Ask women around you, and they will candidly confess that insistent belly fat is one of their biggest concerns. Even the women, who are naturally thin and petite, suffer from abdominal fattiness and distention. Well, blame it on our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy schedules, contaminated food and water, environmental pollution and alarming levels of stress. Then, there is the problem of plenty – plenty of food choices, plenty of ways to cut back labour and effort, plenty of ways to work and party etc. and we can easily say we are paying the price of living in this highly convenient and materialistic era.

By the way, belly fat, besides being unsightly – is very unhealthy and dangerous. We need to understand the treacherous repercussions of the fat on the abdominal area – and work consistently to tackle and reduce it.

Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Reducing fat from the abdominal area can make us feel better in numerous ways. This also improves fitness, posture and overall appearance. Digestion related issues, cardiovascular troubles, hormonal imbalances and lifestyle diseases like adrenal stress, diabetes, poly cystic ovarian syndrome etc. – also take a beating, when we take steps to increase our fitness and tone up our mid-section.

Losing Weight Vs. Losing Fat

Many feel that losing weight equates to winning the fitness battle. However, this can’t be farther from the truth. While losing weight may be a part of one’s fitness goals – it shouldn’t be the be-it-all. Why?

Our weight constitutes bones weight, water weight, muscle and tissue weight, organs weight and fat weight. So, when one loses weight – it doesn’t necessarily equate to losing only unhealthy fat.

Fat is unsightly as it is clumpy and lacks definition. Subcutaneous fat is unhealthy. Muscle, on the other hand, is defined and denser – and heavier! So, when you work out to convert your ‘fat deposits’ to ‘muscles’, you may actually not ‘lose much weight’! Yet, you will look much better – more defined and shapely. Plus, more muscle = higher metabolism. So, in a muscular boy, you are ‘burning calories’ even when you are not exercising actively.

Thus, the fitness goal actually should actually be losing fat – or rather converting it to muscle. That’s why, most gymnasiums now offer ‘Body Composition Analysis’, which tells you how much percentage of body fat you have, and how much you need to actually shed / convert to muscle.

So those – much coveted 6 packs you see on glorious abdomens – were actually once nothing else but ‘fat deposits’ – which were then ‘worked out’ and burned, so they would convert to visible muscle of this nature!!

Reduced Belly Fat = Great Looks

Reduced Belly Fat - Great Looks

Besides the health benefits, reduced fat deposits from abdomen as well as rest of the body will make you look spectacularly fit and beautiful/ handsome. With increased body definition and a better posture, you can hope to look great in almost any outfit you choose to wear.

Indian Outfits on Fit Bodies…

Indian ethnic outfits look excellent on fit bodies with toned abdominal area.

People who know the Indian fashion and ensembles well will tell you that these splendid dresses ‘reveal’ as much as they ‘conceal’. But, they do so in the most elegant and pleasantly sensuous manner.

Sarees Sarees are the biggest representative of Indian fashion. They are draped on the abdominal area, and are made to ‘show off’ the shapely waist and mid-section. So, needless to say that you will look notches better in lovely sarees, should you choose and work out to lose some of your belly fat. Definition of a fitter body and defined waist will let you wear all sorts of sarees, including tricky chiffon sarees and transparent designer net sarees with ease. Since you won’t be worried about showing off your toned tummy and back, you will also be able to experiment with many trendy blouse styles, lengths and even saree drapes. From chic dhoti drapes to fashionable back-less cholis – everything looks awesome on muscular and shapely waists and stomachs.

Indian SuitsIndian salwar suits are right now enjoying a major evolutionary party. So many design variations, trends and experimentations are being done on this demure silhouette – that the choice is simply stunning. From bare back styles to stomach baring capes, figure hugging, floor-length kameezes to surreal cinched-at waist Anarkalis – there is so much to choose from. Again, needless to say – all this looks splendid, when you have a body to carry these styles with élan. It is certainly not about being ‘thin’ or even ‘slim’ or certainly Not about being size zero. But, if you are toned and fit – and muscular – you will be amazed to see how ‘unique’ and gorgeous you look.

LehengasIsn’t this one pretty obvious? You tie lehenga at the waist level – so this is an area that’s meant to be defined, if you want a perfectly cinched look in a lehenga flare. Being fit here too- much like sarees – will allow you to experiment aplenty with lehenga shapes (read fish-cut lehenga, A line and more), fabrics, under-skirts (can-can et al) and even the choli styles.

Men’s Wear – Okay, if you thought only stomach revealing lehengas, capes and sarees need flat stomachs and shapely waists, while you can go on guzzling beers – you are very wrong, dear men. For starters, unlike women’s bodies (which naturally are inclined to store fat on hips, thighs and abdomen area), your bodies are naturally not supposed to store much fat. So, any fat you store, especially on the mid-section, is going to be way more dangerous and unhealthy! Plus, have you considered how those fat rolls appear under boyish waist-coats, sharp suits and sleek bandhgalas? With so much happening on the men’s fashion scene – on the Indian fashion front too – you can’t afford to take it easy!

Hope all that motivates you enough to enroll for a gym membership today – to get rid of your belly fat and unfit body. And, if you have the excuse (or even a valid reason) of – not having enough time for that – well, tell yourself that your ‘body’ is all you have. Lessen your load or hobbies, pastimes etc. and find time for nurturing and exercising your body and mind. Here are a few more tips that will take you a long way –

Fitness Mantras

Fitness Mantras

  • Work out at least 4 times a week, even if it’s for 30 minutes at a go.
  • Eat a heavy, fulfilling breakfast, and a light, protein-filled dinner.
  • Try to have your dinner – as early in the evening, or night – as possible.
  • Avoid heavy carbohydrates and sugars, late in the night.
  • Eat in tandem with your activity schedule.
  • Do not eliminate all ‘fat from your diet. Differentiate between good fat and bad fat – and good times to eat fat versus wrong ones.
  • Avoid sugar-heavy fruits at dinner time or late in the night.
  • Cut on sugars, especially white sugar – as much as you can.
  • Add more protein to your diet.
  • De-stress and get your full quota of sleep on most nights of the week – as stress and lack of rest have been known to add greatly to fat storage in the belly region.
  • Take a little walk around the office or find 3-5 minutes to stretch, if you have a sedentary, desk job.
  • Deep breathe and find ways to relax every day – it reduces cortisol production, which indirectly affects fat storage around your midsection.