Beautiful Indian sarees are very popular the world over for their amazing grace and appeal. From masses to famous celebrities, we have seen women from all parts of globe donning saree and enjoying the wonderful experience. Many Hollywood celebrities too have famously worn silk sarees and other Indian sarees on various occasions in the past.

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Recently, a diverse women’s group yet again displayed their love for Indian sari and our culture. It is the festive season, and we are, in India, celebrating Ganesh Utsav and Onam in full fervor. So, a group in Dubai too took to experience the rich and joy associated with this lovely time.

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Women from different nationalities gathered in a hotel in Dubai last Saturday – for an event organized by Olivia Fernandez – an Indian woman – to celebrate Ganesh Puja. And, guess what they dressed in? In colourful, rich, stunning Silk Sarees, complete with flower gajras in their hair and traditional Indian jewelry.


And, did they enjoy the experience? Well, from their wide grins and happy faces, we surely can gather that they all adored the feel of sarees and Indian culture and tradition. They all wore the rich pure silk sarees from Maharashtra, famously known as Paithani sarees, and confessed to having loved the vibrant colors of Indian outfits.

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