You’ve made the commitment and set the date and want to look fabulous on your wedding. But are confused about which type of dress to buy for your wedding? You have no doubt looked over the pretty pages of all the new bridal magazines and wedding collections on various online stores. How about an idea of if your stars select a dress for you? Yes, your zodiac signs have transformed from newspaper icons to shopping consultants and have selected a unique wedding dress just for you. Whether you’re a classy Capricorn or a passionate Taurus, your stars have revealed the perfect wedding attire for your D-day. Here we have gathered a brief primer on the wedding dream dress of the twelve zodiac signs. Read on to learn what your stars have selected for you.

Capricorn (Dec 23– Jan 20) The Classy Capricorn

Personality:  Hello, Ms. Independent, you are the somber winner of the Zodiac! You are the one who strives for perfection and doesn’t like to go overboard. You tend to be rather conservative and traditional in your fashion choices. On your wedding day you want to look perfect, classy, and elegant. You are the one who will also like to have a separate album made of the memories from wedding.

Style Tip: Capricorns are perfectionists and will do everything possible to find the perfect wedding dress.  A structured bodice traditional lehenga with perfectly cut silhouette will appeal to your elegant tastes. Add personal touches with your timeless accessories, sandals and makeup.

Lucky Color: Chocolate brown, light blue and purple


Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) The Bohemian Aquarian

Personality: Eccentric, unconventional, Aquarians doesn’t care what anyone thinks. You are individualistic with a strong sense of your own style and personality. You like to turn heads and make a statement. 

Style Tip: Aquarian brides are outlandish, ultramodern, and always love to be out of sync. They love antique and futuristic look and tend to purchase unusual or one of a kind outfit to complement their eccentric persona.

Lucky Color: Black, Grey, Royal blue


Pisces (February 19 – March 20) The Dreamy Piscean

Personality: Beware and don’t kiss your better half in front of all, as your sign shows that you have a romantic and dreamy personality. You can steal hearts with just the flutter of your eyelashes. You enjoy creating art and surrounding yourself with beautiful objects.

Style Tip: Your wedding is the stuff of dreams & fairytales for you. Like a mythical mermaid, a flowy, feminine princess style dress with an enchantingly timeless appeal will do you the justice to fulfill your desire.  Sheer fabric of the arms, and rich texture on the bust, creates the extraordinary illusion you may fancy. Laces and embroidery will give your dress that something special you crave.

Lucky Color: Rose Pink, Saffron, Sea green


Aries (March 21 – April 20) The Courageous Arian

Personality:  Arians are innovative leaders. They are always the first to try something new or to be the daring one to approach a guy and make the first move.  Arians are the trendsetters of style and fashion. You’re more frightened of being boring than appealing.

Style guide: Aries women are aware of the latest trends. They are daring brides who want to stun the crowd.  Go for a wedding dress that makes a bold and beautiful statement.  Wear a dress that commands attention with pretty detailing around a bodice or neckline, some pearls, beads, sequins, or lace. Also flaunt your flawless facial features and hair style.

Lucky Color – Red, Copper, Golden, Coral


Taurus (April 21 – May 21) The Passionate Taurean

Personality: Reliable, committed, and yes, stubborn describes the Taurus.  Your closets burst with designer couture.  Soothing in nature, Taureans are a guaranteed comfort zone. You’re traditional with a high-end twist. You’ve got a fierce edge to stage your fearless side every now and then.

Style Tip:  Less is more for the practical Taurus woman.  The Taurus bride looks for comfortable fabrics and designer outfits. And she always endeavors to carefully blend the intriguing modern with the grounding traditional. Adopt a look like you just stepped off the set of a classic black-and-white film.

Lucky Color: Light Green, Pink, Beige


Gemini (May 22 – June 21) The Witty Gemini

Personality:  Gemini is the centerpiece of every event and all are drawn to her bubbly nature.  As the sign of the Twins, you’re all about variety and keeping people guessing.  You’re an impulse shopper whose mind changes constantly and your fashion choices largely depend on your mood.

Style Tip: As you’re the “no fuss” kind of bride, you are happy with anything figure flattering and comfortable.  Your best features are the arms and hands, so try to emphasize them with a sleeveless dress. You are the lucky bride who can sport a variety of styles and accessories. Also, you will go for the maximum outfit changes in different occasions.

Lucky Color – Purple, Yellow, Peach


Cancer (June 22– July 23) – The Sensitive Cancerian

Personality: Cancer is the sign of femininity, yet like a shy little Crab. Cancer rules “women”. You are like “Mother Nature”, who connects with all women in your life in a profound way. You’re an intuitive old-soul with a charming character. You like old-fashioned glamour that looks timeless on you.

Style Tip: Cancers are one of the girliest girls with a great eye for vintage treasures. You are a traditionalist and tend to stick to certain tried and tested styles and patterns. You’ll love a dress that flawlessly marries classic glamour and flatters your curves. The lovely lehenga will be one that cannot be carried better by anyone else but you. Pearls are loved by most Cancers, and that is why you should make it a point to include them.

Lucky Color: White, Silver, Nude, Cream


Leo (July 24– Aug 23) – The Queenly Leo

Personality:  The royal queens of the Zodiac, you are a very stylish and exuberant persona. Bold colors, big patterns – if anyone can pull it off with assurance, it’s you.  Leo girls have an attraction for luxury fashion and the finer things in life.

Style Tip: What would be more fitting for a Leo than a dress adorned with millions of sequins? A fashion fiend for luxurious, expensive things, Leos do not mind indulging in anything, especially splurging on a wedding dress.  Embrace a regal status of royalty by draping a saree in unique style.

Lucky Color – the golden hue, Royal purple, Yellow, Orange


Virgo (Aug 24 – Sept 23) The Victorian Virgo

Personality:   You’re down-to-earth. Simplicity is your secret style weapon.  Virgos are one of the few signs who manage to carry a Saree with such beauty and grace.

Style Tip: Bling is a strict no for this Sign! No chic, cutting-edge designs and no splash of color.  Think simple, classic elegance.  Opt for a wedding dress with clean cuts and minimal frills. Your God lies in the attention to detail. You will love to wear a gorgeous saree featuring delicate, handmade work. Pearl accessories will add elegance to your look.

Lucky Color: Emerald green, Beige, Lilac, Aqua blue


Libra (Sept 24– Oct 23) The Sophisticated Liberian

Personality:   Nobody can top you when it comes to etiquette. You have a good eye for aesthetics.  Balanced fashion and beauty consciousness helps to make a Libra bride pretty. You need to take your time to complete your perfect bridal look.

Style Tip:  Libra brides have exquisite fashion sense. Ruled by Venus, goddess of beauty and love, Libras can pull off romantic and feminine styles.  You’re drawn to vibrant jewel-tones and floral embroidery. Everything you wear must be dramatic and beautiful. Look for a wedding dress with a glamorous air, paying special attention to your bridal hairstyle and makeup.

Lucky Color: Turquoise, Blue shades, Ivory, Pink


Scorpio (Oct 24 – Nov 22) The Mysterious Scorpion

Personality: Scorpios are secretive and a little naughty.  You are sultry, fierce, fearless, and love experimenting with latest trends.  Your persona of certainty is one that wins admiration of those lucky enough to get to know you. You will want a style that show off your best features and command all the attention you deserve as the bride!

Style Tip:  Scorpion bride can get away with a sensual, vampy edge, even on their wedding day. A flowy saree with designer blouse is a match made in the heavens for you. Pair your dress with a high stiletto heel for an added touch of flirtation.

Lucky Color: Fiery orange, Scarlet red, Midnight blue, Purple


Sagittarius (Nov 23– Dec 22) – The Adventurous Sagittarian

Personality:  You’re one of the wanderers of the zodiac. Even though the wedding is important, your mind will be far away, on a future move, thinking about your honeymoon.

Style Tip:  If anyone’s a destination bride, it’s you.  A Sagittarian bride loves freedom and will opt for an unfussy dress. Pick an outfit made of light weight fabric which will be comfortable for you to move. Minimal accessories and leave your hair free and flowing.

Lucky Color: Magenta, Cobalt blue, Yellow, Tan

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