It feels like yesterday that the year 2017 began. Well, with so much happening on the political front across the globe – the first month of the year seems to have simply stormed past us. January sure was an eclectic month – what with a busy wedding season and tumultuous now-hot now-cold weather graphs. But now – with the month of romance and spring literally on us – we are back to our most loved game – of style-watching, trend-spotting and fashion forecasting.

What are the key sartorial aspects to watch out for in the coming seasons? What will rule the roost in the domain of sarees, lehengas, salwar suits – and dresses, accessories, bags, shoes, jewelry et al? We conducted our research, observed buying preferences – and listened to industry’s leaders – to arrive at this be-it-all list of Top 10 Fashion & Style Trends for the year 2017.

These trends apply to all sorts of looks and choices. Some of them may sound more like lifestyle and intellectual choices – but then that’s exactly what has happened – the boundaries have blurred – for good. What’s in fashion matches what’s on people’s mind now! Here are the trends that will help win 2017 –

1. Textures and Patterns – and prints and colors – everything under the sun!

Textures and Patterns

It’s an age of experience, touch and sensuality. Obviously textures are huge – and so are hues. Put your senses, especially the touch, to full use, as you enjoy the richness of various textures. From furry velvets to rich Banarasis – to lustrous satins, gritty jutes, glistening silks and layered jacquards – tactile stimuli are your best friends. How about a printed/woven bridal lehenga – devoid of embellishments!! Pick grain, finish, weave that appeals to you. And, if that’s not enough – treat your visual senses to an array of patterns, prints, colors and effects. Happily, this trend is no-holds barred; so you have the free reign to experiment – and enjoy!

2. Confidence – the one that makes you believe in yourself, but NEVER borders onto arrogance.


This is more a feeling – than a trend – that aims at ‘acceptance of yourself’ – and of the world around you. Being confident in your own skin, and enjoying to the hilt, what you have – is the mantra to win. Find your personal style – that resonates with your ideals and unique personality. Smile – and let that grin turn to a full-bodied laughter. Straighten up, and walk with your head held high. Try everything – whether the tabloids agree to it or not. Pepper every look – whether in a silk saree or a georgette dress – with positivity, charm, grace and confidence.

3. Geometrical Inspirations – lines and stripes… Shapes are ruling the fashion charts now!

Geometrical Inspirations

However scary geometry may have been at school – it’s undeniably charming –with all its line drawings and diagrams – and shapes and formulae. Well, well – you may never have won extra points from your geometry teacher for your skill with scales and protractors – this season, you sure can win brownie points for your sartorial choices, provided you don’t shy away from incorporating bold, basic geometrical shapes in your wardrobe. From stripes to snazzy circles, tricky triangles and crazy silhouettes – the style game is all about playing with forms. Pick a georgette saree with intersecting lines. Give Pythagoras a personal ode, when you choose a party-wear lehenga with triangular patterns, or invoke Brahmagupta by choosing a palazzo suit with quadrilateral patterns!

4. Dewy Skin and Make-Up – for there’s something so charming about being naturally glowing!

Flower Power

The trend picture is quite eclectic this year. While some really strong beliefs and trends rule the runways, there are others that have deliberately been mellowed down. Maybe it’s all about achieving a beautiful balance – maybe that’s why dewy fresh skin & make up trends are poised to rule now! Make-up and skin domain sticks to naturals, neutrals – possibly another indicator of a definitive revival of the ‘feminine’ power. Focus is on the inner radiance too. Well – there really is great merit in keeping and cultivating effective skin-care regimes, then! Choose your make up essentials wisely, find solace in home remedies for troublesome skin issues and cultivate health lifestyles – for an inner glow. Imagine how gorgeous your chiffon sarees will look with those rose petal lips and baby-like complexion!

5. Pink – in all its forms – from peaches to plums – is back at the center of the fashion game.

Dewy Skin and Make-Up

Attribute it to the reinstated equation of color pink to feminine power, thanks to the movie PINK – or the body positivity movement internationally – or an enhanced openness towards personal preferences of all sorts – the hue pink is back in our lives – with a vengeance. Happily – this is another example of how boundaries have blurred. Pink is no longer just about dolls, Paris Hilton or Taylor Swift – it is about the power of soft cores and strong, resilient, evolved minds. Channel the glory of this beautiful hue in all its avatars – from demure baby pinks on your accessories to darkest statement rani pinks and magentas on your nails, weddings lehenags or party-wear sarees – in 2017!

6. Rebellious Streaks – are great, but only if that’s your ‘belief’ – not because they are fancy or fashionable! Not having an opinion counts too.

No-bar Bottoms

Stand up for whatever you find right – activism, feminism, saying no to societal pressures. Go new-age! 2017 is not the year to apologize for your unique mindset or beliefs. Leave the coy out – and enjoy your personal power – that extends to occupations, subjects, clothes or accessories. Don’t follow the herd! But remember, like a few other trends – this one is more of a mindset – but you don’t have to wear it on your sleeve. Let it show subtly through your choices – lifestyle, fashion, behavior and communication. And like others – this point applies to the men too. Stand up for your woman or your beliefs!

7. No-bar Bottoms – The lowers are no longer low-key!


Seems like the designers and stylists – and we – finally got bored of experimenting only with the top-wear, kameezes and kurtis. High time we stopped ignoring this all-important part of salwar suits and other ensembles! Oft-relegated to the ‘bottom’ – bottom-wear has rightfully seen a massive revival – and expect it to gather even more interest in 2017. From palazzos, shararas, culottes, trousers, ankle-length leggings to salwars of all sorts – Patialas, Afghanis, Harems – not to forget, lehengas and skirts – bottoms are rocking our wardrobes. Whatever age or body type you are – don’t shy away from bringing some variation to your pants preferences.

8. Strong, Statement Looks – because when confidence and body positivity rule, making a statement follows naturally!

Strong, Statement Looks

Close on the heels of inner confidence and strong, unapologetic beliefs, this trend is all about making a statement – that defines your personality or style. When these positive attributes reflect in your behavior and conduct – then why not in your style too! Choose clothes, colors and accessories that reflect your personal choices and likes – not the ones that conform to set standards. Bohemian skirts, indigo sarees, shoulder grazing earrings, huge rings, gothic chains n chokers, box clutches or potlis, deep necklines, metallic hues, eyes that spy, shriek and shout – or sleek, sharp silhouettes – choose what you love!

9. Flower Power – that reminds us of eternal spring and of inherent strength of everything soft, demure and feminine!

Rebellious Streaks

Floral designs, prints and patterns will see a huge revival in 2017 (and maybe beyond). This once popular adornment – somewhat reminiscent of the Hippi revolution – has a retro charm and a comfortable vibe. Flowers are so natural and classy in their appeal that it’s never too difficult to incorporate them in our lives or wardrobes. If bouquets and bunches are not your cup of tea – add a little twig or a just a bud! Bring a notebook with a flower water mark to make a boring class suddenly interesting. Get a tote bag with floral prints to make your routine office runs a tad more colorful. Add flowers to your hair or drape a gorgeous floral saree – and channel eternal spring. Flower print tops are as great an idea as floral suits and flower embroidered festive lehengas and skirts.

10. Big, Au Natural Hair and Hairdos – aka fairytales and vintage charm – and the ‘real world’!

Big, Au Natural Hair and Hairdos
Yes, real hair is in – and so are umpteen ways to decorate, adorn and embellish it! Care for your tresses – so they are strong and beautiful – every which way. You don’t have to ‘train’ your hair anymore to make it straight or sleek. Go au natural – let those waves play their magic. Or, bring the girly back with ponytails, plaits and braids. Better still – get glam with fancy, intricate, old-world style buns, updos and hairdos.

Fashion was never this fun and easy as it is in 2017 – for fashion is more a lifestyle and choice now – deeper, wider and more expansive! Top trends clearly reflect a shift in the mindset. While some hues, styles and prints/ patterns manage to touch only the surface – focus surely has shifted to the ‘deeper’ core. This surely is a great change – for fashion is all about being in tune with the perpetual flux.

To ensure you don’t lose track of these all-important trends anytime in future, we bring you a handy, super easy to refer to Infographic – that you can save, share and print!

Top 10 Fashion & Style Trends – across the board – that will help you win the year 2017