yard ensemble – irrespective of your slim, thin, skinny, or whatever you label your lovely frame.

Use only one or two of them at one go – don’t include all at once – for that would be a sartorial disaster.

Appealing Heavy Borders:

Svelte beauties can happily pick plain heavy silk or regular-wear sarees with wide borders to add the illusion of volume, girth, and curves. You may also choose a plain saree with a floral design on a broad border, abstract printed borders, brocade borders, or embroidered ones.

Tip – Wear sarees in fabrics with some volume, like organza, jacquard, and cotton silk. Let the palav of these sarees fall loosely on your shoulder. This will make you look slightly voluptuous.

However, it’s better to avoid wearing sarees with massive borders if you are short and petite. They will cut down the height even further!

Heavily Detailed or Densely Printed Pleats:

Choose a saree having a plani body but heavy embellishment or dense prints on the Patli/ Pleats. These sarees are usually called the Patli Pallu sarees – and have similar patterns on the pleats and palav – while the rest of the saree is plain. When extended from the lower hem to the waistline, these motifs or prints, will help add volume, thus balancing your whole look.

You can omit this version if you are skinny on the upper half but bulky waist down.

Heavy Petticoats/ Saree Shapers

A well-fitting, suitable underskirt is as relevant in defining a saree look as the saree itself. Also known as a petticoat, the underskirt can lend volume, curves, and definition to your drape, provided you choose the right one. Get a customized one in heavy or slightly bulky fabrics instead of picking one from the racks. Raw silk, brocade, and jamewar are good options to wear under plain net sarees or even party-wear georgette sarees.

Avoid fish-cut style petticoats or saree drapes, especially if you have a skinny lower body, as these will make you look excessively lean.

Power-Dressing with Designer Blouses

There are various elements in a six-yard ensemble that can help you look lovely, but nothing comes close to the glamour of a trendy, well-cut blouse. Skinny girls can choose the heaviest of blouses without worrying about adding unwanted bulkiness. You want the illusion of weight – and heavily sequined, embroidered blouses or those crafted in dense patterns or prints are perfect – against the backdrop of plain sarees.

Blouse designs with flouncy, dramatic sleeves and 3D appliques can be the best bet for creating a party look with a plain saree. Also, sometimes, it just takes the right neckline to uplift your appearance. You can look at some popular blouse neck designs and suits neck designs – we assure you that you will find something charming for your body type that will go perfectly well with a plain saree.

Toned arms and slender shoulders are your assets – slim girl! So, ensure that you flaunt them cleverly and take the focus away from your problem areas. You can go on to win this world wearing halter necklines and off-shoulder styles that are much in vogue now. Window- cutout back blouses and crazy contrasting blouses are also quite in.

Avoid ill-fitted blouses. They look shabby on any frame. This is even more important when your saree is plain, making the blouse the centerpiece.

Horizontal Accents/ Ruffle Elements             

Peach and Maroon Ombre Saree with Sequins Work

We know you love the sensuousness of a plain saree- but- as a thin girl, prints are your best friends. You can smartly mix these two elements! Select prints, ranging in medium to large sizes. Bold, glitzy prints, delicate floral patterns, and horizontal stripes also look great on slim women – and so do multi-colored plaid designs, typical in Kanjeevaram sarees.

If printed accents are not what you want – you can choose self-print designs – which will give you an appeal of a plain saree with some added weight. Choose self-prints or shaded/ ombre sarees with horizontal elements or busy floral designs. Also, the trend of accordion pleated sarees for you!

Frilly tiers and ruffle borders are another chic way to add volume to your outfit while elevating your style quotient.

Attractive Half and Half Sarees

Maroon Lycra Saree with Sequins Work

Trendy half and half sarees are great for styling plain sarees such that they suit a lean frame perfectly. These sarees have different bodies and palav. Indulge in your love for plain-saree pieces by choosing a designer half and half saree having a plain-surface half.

Sarees with plain palav and a heavily embroidered or busily printed body go well for a skinny lower body but relatively curvier torso. Girls/women with heavier busts or round face-cut can also flaunt a plain pallu. If your lower body is heavy than your top half, choose a saree with a busy, heavy palav and a plain-suurface body.

The Weave Factor

Green Leheriya Woven Saree with Patola Border and Pallu

One of the simplest tricks of adding curves to a plain saree is wearing one with dense weaves and thicker dimensions. Go for heavy silks, woven Kanjeevaram sarees, brocade Banarasi sarees, or even jute and cotton ones. Organza, tussar, Bhagalpuri sarees, and stiff Kota weaves are other suitable options.

Avoid fabrics that cling to your body, like chiffon and georgettes. You can wear them in prints or with embellishments – in a plain saree, they will make you look extra skinny.

Color Effect

Well, that’s the advantage of being thin and svelte! You can wear any color – or as many of them as you want. Bright and vibrant ones like orange, yellow, neon, and hot pink add volume and girth – so go all out and pick sarees in multi-colors, even if the base is plain.

Tip – Choose a bling or quirky-hued saree and pair it with a contrasting blouse that shows off your slender shoulders. It will automatically add breadth to your frame!

Drape it in Style

Grey Silk Traditional Patola Woven Saree

You can create the illusion of an athletic body – by experimenting with trendier drapes. Pick a style that highlights your slender areas and accentuates finer points – like a saree drape over cropped pants or leggings.

Dhoti-style saree draping also looks fantastic on thinner women, and so does a dupatta-style saree drape showing off your waist and mid-riff frame. In short, all sorts of experimental drapes – from the classic Mumtaz-style to a typical Bengali drape – are just right for you.

Tip – Experimental drapes look great in plain sarees, as there you want the focus on the draping and not the saree. So, this is your perfect opportunity to indulge in the simplistic beauty.

Choosing the Right Accessories

Black Imported Lycra Pre Stitched Saree

Wear a traditional belt over your waist to visibly cut off your body in two halves to give an illusion of curves. Adorn yourself with a heavy neckpiece or a choker to give the illusion of added weight on your upper half. Wear a waist belt that dangles on your slender hips to take the focus to a svelte lower body. Chunky heels are a smart-styling way to add height as well as volume. Beaded heavy totes that hang from your shoulder to waist level will make for great add-ons to plain sarees and sequined/ mirror work blouses – an impressive look for thin women.


Always wear a well–fitted blouse.

Add bling to your look,

Go all out with tasteful jewelry – like hoop earrings, chandeliers or hangings.

Wear bead necklaces or pretty chokers. Chokers will gracefully accentuate your dainty necks.

Flamboyant indo – traditional Kotis, jackets, shrugs, and capes are in trend. You can Pair them up with your plain saree.

Walk straight, with your head held high. Wear heels that let you walk comfortably, and watch your posture.