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Beat The Heat With These Smart Summer Fabrics

Heatwaves are back, and well, they are here to stay for a while! Sweat days can be taxing on your energy levels, not to mention the toll it can take on your creative thought processes, especially your wardrobe. Well, these days, stepping out may not be a regular thing, where being home-bound is a way to be safe and healthy.

But then, the digital world is active all the time! From sharing daily Instagram pictures to flooring your friends at zoom kitty parties, the scope for fashion is everywhere. So, let’s take summer as another season to explore sartorial innovativeness and get going through the summer heat with utter style!

What to wear in summer?

Loose-fitted, easy-breezy garments are essentials for any summer wardrobe. And while flared outfits like Kurti dresses, cotton skirts, and palazzo suits can be your best allies, choosing ensembles with summer-friendly fabrics should be a priority.

Sarees for summer

Although elaborate and sometimes tedious to drape, sarees are indeed summer-friendly ensembles. A bare midriff makes it all the more apt for the scorching weather while keeping your attire confined to cultural modesty. Also, you got to choose your Saree Blouse style and fabric carefully to ensure that the whole outfit brings you the needed levels of comfort and style.

Other ethnic outfit styles for summer

Well, there’s a long list of ethnic-wear styles to don through the summer heat. You can choose from a vast range of palazzo suits, skirt-crop top coordinates, lehenga suits, and super-flared Anarkali Kurtis!

With plenty of choices in ethnic wear arises the need to choose them in the most suitable fabrics so that you can get through sweltering days with ease.  Here’s our long list of summer fabrics- get scrolling!

Timeless Cotton

One of the oldest fabrics, cotton material is made for sunshine days and is well my favorite. Cotton floral saris and plain cotton sarees with embroidered borders are an evergreen trend. I also prefer having a few cotton suits for office hours and colorful printed Kurtis in cotton for my social moments. From formal work hours to fashion-perfect socializing, cotton has always worked as a chic summer fabric.

Versatile Khadi

Khadi keeps you cool during summers and warm during winters. A product of the Indian handloom industry, khadi sarees and suits make a versatile wardrobe for India, where climatic changes come in extremes. With designers giving an upliftment to this age-old fabric with new prints and modified embroideries, khadi is indeed a fabric to patronize!

Flattering Georgette

The crepe fabric that can be made either from silk (pure-georgette) or synthetic yarns (faux-georgette) is a lightweight and fluid material. With the tendency to absorb sweat and dry quickly, along with its impressive style appeal, georgette is a summer essential. Invest in plain georgette sarees paired with swish designer blouses, floor-length georgette anarkali suits, and printed lehengas for the summer wedding season.

The Flowing Feels of Chiffon

The one fabric that unfailing carries sensuousness and grace together is- chiffon! Sheer and light in weight, chiffon sarees are an absolute ‘yes’ for a summery day out. An all-time Bollywood favorite, the chiffon saree is a statement of symbol of glamour.

Chiffon fabric is lighter and smoother than georgette and slightly sheer. From your daily temple visits to those fun-filled kitty parties, a chiffon sari is a graceful way to beat the heat in style. The shimmery finish and contemporary appeal of these drapes are some more reasons for having them in your summer casual and party wear wardrobe. You can also pick chiffon Kurtis and dresses as chic options for hot summer days!

The Blended Beauty of Cotton Silk

The crispness and dullness of pure cotton can be offset by blending it with a lustrous and smooth fabric like silk. Cotton-silk is thus aesthetically more appealing than cotton and more comfortable than silk. And that makes cotton silk sarees a must-have for summer weddings. Cotton silk suits with lace borders go well for work-wear and socializing hours.

Rayon Comfort

Regenerated cellulose- rayon is a natural fiber like cotton, jute, linen, and silk. Some variants of rayon fabric have the sheen and smoothness of silk and hence fall into the variant umbrella of artificial silk. Rayon is a lightweight material, and the weave is not very dense, making the garment highly breathable. Above all, rayon is not too expensive! Hence for summers, you can splurge on rayon Kurtis, saris, and palazzo suits in multiple assortments. Given its comfort and skin-soothing benefits, rayon is also a suitable fabric for casual crop tops, everyday saree blouses, and semi-formal lehenga cholis.

Linen Charm

Linen, one of the oldest fabrics, is made from the fibers of the flax plant. Considerably strong, it has a high moisture absorbing capacity and tends to become softer and smoother with every wash. With its unbeatable crisp and formal appeal, linen is best-suited for office sarees and suits, as well as peplum tops to pair with colorful summer pants.

Other fabrics for summers

There are plenty of fabrics to make your summer wardrobe varied and modish. Try out pure versions of Mysore georgette, crepe silk, crepe-de-chine, Tussar silk, and jute blends for a soothing feel. You can also choose soft nets for a weightlessly whimsical look at summer weddings.

The mercury levels are rising- it’s time to dress up apt and face the sunshine!

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