6 Things You Should Not Do A Week Before Wedding


One week to go! Invitations sent out, hotel rooms reserved, food and beverages sorted, and your wedding wardrobe in place – all major tasks surrounding your D-day are done. Now what? Maybe you should do something more to look better, or feel better on your special day, right? If you’re planning anything on these lines then hold on; we have some important advice to share with all the brides-to-be.

We know you want to look your best at your wedding but let that desire not lure you into a risky zone. Your aunts may send out their share of experiences while other well-wishers may turn up with grooming ideas floating over the internet. They may have your best interests in mind, but before you plunge into any new activity, do your homework.

To be specific, here are some activities that should be strictly avoided since at least a week before your wedding:

6 Things to Avoid the Week Before Your Wedding

1. Too Many Dietary Changes

It may have taken you weeks or maybe months of following a healthy diet to get that blush and glow on your face. Don’t let any last-minute changes ruin that! Keep your nutritional intake balanced; hollowing eyes, dark circles, and low energy levels are the last things that any bride would want! The idea of showing off your collar bones while wearing your designer bridal lehenga may tempt you to cut down on calorie intake. But a lower calorie intake can backfire in the form of physical stress, destroying your dream of showing off your best dance moves at the Sangeet.

While cutting off things from your diet drastically is a forbidden act, going on the other side is also a big NO! Too much water or too many almonds surely won’t help you. So before you alter your diet, make sure you consult your dietician.

2. Late Night Parties

Those special bachelorette moments- that last drink of singlehood- sharing of candid moments with your bridesmaids, and bonding with your family- we know these memories are priceless. And we won’t ask you to give up on these, but you do need deadlines! So while you stay up late in the night and share secrets with your squad; it would be wise to at least finish off your meals earlier in the evening. Also, remember to keep your drinks mild!

Sticking to a healthy lifestyle can have really good payoffs. Wedding outfits like heavy Silk Sarees, shimmery Anarkalis and Gowns look the best with a radiant complexion. That’s a really strong reason to not mess with your routines as this will take a toll on your overall appearance.

3. New Exercise Regimes

We know you would love to flaunt well-toned abs while wearing your gorgeous designer saree, and while taking twirl pictures in your wedding lehenga. But the wedding ceremony is hardly a week away, and that fact is that no figure-changing miracle can happen in such a short period. So love yourself the way you are, and continue with your original workout regime. You may even decrease your exercise time and intensity to cope with the wedding rush. It would be best to save your new workout experiments for after the wedding as you surely wouldn’t want to walk the aisle with sore muscles!

Looking great in the pre-wedding functions sarees and outfits is non-negotiable, and a well-rested body and mind are a must for this!

4. A New Hair-Cut

Make-overs are not always magical, sometimes they can be disastrous! If you’re facing some last-minute confidence crisis with your looks, then you need a self-assurance dose, not a make-over. Such changes should be done well in advance and not a few days before the occasion. Any new hair-cut requires at least 2 weeks to settle on your hair. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to shock your audience with a drastically different look! So if you’ve already booked a hair-cut appointment for your wedding, do yourself a favor by calling it off!

5. New Facials, Peels and more

Lengthy bridal packages, skin wraps, clean-up, peeling, massage, and whatnot- your skin has already been through a lot. So it’s best to avoid all those new treatment ideas that your skin consultant or salon expert shares. These promising treatments may not keep their word and backfire by giving you pimples, scars, and skin irritation. If you’ve been following a particular skin routine for a couple of months, do not change the pattern just before your wedding. No matter what you do, your real-time face cannot match up the beauty of an edited magazine image. The best you can do is, stay grounded, and feel good about yourself. Anyways, on your wedding day, bridal make-up will definitely add a lot to your beauty!

6. New Medicines & Supplement Experiments

Rest for treating a headache and your grandma’s home remedy drink for cold & cough- it’s best to go subtle with your treatments. Trying to cure physical ailments with heavy dose injections and antibiotics may sound like a cake-walk, but quick-fix medicines are the riskiest options during this time. Fatigue, hyperactivity, bloated abdomen, or any other side-effects that such heavy medicines bring along can be a nightmare.

This is also not an apt time to begin taking new food supplements. So as far as possible, you must stick to natural foods and in general, your routine in every aspect.

So these were our suggested list of DON’TS for a week before your wedding. We hope you take these guidelines in good faith and fill your special days with lots of happiness.

Above all, feel good so that you look great in your gorgeous wedding sarees, lehengas, trendy salwar suits, and all other outfits worn during the celebrations.

Stay beautiful and healthy!

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