Taking perfect Measurements

Please refer to the illustration of ‘How to Take Measurements’ for relevant body parts below -
• Wear a well-fitting blouse/ crop top, while taking measurements.
• Use an inches’ measuring tape and a notebook to record.
• Take the help of a friend/ aide to measure and record, if possible.
• We suggest that you repeat the process each time you order with us; send us fresh measurements to avoid confusions.
Measurements sent are passed on to apparel designing/ tailoring teams. Any changes can’t be incorporated later. Please send your measurements, as soon as possible – not exceeding 24 to 30 hours of confirming an order.

How to avail the customized stitching facility for blouses?

• Blouse customization stitching is OPTIONAL. If you wish to avail it, you MUST do so while ‘buying’. Charges for the same will be added to the net payable cost.
• To avail, check the box with ‘Blouse Stitching’ tab on product page; this reveals a drop-down menu.
• Choose body measurements from the available choices for each head.
• In case, your measurements vary slightly, please choose the nearest choices – to round off the buying process.
• Send your accurate body measurements to our customer care representatives, at the earliest.
• Example - you waist size is 33”, select 32” or 34”, and send exact details to our team.
• Contact us via phone and chat (during working hours) or email at cs@saree.com.
• If you don’t see near size measurements, write to our team to request special customization. Though, it’s not always possible, we can give it a try.