We love our sarees, but we love our blouses even more. Every saree lover will agree that good blouses are instrumental in collating a great saree look. And, there is no better time than this one – to indulge in your saree blouse love. For – this truly is ‘the age of blouse’! The cutesy cholis, longish angarakhas or sizzling backless kothas and elegant sleeveless blousons and the lovely fusion crop-tops – whatever your favorite design/style is – feel free to flaunt it for an unmatched, immaculate saree style.

Blouse back is the most visible area in a Nivi-style/ regular drape, so often a lot of design variation is done for back designs. From knots to strings, latkans and tassles to embroidered patterns and 3 D adornments – a lot has been done to ‘detail’ the blouse backs.

Window Style back blouse design collage

And, the latest in line are the pretty peekaboo style – back designs with windows or key-holes. With the boat-neck style, high/ collared fronts and close-cut necklines coming in vogue – the back designs had taken a staid, plainer look. In absence of broad necklines, much-loved stringed backs were fading. But the love for a deep, breezy back made saree lovers come up with the awesome window/ key-hole variety. These necks are close-cut from back and front, and have cut-out back (in a variety of shapes).

This is a must-have design with your lovely sarees this season, and we don’t want you to miss out on it. So, here we bring you a list of ways you can get quirky or cute cut-outs in your saree blouse back designs. Take clues or show them to your designer/ tailor with our save-able infographic (at the end of our write-up) –


Pink Art Silk Saree with Zari Work - 1

The keyhole back designs are a boon for ones, who don’t want a lot of breadth on the shoulder area, and still want a sensuous back detail. Look at this big, showy back design in an inverted U-glass design. The Chinese collar front design and so much of depth at the back – well, only possible with this cut out style.  This will look great with wedding sarees as well as party-wear sarees.


Red and Green Jacquard Saree with Embroidery Work - 2

The cut-out blouse backs give the double benefit of a close cut neckline on the front – as in this blouse and still an immensely sensuous back – like this matka-shaped window – that’s sure to win you a plenty of appreciation. The added single latkan in the center takes the design up by notches. Get this neck for your latest lehenga choli – or even for your bridal lehenga choli.


Orange Silk Saree with Embroidery Work - 3

The cut-out styles are slimming, as they don’t add breadth on shoulder area. They are a boon, thus, for women with big shoulders and bust area. The tear-shaped or dew drop cut-out window looks amazingly elegant. Get a big, statement dew drop key-hole or go for a small, girly one. This blouse has a regular round neckline on the front, and a close cut top neckline at the back – with one big dew drop window. This design is also quite popular in Indo-Western Suits and even kameez of lehenga suits.


Green Silk Saree with Embroidery Work - 4

If big, statement key-hole designs are not your cup of tea, try something that’s girly and cute – like this small round key-hole window, which is sweet and simple. Shows a little, hides a lot – this lovely, versatile blouse back can be fashioned in myriad ways – with an embellished design (as in the picture), with tassels or even with modish design adornments like sequins and beads. This cut-out style blouse is great for office-wear sarees and quirky sarees too – as it is not too bold – yet very beautiful.


Orange Silk Saree with Embroidery Work - 5

If, much like a lot of us, you can’t (or don’t want to) really think beyond classic round shapes – this one’s the best pick for you. Charming, feminine and deliciously stylish – this simple window design will look great with all sorts of ethnic ensembles, be it traditional handloom sarees, wedding finery, lehenga cholis or even if you want to get this on a long kameez for a salwar suit outfit. The simply U neck in the front and small round neck in the back with a round window make this is a classic design.


Green Silk Saree with Embroidery Work - 6

More the merrier! You love the way these key holes play peekaboo on your back – so why just stop at one – get many. Look at this unique 3 round key-holes design that’s simply mesmerizing. Girly charm of this multiple windows design can also be replicated with leaf-shapes or dew drop shapes. You can also get this design on your little girl’s lehenga blouse – or even with a mehendi or sangeet lehenga choli, you plan to wear for your friend’s pre-wedding functions.


Pink Silk Saree with Embroidery Work - 7

Don’t forget to add this stylish and evergreen classic to your wedding trousseau. If you are getting a few extra versatile blouses made – to match with any of the lovely silk sarees or georgette sarees in your wardrobe or bridal trousseau – this is one back neck design, you must not miss. It is smart and sweet – while also being elegant and modish. This design will go with all sorts of sarees – whether heavy, light, trendy or handloom.


Pink Silk Saree with Embroidery Work - 8

Literally a key-hole, this little leaf or paan (betel-nut leaf) shaped window is just an added, eye catching detail that will take your blouse design from plain to fab. Simply and subtle, this surprise element – suddenly popping up – amidst all the gold embroidery – is enchanting. Since it is quite understated, you can get it done in your regular blouses that you pair with your regular-wear sarees or office-wear sarees. Young girls wearing saree for the first time can cop this cute key-hole for their farewell function saree blouse.


Blue Art Silk Saree with Zari Work - 9

One of the most popular key hole styles, the vertical slit window is easy, simple yet very stylish.


Pink Art Silk Saree with Zari Work - 10

For the bold window lovers, this inverted V is another staple – much like the inverted U – that is spectacularly bold and beautiful.


Green Art Silk Saree with Zari Work - 11

So, you want a big bold window design, but want a special touch – the skin showing from underneath is not your idea of something novel. Well, dress up the window – with a gorgeous sheer sheath like this mauve one with sequins – for extra classiness and oomph. After all, there is nothing more bewitching and feminine than this sort of curtained coyness. Is it? Certainly one of the most popular styles, this one is worth adding to yous sari and lehenga wardrobe.

Loved the blouses? Here is a quick recap of all the enticing designs – in a gorgeous, easy to refer Infographic. Save it on your hand-held device, and share it with your favorite tailor/ designer.

Window Style – Latest Saree Blouse Back Designs - INFOGRAPHIC

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